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Donnerstag, 23. September 2004

15:37 - Autor: Nero24

Silicon Image Serial-ATA Treiber

Silicon Image hat für eine Reihe seiner Serial-ATA Controller, unter anderem auch den SiL 3112, wie er auf vielen nForce2 Mainboards verbaut ist, einen neuen Treiber der Version veröffentlicht. Folgende Controller werden unterstützt:
    - Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATARaid Controller
    - Silicon Image SiI 3512 SATARaid Controller
    - ATI 436E Serial ATA Controller
    - ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller
    - ATI 437A Serial ATA Controller
Folgende Punkte wurden gefixt:
    1. Add new SVID=103C, and SPID =2A1E for HP.
    2. Add new SVID=174B, and SPID=0A44 and 0A45 for ATI’s customers.
    3. Add new SVID=1462, and SPID=0030 for ATI’s customer MSI.
    4. Fixed a S3 suspend/resume problem that was induced in earlier base driver.
    5. Override the default value of each port's PHY configuration register with the value 0x0000020C to increase the output amplitude.
    6. Modified the way driver handles ATA/ATAPI pass-thru IO CTLs to treat all such commands as vendor unique (even if they are not).
    This change will cause the driver to select the appropriate SATA protocol for the command based on information about the command passed in the IOCTL rather than relying on the hardware's default protocol for the command.
    7. Fixed a data corruption problem in Raid0 set formed by some very early Seagate SATA drives that need Mod15 patch as listed in our INF.
    8. Made extensive changes to cut down the amount of memory used by the driver.
    9. Add controller properties in the controller panel and add device info tab and flash BIOS tab to the controller properties in the device manager.
    10. Add new PIDs 4379 and 437A for ATI SB400.
    11. Fixed bug in ATA/ATAPI Pass-thru IOCTL. The IOCTL was not writing one of the extended task file registers correctly.
    12. Fixed bug in GPIO control IOCTL.
    13. Added emulation support for SCSI Read/Write Buffer commands
Download: Silicon Image Serial-ATA Treiber [Planet 3DNow!]

Weitere Treiber für Euer System findet Ihr in unserer Sektion Aktuelle Treiber.

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