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06.07.2011, 17:48
Einstein@Home has discovered three new radio pulsars in data from the Parkes Multi Beam Pulsar Survey (PMPS). Congratulations to the Einstein@Home volunteers whose computers discovered these systems with the highest significance!

David Mason (Kansas City, USA)
Vadim Gusev (Petrozavodsk, Russia)
Christopher Sturgess (New York city, USA)
Trey Todnem (Tuscon, USA)
Keith Sloan (Nr Winchester, UK)
Terry Dudley (San Francisco, USA)
Jaska (Oulu, Finland)
Companion_Cube (Mönchengladbach, Germany) Administrators of the NEMO Cluster (Milwaukee, USA)

Further details about the newly-discovered pulsars may be found on this web page (http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/radiopulsar/html/PMPS_discoveries/), and will be published in due course. Bruce Allen Director, Einstein@Home

Weiterlesen auf der Projekthomepage (http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/forum_thread.php?id=8956)

Fränki´s Welle
08.07.2011, 18:05
Na das hört sich doch gut an.