Industry’s Biggest Scaler Vendors Pledge Support for AMD’s Project FreeSync

‚Äď New tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy col¬≠la¬≠bo¬≠ra¬≠ti¬≠ons pave way for pro¬≠duc¬≠tion moni¬≠tors fea¬≠turing AMD‚Äôs licen¬≠sing-free solu¬≠ti¬≠on to stut¬≠te¬≠ring and tearing in PC games ‚Äď

SUNNYVALE, Calif. ‚ÄĒ Sept. 18, 2014‚ÄĒ Today, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announ¬≠ced col¬≠la¬≠bo¬≠ra¬≠ti¬≠ons with sca¬≠ler ven¬≠dors MStar, Nova¬≠tek and Real¬≠tek to build sca¬≠ler units rea¬≠dy with Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt‚ĄĘ Adap¬≠ti¬≠ve-Sync and AMD‚Äôs Pro¬≠ject Free¬≠Sync by year end.[i]

‚ÄúSin¬≠ce the dawn of hard¬≠ware-acce¬≠le¬≠ra¬≠ted gra¬≠phics, gamers drea¬≠med of liquid smooth game¬≠play free of stut¬≠te¬≠ring and tearing,‚ÄĚ said Matt Skyn¬≠ner, cor¬≠po¬≠ra¬≠te vice pre¬≠si¬≠dent and gene¬≠ral mana¬≠ger, Gra¬≠phics Busi¬≠ness Unit, AMD. ‚ÄúAMD‚Äôs Pro¬≠ject Free¬≠Sync is aimed at rea¬≠li¬≠zing that visi¬≠on with an open, stan¬≠dar¬≠di¬≠zed and licen¬≠se-free approach that will encou¬≠ra¬≠ge lower pri¬≠ces and wider adoption.‚ÄĚ

Under the tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy part¬≠ner¬≠ships, MStar, Nova¬≠tek and Real¬≠tek each will deve¬≠lop a ran¬≠ge of Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt‚ĄĘ Adap¬≠ti¬≠ve-Sync-rea¬≠dy sca¬≠lers to com¬≠ple¬≠ment the new moni¬≠tor pro¬≠duct cycle in 1Q15. Moni¬≠tors equip¬≠ped with such Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt‚ĄĘ Adap¬≠ti¬≠ve-Sync-awa¬≠re sca¬≠lers will allow con¬≠tem¬≠po¬≠ra¬≠ry AMD Rade¬≠on‚ĄĘ gra¬≠phics cards to syn¬≠chro¬≠ni¬≠ze dis¬≠play refresh rates and GPU frame¬≠ra¬≠tes via Pro¬≠ject Free¬≠Sync to enable tearing and stut¬≠ter-free gam¬≠ing along with low input latency.

‚ÄúOur cus¬≠to¬≠mers are real¬≠ly exci¬≠ted about AMD‚Äôs Free¬≠Sync tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy,‚ÄĚ said Yee-Wei Huang, vice pre¬≠si¬≠dent, Real¬≠tek. ‚ÄúThe bene¬≠fits of Free¬≠Sync for gam¬≠ing are clear and we belie¬≠ve adop¬≠ting the Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt Adap¬≠ti¬≠ve-Sync indus¬≠try stan¬≠dard by VESA is the best approach to make this dis¬≠play tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy wide¬≠ly available for everyone.‚ÄĚ

The new sca¬≠lers from MStar, Nova¬≠tek and Real¬≠tek also will give moni¬≠tor ven¬≠dors access to a com¬≠pre¬≠hen¬≠si¬≠ve set of fea¬≠tures not available with other dyna¬≠mic refresh tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gies. Exam¬≠p¬≠le fea¬≠tures include: pic¬≠tu¬≠re sca¬≠ling, on-screen dis¬≠play (OSD), HDMI¬ģ/DVI inputs for lega¬≠cy users and Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt‚ĄĘ High Bit Rate Audio.

‚ÄúPro¬≠ject Free¬≠Sync is the industry‚Äôs defi¬≠ning effort to bring smooth game¬≠play to PC enthu¬≠si¬≠asts,‚ÄĚ said Richard Hung, direc¬≠tor, iHome SBU ‚Äď SC, Nova¬≠tek. ‚ÄúIn put¬≠ting for¬≠ward the open Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt‚ĄĘ Adap¬≠ti¬≠ve-Sync pro¬≠po¬≠sal for rati¬≠fi¬≠ca¬≠ti¬≠on, AMD has smart¬≠ly led the way for Nova¬≠tek sca¬≠lers to power a new wave of moni¬≠tors that afford¬≠a¬≠b¬≠ly offer dyna¬≠mic refresh rates.‚ÄĚ

Final¬≠ly, the initi¬≠al Pro¬≠ject Free¬≠Sync-com¬≠pa¬≠ti¬≠ble sca¬≠lers from MStar, Nova¬≠tek and Real¬≠tek will empower moni¬≠tor ven¬≠dors with robust Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt‚ĄĘ recei¬≠vers accom¬≠mo¬≠da¬≠ting of FHD and QHD panels up to 144Hz, or UHD panels up to 60Hz.

‚ÄúWith an open, indus¬≠try-stan¬≠dard spe¬≠ci¬≠fi¬≠ca¬≠ti¬≠on, Pro¬≠ject Free¬≠Sync and Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt‚ĄĘ Adap¬≠ti¬≠ve-Sync ser¬≠ve as models for con¬≠su¬≠mer-fri¬≠end¬≠ly tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gies,‚ÄĚ said Hen¬≠ry Lan, mar¬≠ke¬≠ting depu¬≠ty direc¬≠tor, Dis¬≠play Group, MStar. ‚ÄúMStar is plea¬≠sed to join AMD‚ÄôsProject Free¬≠Sync eco¬≠sys¬≠tem with sca¬≠lers that will bring smooth game¬≠play to a new gene¬≠ra¬≠ti¬≠on of displays.‚ÄĚ

AMD and its dis¬≠play part¬≠ners intend to reve¬≠al Pro¬≠ject Free¬≠Sync-rea¬≠dy moni¬≠tors based on any one of the MStar, Nova¬≠tek and Real¬≠tek sca¬≠lers through a media review pro¬≠gram in 1Q15.

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[i] Free¬≠Sync is an AMD tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy desi¬≠gned to redu¬≠ce or eli¬≠mi¬≠na¬≠te screen tears in games and vide¬≠os by allo¬≠wing the monitor‚Äôs refresh rate to be con¬≠trol¬≠led by and syn¬≠chro¬≠ni¬≠zed to the gra¬≠phics card.  Requi¬≠res Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt 1.2a com¬≠pli¬≠ant moni¬≠tors that sup¬≠port Dis¬≠play¬≠Po¬≠rt Adap¬≠ti¬≠ve-Sync and an enab¬≠led AMD Rade¬≠on‚ĄĘ R7 Series or R9 Series gra¬≠phics card with forth¬≠co¬≠ming Free¬≠Sync-enab¬≠led dri¬≠ver.  Sup¬≠port for use with mul¬≠ti¬≠ple moni¬≠tors plan¬≠ned.  Con¬≠firm sup¬≠port¬≠ed tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gies with sys¬≠tem manu¬≠fac¬≠tu¬≠rer befo¬≠re purchase.