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Samstag, 7. November 2009

09:52 - Autor: pipin

NVIDIA zum "Fermi"

Auf dem Conference Call zu den Zahlen des dritten Quartals 2010 hat NVIDIA einige Informationen zur kommenden Grafikkartengeneration auf Basis des "Fermi" (wir berichteten) gegeben. Allerdings wurden keine Details genannt.

Ein paar Zitate aus dem Conference Call:
"There is -- and the enthusiasm behind Fermi, our next generation GPU architecture, is just out of this world. I mean, it’s just way over the top. And the reason for that is this is because the first brand new architecture we have created in four years and instead of an incremental change to DX11, this is a fundamentally new architecture and the performance is fabulous."

"We didn’t announce anything on graphics because it wasn’t graphics day. When we announce GeForce and Quadro, we are going to talk about the revolutionary graphics ideas that are designed into Fermi and so we are looking forward to do that in the near future"

"And relative to the competition, the market has really spoken -- although it’s a fast chip, it’s not that fast and it is basically an RV770 with DX11. And I think that you could incrementally make changes for a number of years but certainly not forever and we are going to really change the marketplace going forward with Fermi and so that’s our focus and we are trying to get it shipped as soon as possible. The demand is really, really strong for it and we will tell you about all the great graphics features when we launch."

"Next year is going to be an interesting first quarter because in fact, we will need more wafers than ever in Q1. And the reason for that is because -- and I mean more 40-nanometer wafers than ever in Q1 because we are ramping -- we are obviously fully ramping Fermi for three different product lines, GeForce, Quadro, and Tesla."
Die komplette Abschrift des Conference Calls gibt es bei Seeking Alpha. Zu beachten ist allerdings, dass dort "Fermi" als FIRMY bezeichnet wird.

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