Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : VIA möge endlich Treiber liefern!!

01.01.1970, 01:00
Hello all,<br><br>we are still waiting for AGP-4x-mode-drivers since 24.th of august.<br>I myself posted enogh messages asking directly at VIA for that but first they told us xp ist still in beta and now 2 weeks before xp is offically in store there are only better inf-driver.<br>Let all of us plz give an req for that in this posting right now for i will post it directly to VIA!<br><br>We are not Bin Laden and we do not call for the holy war but.... <br><br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; !!!!!!VIA hurry up and give us drivers for AGP-4-mode in XP!!!!!!!!!

01.01.1970, 01:00
Hi <br>Question: Was soll das bitte. <br><br>AGP4x Treiber funktionieren bereits schon lange. <br>Standard: 2x Turbo: 4x z.B. bei APG403d Version, aktuell jetzt AGP405

01.01.1970, 01:00
Zum Glück lerne ich in der Schule Englisch, aber gleichwohl ist das nicht eine deutsche Seite (www.planet3dnow.de)?

01.01.1970, 01:00
please change you language that we all can understand a problem that not exists since some earlier versions of the &quot;viagart&quot; file.