BIOSTAR Releases Accessory to Convert Your Gaming PC into a Professional Mining Rig

Expand your BIOSTAR mother­board with Cryp­to Mining Card for Gra­phics Card Expan­si­on



May 12th, 2017 Tai­pei, Tai­wan – BIOSTAR is proud to intro­du­ce the first ever Cryp­to Mining Card for gra­phics card expan­si­on to ful­ly con­vert your gaming PC to a pro­fes­sio­nal cryp­to­cur­r­en­cy mining rig that can hand­le up to 8 gra­phics cards (the mother­board requi­res 6 PCI-e slots). The new BIOSTAR Cryp­to Mining Card allows BIOSTAR’s hot sel­ling gaming mother­boards, like RACING H170GT3, GAMING H170T, Hi-Fi H170S3H, Hi-Fi B150S1, Hi-Fi B150S1 D4, or TB150 PRO to be used for cryp­to mining app­li­ca­ti­ons and expand on its pri­ma­ry func­tion as an enter­tain­ment, work­sta­tion or gaming machi­ne. This makes it easy to explo­re the gro­wing mar­ket of cryp­to­cur­r­en­cy mining and avail of your exis­ting gaming sys­tem. By exten­ding sup­port for 8 gra­phics cards to the max (the mother­board requi­res 6 PCI-e slots), the Cryp­to Mining Card can return your invest­ment on your sys­tem by giving you the fle­xi­bi­li­ty to crea­te a mining rig to gene­ra­te inco­me from mining popu­lar cryp­to­cur­r­en­cy like Bit­coin, Ethe­re­um or Zcash.

The BIOSTAR Cryp­to Mining Card is desi­gned for BISOTAR gaming mother­boards, such as the models men­tio­ned above and more, tur­ning into a cryp­to mining base. To increa­se the mining pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty, this Cryp­to Mining Card can let mining enthu­si­asts set up their mining machi­ne up to 8 slots to uti­li­ze more GPUs for more mining power.


The BIOSTAR Cryp­to Mining Card is exclu­si­ve­ly com­pa­ti­ble with select BIOSTAR mother­boards. Plea­se see list for the spe­ci­fic mother­boards: RACING H170GT3, GAMING H170T, Hi-Fi H170S3H, Hi-Fi B150S1, Hi-Fi B150S1 D4, or TB150 PRO.

* BIOSTAR RACING H170GT3 with 4 PCI-e slots can be loa­ded up to 7 gra­phics cards by Cryp­to Mining Card.

The BIOSTAR Cryp­to Mining Card con­nects to the exis­ting PCI-e x1 slots on sup­por­ted mother­boards and can con­nect to PCI-e risers for much more gra­phics card slots. This solu­ti­on is per­fect for peop­le who want to have the fle­xi­bi­li­ty of a gaming PC that can tran­si­ti­on to a mining rig after or during its pri­ma­ry func­tion. BIOSTAR allows its gaming and other series mother­boards to uti­li­ze this expan­da­bi­li­ty to crea­te a new breed of mother­boards for both enter­tain­ment and cryp­to mining.



Mining Hard­ware Gui­de


There’s a lot to con­si­der befo­re get­ting star­ted in set­ting up your cryp­to mining machi­ne. We high­ly recom­mend star­ting with AMD gra­phics card like the BIOSTAR RX 470 gra­phics card.  After which, other com­pon­ents are cho­sen and the necessa­ry parts are ready inclu­ding PCI-e riser cards and if you’ll be using around six gra­phics cards, we high­ly recom­mend one 80 PLUS Pla­ti­num cer­ti­fied 1200W power sup­ply. The BIOSTAR mother­board for cryp­to mining series fea­tures dedi­ca­ted two AUX power con­nec­tors for rein­forced VGA power deli­very for supe­ri­or sys­tem sta­bi­li­ty and enhan­ce GPU per­for­mance.


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