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05.03.2012, 13:08
Our Gravitational Wave (GW) search "S6Bucket" is nearing its end. As usual while processing the last tasks of a run, locality scheduling isn't very effective, and the download volume increases. People with a slow (or expensive) internet connection may want to back off from Einstein@Home for a few days. The next GW search "S6LV1" is already set up, we expect the first tasks of that search in the next few days. In the past days we also started shipping a new version of the Radio Pulsar search application (BRP4). This is in preparation for using a new data file format, that should reduce the data (download) volume of a BRP4 task to about a half. Participants using 'anonymous platform' (app_info.xml) need to update their application setup. Please refer to our Technical News (http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/forum_forum.php?id=82) message board for details and updates about these applications.

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