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Montag, 2. April 2012

10:22 - Autor: Dr@

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema
Der Media Player Classic Home Cinema ist in der Version erschienen, mit der einige neue Funktionen in den freien Mediaplayer Einzug gehalten haben und zusätzlich viele Bugs behoben wurden.

Das Programm orientiert sich vom Aussehen und der Bedienung her am altehrwürdigen Windows Media Player 6.4, wobei die schlichte Optik allerdings über den wahren Funktionsumfang hinwegtäuscht. Das Multitalent unterstützt von Haus aus eine Unmenge an Dateiformaten und Codecs, sodass die Installation von Codec-Packs hinfällig ist. Zudem werden moderne Features wie die Hardwarebeschleunigung von Videos, die als Codec x.264, H.264 oder VC-1 nutzen, über die DXVA-Schnittstelle beherrscht. Aufgrund der gegenüber dem VLC media player anderen Implementierung dieses Features, können bereits alle AMD/ATI Radeons ab der HD-2000-Serie und natürlich alle NVIDIA GeForce ab der 8000er Serie zur deutlichen Entlastung der CPU genutzt werden. Mehr Informationen zum DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) Support lassen sich auf der Internetseite des MPC-HC finden.

Der Media Player Classic Home Cinema läuft unter Windows ab XP SP3 und steht sowohl als 32-Bit- als auch 64-Bit-Version zum Download bereit.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema


  • New features:

    • Use ffmpeg for RealVideo/RealAudio decoding
    • Support for SIPR and VP30/31
    • Support WMV3 DXVA
    • Support for ALAC
    • MatroskaSplitter: support for QDesign Music, Sorenson and Cinepak video
    • Ticket #552, Add the ability to check if a newer stable version is available using Help --> Check for updates
    • Ticket #1668, A keyboard shortcut can now be assigned to toggle custom channel mapping on/off
    • Ticket #1738, Support for decoding FLV SWF ADPCM
    • Ticket #2065, CMD_GETCURRENTPOSITION command gives the position with an accuracy of 1 ms (only for media files, not for DVD-Video)
    • Ticket #2087, Add some OSD messages when resetting the playback rate and changing the zoom level
    • Ticket #2111, A keyboard shortcut can now be assigned to toggle normalization and regain volume on/off

  • Changes:

    • Updated:
      • Updated Polish, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Slovak, French and Armenian translations
      • libpng to v1.5.10
      • Little CMS to v2.3+ (git 839a5b0 23/03/2012)
      • ffmpeg
      • MediaInfoLib to v0.7.54
      • ZenLib to v0.4.25
      • VirtualDub to v1.10.2-test5

    • Ticket #1652/#2070, UI improvements:
      • "Tearing Test" and "Display stats" menu entries are now disabled if no video is loaded (which means in audio only mode too)
      • The "Organize Favorites" menu entry is disabled if no favorites exist
      • The filename is not highlighted anymore when opening the properties dialog
      • Double-clicking on the file location from the clip properties will now open the containing folder and select the current file
      • The information fields in the properties dialog are now correctly aligned with their labels
    • Ticket #2098, Improve the behavior of the context menu in the internal filters page: menu items are now disabled when it makes sense to do so
    • Ticket #2108, Adjust drop-down list width for long shaders name
    • New icons for the Windows 7 taskbar controls

  • Bugs fixed :

    • Long opening of MKV files after using the "mkvclean" utility
    • Incorrect detection of interlaced flag on some MPEG2 stream with DXVA decoder, fix choppy playback with incorrect frame rate
    • MPASplitter can't split some .MP3 files
    • MPCVideoDec switched to software decoding mode, even if only the DXVA decoder was selected, but wasn't supported
    • MPEGSplitter can't load MPEG-TS files with corrupted packet header (incorrect Adaptation Field)
    • Freeze occurs when madVR leaves exclusive mode
    • MPCVideoDec bad playback with VC1 files with pulldown in MPEG-TS
    • Ticket #90/#971/#1682, MP4Splitter - Fixed hanged image/slow response after seeking
    • Ticket #413/#2096, Fixed register command line switches for audio and video files
    • Ticket #1007, FLVSplitter: increased the depth of the search for audio and video tags
    • Ticket #1815, Only try to expend command line argument into full path name when we are sure the argument is supposed to be a path name
    • Ticket #1987, MP4Splitter: Fix a deadloop which happened sometimes at the end of a file
    • Ticket #2007, Prevent a memory leak in FLACSource
    • Ticket #2013, Bug when saving the ASS/SSA subtitle, the header has incorrect values
    • Ticket #2014, Embedded subtitle overrides "Prefer external"
    • Ticket #2047, Apply button under "EVR Sync Settings" can't be clicked
    • Ticket #2057, Don't crash with some incomplete .AVI files
    • Ticket #2057, MatroskaSplitter does not use properly cropping parameters
    • Ticket #2064, CMD_SETPOSITION command does not start playback when paused
    • Ticket #2070, Use MPC-HC's internal formats list when trying to get the format description from the file extension
    • Ticket #2080, Add fallback fonts for the MediaInfo tab in case Lucida Console isn't available
    • Ticket #2088, Fix a crash when double-clicking in the Organize Favorites dialog when the favorites list was empty
    • Ticket #2093, Fixed time display when subresync bar is enabled
    • Ticket #2116, Fix the "Reset" button in Options/Subtitles/Misc
    • Ticket #2128, The "Apply" button is now clickable after modifying the web server root directory, the fullscreen modes list, the external filters list and the time tooltip option
    • Numerous other bugfixes and improvements

  • Vollständiges Changelog
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