Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : weis jemand warum und wielange MW down sein wird/ist?

03.06.2011, 17:35
Überschrift sagt eigentlich alles ;-))

in den News hatte ich nichts mitbekommen

03.06.2011, 22:58
Kann Dir auch nichts sagen, aber da auch die HP down ist, geh mal von wenigstens ein paar Tagen aus.


09.06.2011, 10:38
Ich muss heute noch ein paar WUs abliefern. Was ist da denn los??

09.06.2011, 16:57
waren die letzten tage wieder on, sind seit gestern abend oder heute frueh wieder off... kA wieso

09.06.2011, 17:37
na super, die letzten Tage waren meine PCs off, da ich mit ihnen umziehen musste :(

12.06.2011, 22:50
Gabs ne neue App oder was ist das hier?

12.06.2011 22:45:35 Milkyway@home Started download of milkyway_separation_0.80_windows_x86_64__ati14.exe

13.06.2011, 14:17
Also auf der MW Seite ist die neue App angepriesen worden (12.06.11 - also heute ;-))
für CPU hat sich was getan, checkpointing GPU ist überarbeitet worden und für Linux und MAC OS x sind Apps dazugekommen, wenn ich das richtig gelesen habe.

Mal sehen, was sich nun bei den Credits getan hat, bzw ob sich da überhaupt was getan hat.

Separation updated to 0.80
I've updated 15 of the 16 different versions of the separation for all systems. Post here if you have any problems (particularly if you have a problem with the new 32 bit Linux GPU applications...)

New features:
- Faster CPU calculations because of SSE2 intrinsics from Crunch3r. This should get a bit faster later when I get to some other stuff.

- The binaries now include the different SSE levels for the critical function (e.g. x87/SSE2/SSE3) all in one, and will use the appropriate one for the detected CPU's capabilities, so you don't need any special __sse2 version or anything. The problems on systems without SSE2 which happened sometimes for the GPU applications should also be fixed.

- Checkpointing for GPUs for both OpenCL/Nvidia and ATI/AMD for CAL. It will checkpoint no more frequently than after at least 10% progress, so it might not checkpoint as frequently as your settings specify if you have a particularly slow GPU. GPU checkpointing is a bit slow when it does happen, so if you don't want it, you can disable it with the flag --gpu-disable-checkpointing.

- The Nvidia OpenCL platform should now always be used avoiding issues if you had both AMD's and Nvidia's installed

- More reliable chunking for different GPUs. I didn't play with the time estimates so much, but I think the actual run times should now be closer to the estimates. There should also be fewer cases where a GPU will end up using the slowest possible work size option. I'll probably have to fiddle with this some more if people still aren't happy with the lag.

- Work around for a Catalyst driver problem where sometimes the GPU was reported as 0 Mhz, resulting in much more lag which I think was some peoples' problem.

- New flag that some people requested: --process-priority (-b). On Windows this is 0 (lowest) - 4 (highest) for overriding the process priority. On Linux this is the nice value.

- CAL specific: Removed --responsiveness-factor flag. Use --gpu-target-frequency or --non-responsive instead depending on what you want to do.

- Actually updated the 32-bit OS X application

- In the event of a crash on Windows, you should no longer be bothered with useless crash dialogs 12 Jun 2011 | 21:03:19 UTC · Kommentar