Ancestors Legacy open multiplayer beta is here!

The Ances­tors Lega­cy mul­ti­play­er beta is live as of Febru­a­ry 6th, 2018 on Steam. Dest­ruc­tive Crea­ti­ons and 1C Com­pa­ny are ope­ning up the game to an unli­mi­ted num­ber of play­ers to help test and make the best game pos­si­ble for fans.

Dest­ruc­tive Crea­ti­ons are working along with AMD to deli­ver the best pos­si­ble expe­ri­ence for AMD Rade­on™ and AMD Ryzen™ users. We would like to invi­te AMD Gaming fans to par­ti­ci­pa­te in this Open MP Beta and expe­ri­ence immer­si­ve medi­eval batt­les on their AMD-powe­red PC’s.

Pre-orders of the game will recei­ve the game and a bonus of the sound­track and an art book.


Ances­tors Lega­cy is a his­to­ri­cal­ly accu­ra­te real-time stra­te­gy game influ­en­ced by his­to­ri­cal events in the Midd­le Ages. The game com­bi­nes resour­ce manage­ment and base buil­ding with lar­ge-sca­le, squad-based batt­les across vast battle­fields, all ren­de­red in gre­at detail thanks to the Unre­al Engi­ne 4 tech. Expe­ri­ence medi­eval bloods­hed like never befo­re, thanks to the cine­ma­tic action came­ra that puts you right in the midd­le of the batt­le at the press of a but­ton.