Vivaldi 2.7


Vival­di ist ein kos­ten­lo­ser Web­brow­ser des nor­we­gi­schen Unter­neh­mens Vival­di Tech­no­lo­gies, das von ehe­ma­li­gen Ope­ra-Mit­ar­bei­tern gegrün­det wur­de. Er basiert auf der Brow­ser-Engi­ne Blink – einem Fork der Engi­ne Web­Kit –, die im Rah­men des Goog­le-Chro­mi­um-Pro­jek­tes ent­wi­ckelt wird. Er ist für Win­dows 7, 8 und 10 sowie Linux und MacOS X ab Yose­mi­te 10.10 verfügbar.

In einem Blog­post wer­den die neu­es­ten Fea­tures und Ver­än­de­run­gen erläutert. 


Changelog from 2.6 to 2.7


  • [New][Tabs] Allow to mute web­site that is cur­r­ent­ly silent (VB-39371)
  • [New][Settings] Expo­se glo­bal set­ting for Flash play­er (Web­pages → Plugins) (VB-41093)
  • [New][Status] Add info to the sta­tus field when a page is loading (VB-37668)
  • [New][Windows] Add ‘Crea­te a desk­top short­cut for this user’ check­box to User Pro­files’ ‘Add Per­son’ menu (VB-54264)

Address Bar

  • [Address bar] Nick­na­med search engi­ne with no search term directs to default search engi­ne (VB-54112)
  • [Address bar] Adding text to URL, results in ope­ning stan­dard search (VB-54068)
  • [Address bar] Can­not dele­te pre­vious sear­ches from the search field drop­down (VB-53983)
  • [Address bar] Search field suggestions/selection issue with Tab key (VB-54275)
  • [Address Bar] URLs can­not be lon­ger than 2000 cha­rac­ters (VB-45796)
  • [Address Bar] Shift + Arrow key text selec­tion mis­sing (VB-54601)
  • [Address Bar] Enter takes the last writ­ten URL (VB-55139)
  • [Address bar] htt­ps pro­to­col repla­ced when edi­t­ing address (VB-49320)
  • [Address bar] Auto­com­ple­te doesn’t work when ent­e­ring a pro­to­col (VB-55516
  • [Address bar] Make auto­com­ple­te pre­fer most-visi­ted ent­ries (VB-35746)
  • [Address bar] Shift+Del no lon­ger dele­te sin­gle typed histo­ry item (VB-53245)
  • [Address Bar] Auto­com­ple­te does not clo­se when cut­ting all text (VB-56029)
  • [Address Bar] Pas­te & Go appends clip­board to cur­rent address (VB-55601)
  • [Address bar][Bookmarks] Nick­na­med book­marks have wrong favicon (VB-52371)


  • [Book­marks] Thumb­nail images are wron­gly dis­play­ed in the mana­ger (VB-54525)
  • [Book­marks] Crea­te book­mark dia­log is cut out when ope­ned through a short­cut (VB-51821)
  • [Book­marks] Can’t add book­marks on an empty Start Page (VB-54335)
  • [Book­marks] Thumb­nail update ani­ma­ti­on is not shown in the book­mark edi­tor (VB-55871)
  • [Bookmarks][macOS] Bar fol­der is misa­li­gned with mul­ti­ple moni­tors (VB-53486)

Con­text Menu

  • [Con­text Menu] Fixed order for open link opti­ons (VB-54649)
  • [Con­text Menu] Short­cuts should not match on ellip­sis as key­board acce­le­ra­tor (VB-55911)
  • [Crash] Try­ing to open a link from con­text menu from pre­vious page (VB-54809)
  • [Crash] Clo­sing a Spo­ti­fy web play­er (VB-55316)


  • [Down­loads] Inter­rup­ted down­load should offer to reat­tempt in con­text menu (VB-55285)
  • [Download][Panels] Total pro­gress gets stuck when down­loads are paused/removed (VB-55158)

Dev Tools

  • [Dev Tools] Can­not input Chi­ne­se (VB-52024)


  • [Extensions][Keyboard] Short­cut should update when assi­gned (VB-39687)
  • [Find in Page] Drag and drop selec­ted text (VB-54592)


  • [macOS][Crash] Clo­sing win­dow (VB-52350)
  • [macOS] „Show All“ app­li­ca­ti­on menu item mis­sing (VB-54339)
  • [macOS] Ser­vices con­text menu not working in web­view (VB-29096)
  • [macOS] Ses­si­on lost through inte­gra­ted task mana­ger in Vival­di (VB-55801)

Mou­se Gestures

  • [Mou­se Ges­tu­res] Add searcha­ble list of edita­ble com­man­ds (VB-55227)


  • [Notes][Keyboard] Copy to note short­cut does not work in input fiel­ds (VB-28563)


  • [Pro­files] Guest win­dow acti­va­tes update noti­fier (VB-51027)
  • [Rea­der] Restrict ver­ti­cal scrol­ling in the ver­ti­cal mode (VB-36999)


  • [Search Engi­ne] Chan­ge new pro­fi­le default search set­ting based on loca­les (VB-54916)


  • [Set­tings] Make it easier to loca­te page loading ani­ma­ti­on opti­ons (VB-48500)
  • [Set­tings] Ges­tu­re edi­t­ing ste­als focus from set­tings search (VB-55494)

Speed Dial

  • [Speed Dial] Crea­te a default SD for Vival­di Web Mail (VB-54036)
  • [Speed Dial] Book­mark update after thumb­nail chan­ge (VB-55022)
  • [Speed Dial] After adding a book­mark, it should be scrol­led into view. (VB-1293)
  • [Speed Dial] Modi­fied SD tit­le not saved when input focus is blur­red (VB-55179)
  • [Speed Dial] Dif­fe­rent con­text menu for search field in Speed Dials (VB-50646)
  • [Speed Dial] First SD book­mark always focu­sed if search field is deac­ti­va­ted (VB-49452)


  • [Tabs] PDF view­er is empty when ope­ned in the back­ground (VB-51691)
  • [Tabs] Audio icon doesn’t reflect ani­ma­ti­on set­ting sta­te (VB-46971)
  • [Tabs] Minor speed up in tab crea­ti­on (VB-55769)
  • [Tabs][Speed Dial] Impro­ve tab animation


  • [The­mes] Accent color is not app­lied when essen­ti­al ele­ments are hid­den (VB-55866)
  • [The­mes] Spea­ker icon is too dark to see in dark the­me (VB-52545)
  • [The­mes] Rea­der icon colors in pri­va­te win­dow are incor­rect (VB-55872)
  • [Themes][Tabs] Spea­ker icon in a Favicon isn’t visi­ble with ani­ma­ti­on off (VB-46970)

Quick Com­man­ds

  • [Quick Com­man­ds] Typ­ing a port hig­her than the 16-bit ran­ge cras­hes Vival­di (VB-54213)
  • [Quick com­man­ds] Nick­na­med book­mark can open twice (VB-54093)
  • [Quick Com­man­ds] Ugly X‑icon in Search Inputs (VB-54444)
  • [Quick Commands][Keyboard] Short­cuts to open QC not working in edita­ble panels (VB-54430)

User Inter­face

  • [UI] Set as default brow­ser dia­log opens once for each win­dow (VB-2898)


  • [Notifications][Regression] Chro­me icon shown (VB-53887)
  • [Page actions][Linux] list is not orde­red (VB-11219)
  • [PiP] Back to tab but­ton bro­ken (VB-54051)
  • Upgraded Chro­mi­um to 76.0.3809.110
  • Updated trans­la­ti­ons


Down­load: Vival­di
Ver­si­on: 2.7
Datei­grö­ße ver­schie­den
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 21.08.2019
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows 7/8/10, MacOS 10,10+, Linux
Lizenz: Free­ware
Web­sei­te Vival­di