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Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

10:03 - Autor: Dr@

AMD Catalyst 13.4 Proprietary Linux Display Driver

AMD Catalyst Software
Neben dem Catalyst Treiber-Update für Windows-Betriebssysteme hat AMD für die Grafikkarten-Serien Radeon HD 5000, HD 6000 und HD 7000 auch aktualisierte proprietäre Linux-Treiber zum Download bereitgestellt. Für ältere Produkte der Serien Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000 und HD 4000 ist der Catalyst 13.1 Legacy der aktuellste derzeit verfügbare Treiber. Derzeit werden die Distributionen Red Hat Enterprise Linux suite, Novell/SuSE product suite und Ubuntu offiziell unterstützt. Weitere Informationen können den aktuellen offiziellen Release Notes entnommen werden - Wunder geschehen doch noch.

Was ist neu?

New Features:
The following section provides a summary of new features in this driver version.
  • UEFI Support for Ubuntu
  • RHEL 6.4 Production Support
  • OpenCL Console Mode Support
  • Remove Slot Maximizer Linux Libraries from Driver Build
  • Kernel 3.7 and 3.8 Support
  • Retire RHEL 5.x and SLED 10 SP4 Support
Resolved Issues:
This section provides information on resolved known issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite.
  • [370253]: Fix Color of Objects turning into be red in Serious Sam3 when enabling separate shader object
  • [371937]: Fix screen black issue in Team Fortress 2 while entering the game screen under cinnamon desktop environment
  • [371374]: Fix screen random flickering and corruptions in Lakeside Map in Team Fortress 2
  • [354777]: Fix Maya 2012 Benchmark falling out of TIMMO
  • [372137]: Fix severe flickering in NX8.0 while playing animation in manufacturing mode
  • [373561]: Fix Mari crashes at startup on ubuntu only
  • [374371]: Fix severe corruption in Unigine Heaven 4.0 on Saturn XT when running at extremely high settings
  • [373787]: Fix Softimage fails to refresh properly
  • [372918]: Fix wrong shading in Maxon when UBOs are used to store light parameters
  • [367056]: Fix synchronization problem between 2D and OGL renderings with ShadowPrimary feature enabled
  • [366895]: Fix hard hang when startx with CrossFire enabled for NI Caicos Pro or SI Cape Verde Pro
  • [364724]: Fix Varibright is not functioning after resume from suspend on Trinity PowerXpress A+A platform
  • [369893]: Fix Xserver fail to start after switch to Power-Saving mode on PowerXpress A+I platform with Ubuntu 12.10
  • [368970]: Fix the problem that the system cannot switch to Power-Saving mode on some HP PowerXpress A+I platforms
  • [369469]: Fix severe screen tearing when run full-screen OpenGL games or applications with CrossFire enabled
  • [369500]: The “Enable PowerPlay” UI option is removed from CCC-LE
  • [369304]: Fix segmentation fault when kill X in rotation mode on UEFI platform
  • [370067]: Fix system hang up when log out in Power-Saving mode on PowerXpress A+A platform
  • [368585]: Fix installation failure of AMD APP SDK 2.8 Linux (CPU RT only)
  • [369900]: Fix blank screen when switch to text mode in High-Performance mode with PowerXpress A+A UEFI platform
  • [369941]: Fix screen corruption when enable Tear Free Desktop with 2560x1600 resolution on Trinity platform
  • [367999]: Fix system hang when open multiple fgl_glxgears windows
  • [369065]: Fix S3 stress test failure on Trinity platform
  • [371116]: Fix startx failure in Power-Saving mode on PowerXpress A+I platform
  • [370316]: Fix Xserver crash in High-Performance mode on PowerXpress A+I platform with Intel Haswell
  • [371022]: Installer change for the remove of Slot Maximizer libraries
  • [368425]: Fix screen flickering when run some OpenCL conformance test in console mode
  • [359893]: Fix memory corruption when run piglit conformance tests
  • [367450]: Fix segmentation fault when run piglit recursion simple test
  • [364072]: Fix fbo-alphatest-formats piglit test failure
  • [369658]: Fix clearbuffer-depth-stencil piglit test failure
  • [371538]: Fix divide-by-zero.ver piglit test failure
  • [367196]: Fix texwrap-2D-GL_RGB565 piglit test crash
  • [367200]: Fix fbo-incomplete-texture-04 piglit test failure
  • [367449]: Fix fbo-clear-formats piglit test failure
  • [370476]: Fix intermittent slow down and minor graphical corruption when run Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu 12.04
  • [371929]: Fix Steam Linux crash when going into BIG PICTURE mode
  • [372650]: Fix black window for OpenGL application such as glxgears when use XRender backend of kwin
  • [370695]: Fix display corruption when connect Thin Client with AMD graphics to Solaris Server
  • [373156]: Fix screen garbage on PowerXpress A+I system with new Intel graphics driver
  • [373283]: Add packaging script support for Ubuntu 12.04.2 and Ubuntu 13.04
  • [373698]: Fix the problem that it takes 4~5 minutes to boot to desktop after reboot on some PowerXpress A+I platforms
  • [372909]: Fix system hang when launching ETQW with CrossFire enabled
  • [374492]: Fix xrandr panning support on RHEL 6.4
Known Issues:
The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced with the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite.
  • [373772]: Team Fortress 2 – Game could not be loaded in “High Performance GPU” mode
  • [373909]: Driver install via .deb package will cause OS desktop corruption
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