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Montag, 22. März 2004

18:29 - Autor: Nero24

NVIDIA Forceware 57.30 (64-Bit)

NVIDIA hat für seine Grafikchips der GeForce-Reihe neue 64-Bit-Treiber veröffentlicht. Folgende Releasenotes liegen bei:
    For use with Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition for Extended Systems.

    Adds support for GeForce 5700 and GeForce 5700 Ultra
    Microsoft® DirectX® 9 and OpenGL® 1.5 support
    Supports application profiles for custom image quality and performance modes for all of your applications and games.
    NVIDIA nView 3.5 Multi-display technology
    Advanced Microsoft® Internet Explorer® popup blocker
    Industries only Display Gridlines technology
    Improved HDTV Y Pr Pb component out support for 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i formats
Download: NVIDIA Forceware 57.30 [Windows XP/2003 64-Bit]

THX TinyRK für den Hinweis

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