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    Hinweis: Diese "User-News" wurde nicht von der Planet 3DNow! Redaktion veröffentlicht, sondern vom oben genannten Leser, der persönlich für den hier veröffentlichten Inhalt haftet.

    DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.5.1 (Windows) verfügbar.

    DRAM Calculator for Ryzen v1.5.1 (TechPowerUp)

    Publisher: 1usmus

    DRAM calculator for Ryzen helps with overclocking your memory on the AMD Ryzen platform.
    It suggests memory timing sets optimized for your memory kit, for example B-die.
    Using Ryzen DRAM calculator you can achieve higher memory overclocks with better stability.
    Ryzen DRAM calculator is designed to work with all AMD Ryzen Zen architecture first and second generation processors.

    v1.5.1 (May 13th, 2019)

    DRAM Calculator

    Updated Micron E / H die presets (3533 max)
    Debug profile is available only for SAFE presets (in case if do not start the system when using V1 or V2).
    Minor adjustments to calculate Debug profiles.
    Small changes in presets for Samsung b-die.
    Reduced activation time for tooltips for the Main tab.
    Added hint for "Topology".
    Fix crash program due to incorrect saving of user settings.
    For OEM, the frequency limit has been increased to 3533.
    Cosmetic edits in the About tab.
    Added links to German and Ukrainian communities.


    Fixed a global error when the application refused to start due to an incorrect request for system information (System info).
    Fixed a bug when starting the RTC degraded the speed of MEMbench.
    Fixed a bug where empty Ram size or Task Scope fields caused system crashes.
    Improved accuracy of results + increase the speed of the benchmark.
    Added an alternative mode Stop at (task mode) - Total. Now he is recomended for benchmark. Of course, you can activate the old Single mode, but the results will be worse.
    Removed the output of information about the speed of the test. This parameter was used to debug MEMbech and is not valuable to users.
    Added pop-up hints for MEMbench.
    A slight change in the color scheme MEMbench. Color graphs vary depending on the mode used. Thanks to this, in the future it will be easier for you to recognize the mode in which the test was done.
    Added system time in System info. Validation time is a prerequisite.
    Added "Max RAM" button. Calculation of the maximum-free ammount of RAM. Ideal for Memtest mode.
    Fixed a bug where the application allowed Memtest to run when there was a shortage of RAM.
    Added button-link to MEMbench results page.
    v1.5.0.5 (May 7th, 2019)

    Fixed crash when you click "save settings" on Main tab
    Fixed error in the names (RRDS / RRDL), tab MEMbench
    Updated information in the tab "About"
    Fixed AFR save preset (3200-3333mhz)

    v1.5.0 (May 7th, 2019)

    Main Changes

    Added feature to compare current system timings with recommended ones. Turns on with the button "Compare timings".
    Added the ability to select the topology of the motherboard. Sheet box with the name "Topology". The meaning of this undertaking is a more accurate prediction of procODT / RTT settings. Of course, the function is not perfect and with each update of the calculator the prediction accuracy will increase.
    Partially cleaned the "Main" tab of information that is not used and clutters the user interface. This is a small advance towards the ease of use of this application.
    SOC voltage prediction blocks have undergone significant changes for each generation of Ryzen processors.
    Another recommendation is temporarily added to the CAD_BUS block.
    Recycling of most presets for each type of memory. The reason is simple - new bios make new adjustments.
    Block "Misc items" received new prediction algorithms. In particular, the GDM prediction.
    Improved support for system configurations consisting of 4 DIMMs.
    Improved algorithm for calculating profiles "Debug".
    Corrections of sudden crash programs in the calculations.
    Fixed a problem when during the import of the html profile the memory type was automatically switched to Samsung b-die mode.
    Added button link to system setup guide using Ryzen DRAM Calculator. This button is located in the "Help" tab.
    Updated information in the "About" tab and added feedback to me via Twitter.

    Key features of MEMbench

    Support for processors with 1 to 32 threads (temporary restrictions) .
    Error within 0.5%.
    Automatic determination of the number of threads in the system.
    Unified rating for desktop and HEDT processors (AMD and Intel).
    Qualitatively implemented multi-threading.
    Thanks to the HCI 6 kernel (freeware), this product is free for the end user. I also want to note that this version is not modified (does not contain hacks).
    Complete absence of the influence of the processor frequency on the benchmark result.
    The result is affected by each timing (picture with themes, see below).
    Ability to work in the mode of ordinary memory check with a fixed delayed stop at a certain stage and this stage is determined by you.
    Four presets for benching "Easy mode", "Default mode", "Custom mode" and "Memtest".
    Easy mode is designed specifically for systems with a small amount of installed RAM.
    Easy to use benchmark, you need to select only MEMbench mode and click "Run".
    Provision of full-fledged system information for the Ryzen processors (for Intel, the timing-determining block is not yet connected).
    Ability to save two own results for further comparison.
    Display information in the chart.
    A window-table with information about the current state of benching or memory checking.
    "Screenshot" Button
    All possible protection against situations of low memory in the system.
    Does not use swap file.
    Loyal stress CPU test in "Default mode".
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