Seagate Levels Up Data Creation At CES With Storage Solutions To Fit Any Digital Life

New products empower consumers and the changing ways they interact with data

LAS VEGAS, NVCES 2019 - Sea­gate Tech­no­lo­gy plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world lea­der in data solu­ti­ons, today announ­ced an exci­ting exten­si­on of its port­fo­lio with several new models, inclu­ding new solid sta­te dri­ve offe­rings at CES® 2019. From gung-ho gamers to Insta­gram gurus, pho­to-collec­ting par­ents, or visio­na­ry crea­ti­ves, Sea­gate offers the data sto­rage solu­ti­ons that empower users to live their best digi­tal lives in today’s fast-chan­ging data-hea­vy land­s­cape.

Today, con­su­mers have more ways than ever to con­su­me con­tent, dri­ving the need to crea­te, dis­tri­bu­te and mana­ge data effi­ci­ent­ly. Accord­ing to a recent IDC white­pa­per spon­so­red by Sea­gate, five bil­li­on con­su­mers are cur­r­ent­ly inter­ac­ting with data every sin­gle day. By 2025, that num­ber will jump to six bil­li­on, or 75 per­cent of the world’s popu­la­ti­on. Each of tho­se six bil­li­on peop­le will have at least one data inter­ac­tion every 18 seconds, bum­ping the amount of data crea­ted world­wi­de to 175 zetta­bytes by 2025. Con­su­mers increa­singly need reli­able ways to collect, pro­tect, mana­ge and access a good por­ti­on of that data, and Seagate’s latest pro­duc­ts – inclu­ding the cut­ting-edge LaCie® Mobi­le Dri­ve, LaCie Mobi­le SSD, Sea­gate Back­up Plus HDDs, Fire­Cu­da® 510 and Bar­ra­Cu­da® 510 inter­nal SSDs, and Iron­Wolf® 110 NAS SSD – are desi­gned to fit a varie­ty of data sto­rage needs and digi­tal life­styles.

Today’s digi­tal world impac­ts busi­nes­ses and con­su­mers glo­bal­ly. Com­pa­nies are increa­sing digi­tiza­ti­on and con­su­mers are embra­cing per­so­na­li­zed, real-time data inter­ac­tions. With the­se chan­ges come hig­her expec­ta­ti­ons for mana­ging data,” said Jeff Fochtman, vice pre­si­dent of mar­ke­ting for Sea­gate. “With over 40 years’ expe­ri­ence in data manage­ment, Sea­gate is con­ti­nuous­ly inno­vat­ing to pre­pa­re custo­mers for this new era of data resi­li­en­ce. Our new lin­eup of data sto­rage solu­ti­ons empower con­su­mers to effi­ci­ent­ly mana­ge their video, pho­tos, and docu­ments, at home, in the office, or on-the-go.”

Seagate’s newest lin­eup of sto­rage solu­ti­ons helps con­su­mers level up and mana­ge their data sto­rage needs. They inclu­de:

The Sto­rage Style Icon

Seagate’s pre­mi­um LaCie brand con­ti­nues to deli­ver ico­nic sto­rage solu­ti­ons for all design afi­cio­na­dos and crea­ti­ve pro­fes­sio­nal go-get­ters. Need to cap­tu­re dif­fe­rent angles of your #OOTD, several times a day? LaCie Mobi­le Dri­ve is ide­al for an ever-gro­wing digi­tal libra­ry with its capa­ci­ty top­ping out at a mas­si­ve 5TB. When the­re is a need for fast file trans­fers, LaCie Mobi­le SSD dis­hes out inten­se speeds of up to 540MB/s, offe­ring capa­ci­ties up to 2TB. Whe­ther shutt­ling con­tent from the set to post-pro­duc­tion or using it as a scratch disk edi­t­ing 4K video pro­jec­ts, the dri­ve helps clo­se the pro­ject on time and in style. Both solu­ti­ons fea­ture a uni­que, eye-catching dia­mond-cut design com­ple­men­ting Apple® Mac­Book® aes­the­tics and inclu­de a 1-month sub­scrip­ti­on to the Ado­be® Crea­ti­ve Cloud® All Apps plan. LaCie Mobi­le Dri­ve fea­tures a 2-year limi­ted war­ran­ty, while LaCie Mobi­le SSD offers a 3-year limi­ted war­ran­ty and a 3-year sub­scrip­ti­on to Sea­gate Res­cue Data Reco­very plan. Both new dri­ves are avail­ab­le in Janu­a­ry.

Your Sto­rage for Favo­ri­te Memo­ries

Pho­tos, movies, docu­ments, pho­nes, tablets, lap­tops. Today’s con­nec­ted con­su­mer has a digi­tal world made up of many parts. Seagate’s Back­up Plus is a fami­ly of por­ta­ble exter­nal hard dri­ves to help the ever­y­day con­su­mer balan­ce life and pro­vi­de peace of mind. Pho­to-hap­py par­ents can snap away and not worry about losing the­se pre­cious mement­os kno­wing their new Back­up Plus dri­ve can help them brea­the a litt­le easier. Back­up Plus Ultra Touch (1TB and 2TB capa­ci­ties) offers a high-touch sen­so­ry expe­ri­ence that feels a litt­le like home with pre­mi­um fea­tures inclu­ding auto­ma­tic back­up with mul­ti-device fol­der sync and data pro­tec­tion with hard­ware encryp­ti­on. Back­up Plus Slim (1TB and 2TB capa­ci­ties) and Back­up Plus Por­ta­ble (4TB and 5TB capa­ci­ties) are both out­fit­ted with lustrous alu­mi­num finis­hes avail­ab­le in black, blue, and sil­ver and offer auto­ma­tic back­up. Aiding your crea­ti­vi­ty, the new Back­up Plus models inclu­de a com­pli­men­ta­ry 2-month sub­scrip­ti­on to the Ado­be Crea­ti­ve Cloud Pho­to­gra­phy Plan. Back­up Plus Ultra Touch will be avail­ab­le in Febru­a­ry and Back­up Plus Slim and Back­up Plus Por­ta­ble will be avail­ab­le in March.

Your Spee­dy Advan­ta­ge to Upping the Game

Fear not, PC gamers. In the Esports and live-stream era, Sea­gate takes your need for speed serious­ly. The Fire­Cu­da 510 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD deli­vers bla­zing per­for­mance with inten­se read and wri­te speeds for the ulti­ma­te gaming expe­ri­ence. Its crisp 4K video pro­ces­sing and high IOPS allows gamers to run mul­ti­ple simul­ta­ne­ous video streams and pro­grams – cru­ci­al for game­play record­ing and strea­ming. Plus, its ultra-small M.2 2280 form fac­tor means you can beef up just about any size sys­tem – be it a lap­top, mini PC, or desk­top.

We under­stand that the need for speed extends bey­ond gaming. For the con­sum­ma­te mul­ti­tas­ker and per­for­mance see­ker, the Bar­ra­Cu­da 510 M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD fea­tures next-level speed for acce­le­ra­ting app­li­ca­ti­ons, with an ultra-small form fac­tor for ultra-thin lap­tops, mini-PCs, and desk­tops. It is ever­ything you love about the Bar­ra­Cu­da brand, now in an M.2 form fac­tor. Avail­ab­le this spring, Fire­Cu­da 510 and Bar­ra­Cu­da 510 fea­ture Seagate’s Sea­Tools SSD GUI dash­board for easy data manage­ment and a 5-year limi­ted war­ran­ty.

The World’s First Pur­po­se-Built SSD for NAS

Seagate’s Iron­Wolf 110 SATA SSD is the world’s first pur­po­se-built NAS SSD. It is desi­gned with enter­pri­se-class endu­ran­ce and relia­bi­li­ty, has a 24/7 always-on work ethic, and offers capa­ci­ties of up to 3.84TB. Seagate’s exclu­si­ve Durawri­te® tech­no­lo­gy helps acce­le­ra­te reads and wri­tes, extend the life of the flash and pro­vi­de up to 7000 TBW on the 3.84TB capa­ci­ty dri­ve. With the abi­li­ty to access, sha­re and back­up files from near­ly any­whe­re, Net­work Atta­ched Sto­rage app­li­an­ces (NAS) have beco­me a neces­si­ty for many busi­ness owners, pro­fes­sio­nals, crea­ti­ve pros and pro­sumers. Choo­sing tough, rea­dy and scala­b­le Iron­Wolf dri­ves ensu­res top per­for­mance and the best pos­si­ble user expe­ri­ence with the con­fi­dence of a 5-year limi­ted war­ran­ty and 2-year data reco­very sup­port. Iron­Wolf 110 will be avail­ab­le this Janu­a­ry.

For more details, come “Level Up” during CES 2019 in the Sea­gate Expe­ri­ence Zone at The Vene­ti­an, 3rd Level, Lido Ball­room 3140. The­re, you will find inter­ac­tive pro­duct demos and live expe­ri­en­ces that show­ca­se how the latest Sea­gate and part­ner tech­no­lo­gies are teaming up to unlock the poten­ti­al of crea­ti­ve work­flows, smart home tech­no­lo­gies, gaming, edge com­pu­ting, and more. You can also find more infor­ma­ti­on on the new pro­duc­ts by visi­t­ing the fol­lo­wing pages:

LaCie Mobi­le Dri­ve

LaCie Mobi­le SSD

Back­up Plus Ultra Touch, Back­up Plus Slim, and Back­up Plus Por­ta­ble

Fire­Cu­da 510

Bar­ra­Cu­da 510

Iron­Wolf 110

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