Der OpenSource Multiprotokoll-Messenger Pidgin wurde in der Version 2.5.8 veröffentlicht.


  • ICQ
    * Fix misparsing a web message as an SMS message. (Yuriy Kaminskiy)

    * Increase NS command history size to prevent crashes on buddy lists that have a lot of buddies on other networks like Yahoo!

    * Accounts with empty buddy lists are now properly marked as connected.
    * Fix receiving messages from users of MySpace IM's web client.

    * Fixed phantom online buddies. They should now properly disappear when signing out.
    * Fixed the crashes some users were seeing with in 2.5.7.
    * Fixed compiling on systems with glib 2.4.x or older.
    * Fixed an issue with file transfers. This may not resolve all issues, but it should resolve at least some of the most common ones.
    * The pager server will automatically update to if the user empties the field or if it is This should ease the pain of transition to the new login method.

    * Fix an incompatibility betweeen Prosody and libpurple clients.