7-Zip 16.00 (Packer)

Der freie Open-Source-Packer 7-Zip von Pro­gram­mie­rer Igor Pavlov ist in der fina­len Ver­si­on 16.00 erschie­nen. 7-Zip ist – zumin­dest in der Win­dows-Welt – einer der am uni­ver­sells­ten ein­setz­ba­ren Archi­vie­rer über­haupt. Neben gän­gi­gen ZIP-Archi­ven kann er hoch­op­ti­mier­te For­ma­te wie RAR und RAR5 eben­so ver­ar­bei­ten wie For­ma­te aus der Ver­gan­gen­heit wie LZA, LHA oder ARJ – nur ACE kann er nicht hand­ha­ben.

Das eige­ne 7z-For­mat ist in der aktu­el­len Ver­si­on zudem eines der am bes­ten kom­pri­mie­ren­den For­ma­te über­haupt und je nach ein­ge­stell­tem Kom­pres­si­ons­ver­fah­ren sehr gut auf Mehr­kern-Pro­zes­so­ren opti­miert. GPG­PU-Opti­mie­run­gen feh­len jedoch.

In den User-News wur­de 7-Zip in den letz­ten Jah­ren flei­ßig ver­linkt. Die letz­te offi­zi­el­le Final-Ver­si­on, die auf Pla­net 3DNow! erwähnt wur­de, geht jedoch auf die Ver­si­on 9.20 aus dem Jahr 2010 zurück, sodass das Chan­ge­log seit damals “etwas” umfang­rei­cher aus­fällt; wobei man ergän­zen soll­te, dass der Autor die Ver­sio­nen 10 bis 14 kom­plett über­sprun­gen hat.

16.00 2016-05-10
— 7-Zip now can extract mul­ti­vo­lu­me ZIP archi­ves (z01, z02, … , zip).
— Some bugs were fixed.

15.14 2015-12-31
— 7-Zip File Mana­ger:
— The code for “Open file from archi­ve” ope­ra­ti­on was impro­ved.
— The code for “Tools/Options” win­dow was impro­ved.
— The BUG was fixed: the­re was incor­rect mou­se cur­sor cap­tu­re for drag-and-drop ope­ra­ti­ons from open archi­ve to Explo­rer win­dow.
— Some bugs were fixed.
— New loca­li­za­ti­on: Yoru­ba.

15.12 2015-11-19
— The release ver­si­on.

15.11 beta 2015-11-14
— Some bugs were fixed.

15.10 beta 2015-11-01
— The BUG in 9.21 — 15.09 was fixed:
7-Zip could igno­re some para­me­ters, spe­ci­fied for archi­ve crea­ti­on ope­ra­ti­on for gzip and bzip2 for­mats in “Add to Archi­ve” win­dow and in com­mand line ver­si­on (-m switch).
— Some bugs were fixed.

15.09 beta 2015-10-16
— 7-Zip now can extract ext2 and mul­ti­vo­lu­me VMDK images.
— Some bugs were fixed.

15.08 beta 2015-10-01
— 7-Zip now can extract ext3 and ext4 (Linux file sys­tem) images.
— Some bugs were fixed.

15.07 beta 2015-09-17
— 7-Zip now can extract GPT images and sin­gle file QCOW2, VMDK, VDI images.
— 7-Zip now can extract solid WIM archi­ves with LZMS com­pres­si­on.
— Some bugs were fixed.

15.06 beta 2015-08-09
— 7-Zip now can extract RAR5 archi­ves.
— 7-Zip now doesn’t sort files by type while adding to solid 7z archi­ve.
— new -mqs switch to sort files by type while adding to solid 7z archi­ve.
— The BUG in 7-Zip File Mana­ger was fixed:
The “Move” ope­ra­ti­on to open 7z archi­ve didn’t dele­te empty files.
— The BUG in 15.05 was fixed:
con­so­le ver­si­on added some text to the end of stdout stream, is -so switch was used.
— The BUG in 9.30 — 15.05 was fixed:
7-Zip could not open mul­ti­vo­lu­me sfx RAR archi­ve.
— Some bugs were fixed.

15.05 beta 2015-06-14
— 7-Zip now uses new instal­ler.
— 7-Zip now can crea­te 7z, xz and zip archi­ves with 1536 MB dic­tiona­ry for LZMA/LZMA2.
— 7-Zip File Mana­ger now can ope­ra­te with alter­na­te file streams at NTFS
volu­mes via “File / Alter­na­te Streams” menu com­mand.
— 7-Zip now can extract .zipx (Win­Zip) archi­ves that use xz com­pres­si­on.
— new optio­nal “sec­tion size” para­me­ter for BCJ2 fil­ter for com­pres­si­on ratio impro­ving.
Examp­le: -mf=BCJ2:d9M, if lar­gest exe­cu­ta­ble sec­tion in files is smal­ler than 9 MB.
— Speed opti­mi­za­ti­ons for BCJ2 fil­ter and SHA-1 and SHA-256 cal­cu­la­ti­on.
— Con­so­le ver­si­on now uses stderr stream for error messa­ges.
— Con­so­le ver­si­on now shows names of pro­ces­sed files only in pro­gress line by default.
— new -bb[0–3] switch to set out­put log level. -bb1 shows names of pro­ces­sed files in log.
— new -bs[o|e|p][0|1|2] switch to set stream for out­put messa­ges;
o: out­put, e: error, p: pro­gress line; 0: dis­able, 1: stdout, 2: stderr.
— new -bt switch to show exe­cu­ti­on time sta­tis­tics.
— new -myx[0–9] switch to set level of file ana­ly­sis.
— new -mmtf- switch to set sin­gle thread mode for fil­ters.
— The BUG was fixed:
7-Zip didn’t res­to­re NTFS per­mis­si­ons for fol­ders during extrac­ting from WIM archi­ves.
— The BUG was fixed:
The com­mand line ver­si­on: if the com­mand “rn” (Rena­me) was cal­led with more than one pair of paths, 7-Zip used only first rena­me pair.
— The BUG was fixed:
7-Zip cras­hed for ZIP/LZMA/AES/AES-NI.
— The BUG in 15.01–15.02 was fixed:
7-Zip crea­ted incor­rect ZIP archi­ves, if Zip­Cryp­to encryp­ti­on was used.
7-Zip 9.20 can extract such incor­rect ZIP archi­ves.
— Some bugs were fixed.

9.38 beta 2015-01-03
— Some bugs were fixed.

9.36 beta 2014-12-26
— The BUG in com­mand line ver­si­on was fixed:
7-Zip crea­ted tem­pora­ry archi­ve in cur­rent fol­der during update archi­ve ope­ra­ti­on, if -w{Path} switch was not spe­ci­fied.
The fixed 7-Zip crea­tes tem­pora­ry archi­ve in fol­der that con­ta­ins updated archi­ve.
— The BUG in 9.33–9.35 was fixed:
7-Zip silent­ly igno­red file rea­ding errors during 7z or gz archi­ve crea­ti­on, and the crea­ted archi­ve con­tai­ned only part of file that was read befo­re error. The fixed 7-Zip stops archi­ve crea­ti­on and it reports about error.
— Some bugs were fixed.

9.35 beta 2014-12-07
— The BUG was fixed:
7-Zip cras­hed during ZIP archi­ve crea­ti­on, if the num­ber of CPU threads was more than 64.
— The BUG in 9.31–9.34 was fixed:
7-Zip could not cor­rect­ly extract ISO archi­ves that are lar­ger than 4 GiB.
— The BUG in 9.33–9.34 was fixed:
The opti­on “Com­press sha­red files” and -ssw switch didn’t work.
— The BUG in 9.26–9.34 was fixed:
7-Zip File Mana­ger could crash for some archi­ves open in “Flat View” mode.
— Some bugs were fixed.

9.34 alpha 2014-06-22
— The BUG in 9.33 was fixed:
Com­mand line ver­si­on of 7-Zip could work incor­rect­ly, if the­re is rela­ti­ve path in exclu­de file­na­me opti­ton (-x) and abso­lu­te path as inclu­de file­na­me.
— The BUG in 9.26–9.33 was fixed:
7-Zip could not open some unusu­al 7z archi­ves that were crea­ted by ano­t­her soft­ware (not by 7-Zip).
— The BUG in 9.31–9.33 was fixed:
7-Zip could crash with switch -tcab.

9.33 alpha 2014-06-15
— 7-Zip now can show icons for 7-Zip items in Explorer’s con­text menu.
— “Add to archi­ve” dia­log box:
— new opti­ons in “Path Mode”
— new opti­on “Dele­te files after com­pres­si­on”
— new “NTFS” opti­ons for WIM and TAR for­mats:
— Store sym­bo­lic links
— Store hard links
— Store alter­na­te data streams
— Store file secu­ri­ty
— “Extract” dia­log box:
— new optio­nal field to set out­put fol­der name
— new opti­on “Eli­mi­na­te dupli­ca­ti­on of root fol­der”
— new opti­on “Abso­lu­te path­na­mes” in “Path Mode”.
— new opti­on “Res­to­re file secu­ri­ty” (that works for WIM archi­ves only)
— 7-Zip File Mana­ger:
— new “File / Link” dia­log box in to crea­te sym­bo­lic links and hard links.
— Com­mand line ver­si­on:
— new -spd switch to Dis­able wild­card matching for file names
— new -spe switch to Eli­mi­na­te dupli­ca­ti­on of root fol­der for extract archi­ve com­mand
— new -snh switch to store hard links as links (WIM and TAR for­mats only)
— new -snl switch to store sym­bo­lic links as links (WIM and TAR for­mats only)
NSIS sup­port was impro­ved.
— The pro­blem was fixed:
The com­mand “extract to \*” with mul­ti­ple archi­ves could use same out­put fol­der, if archi­ves are pla­ced insi­de PE (EXE) file.
— The BUG of 9.31–9.32 was fixed:
Com­mand line ver­si­on for test and extract com­man­ds retur­ned the value 0 as exit code, if it couldn’t open archi­ve.
— The BUG was fixed:
7-Zip could not crea­te archi­ves with anti-items for any archi­ve type, except of 7z type
— Some bugs were fixed.
— New loca­li­za­ti­on: Mon­go­li­an (script).

9.32 alpha 2013-12-01
— 7-Zip now can crea­te mul­ti­vo­lu­me SFX archi­ves in 7z for­mat.
Stan­da­lo­ne sfx modu­le now can unpack exter­nal 7z archi­ve with name that is matched to name of sfx modu­le. For examp­le, sfx modu­le ren­a­med to archive.exe can unpack archive.7z or archive.7z.001 .
ZIP, NSIS, HFS, AR sup­port was impro­ved.
— 7-Zip now sup­ports files lar­ger than 4 GiB in ISO archi­ves.
— Impro­ved com­pres­si­on ratio in 7z for­mat with maxi­mum or ultra level for exe­cu­ta­ble files (EXE and DLL) that are lar­ger than 16 MB (impro­ved BCJ2 fil­ter).
— Impro­ved sup­port for file path­na­mes lon­ger than 260 cha­rac­ters.
CRC and SHA checks­um cal­cu­la­ti­on for files can be cal­led via Explorer’s con­text menu.
— 7-Zip File Mana­ger now also takes into account the num­bers in file­n­a­mes for sorting order.
— 7-Zip File Mana­ger now can use RAM buf­fers ins­te­ad of temp files to open nested archi­ves, if temp file is smal­ler than 1/4 of RAM size.
— 7-Zip File Mana­ger can open files in “Par­ser” mode via “Open Archi­ve > #” con­text menu com­mand. It shows the list of archi­ves insi­de file.
— Com­mand line ver­si­on:
— new -t# switch to open file in “Par­ser” mode and show the list of archi­ves insi­de file.
— new -stx{Type} switch to exclu­de archi­ve type from using.
— -scs switch now sup­ports UTF-16 enco­ding.
— now it shows time and memo­ry usa­ge sta­tis­tics at the end of exe­cu­ti­on.
— The BUGs were fixed:
— 7-Zip 9.30 and ear­ly ver­si­ons crea­ted ZIP archi­ves with minor errors in extra field of hea­ders for direc­to­ry items, if AES (Win­Zip-AES) encryp­ti­on was used.
— 7-Zip could work incor­rect­ly in decom­pres­si­on of more than one mul­ti-volu­me archi­ve in one com­mand.
— 7-Zip 9.24 alpha — 9.30 alpha ver­si­ons could not extract ZIP archi­ves encryp­ted with PKWARE-AES method.
— Mini­mum sup­por­ted sys­tem now is Win­dows 2000. 7-Zip doesn’t work on Win­dows 95/98/ME.
— New loca­li­za­ti­on: Irish.

9.30 alpha 2012-10-26
LZMA2 now is default com­pres­si­on method for .7z for­mat.
— 7-Zip now can update WIM archi­ves.
— 7-Zip File Mana­ger now can move files to archi­ves.
— The default enco­ding for TAR for­mat now is UTF-8. You can use -mcp=1 switch for OEM enco­ding.
— Com­mand line ver­si­on:
— new “rn” com­mand to rena­me files in archi­ve.
— new -sdel switch to dele­te files after inclu­ding to archi­ve.
— new -sns switch to store NTFS alter­na­te streams (for WIM for­mat only).
— new -sni switch to store NT secu­ri­ty infor­ma­ti­on for files (for WIM for­mat only).
— new -stl switch to set archi­ve timestamp from the most recent­ly modi­fied file.
— Speed opti­mi­za­ti­ons for ope­ning big archi­ves and big disk fol­ders.
— 7-Zip now wri­tes spe­cial pad­ding blocks to hea­ders of 7z archi­ves for fas­ter archi­ve ope­ning. Note that 7-Zip 4.50 — 4.58 con­tain BUG, so the­se old ver­si­ons can’t cor­rect­ly work with such new 7z archi­ves.
DMG sup­port was impro­ved
— Some bugs were fixed.
— The BUG in 7-Zip 9.26 alpha — 9.29 alpha ver­si­ons was fixed.
The­se alpha ver­si­ons could not open non-solid 7z archi­ve, if some files were skip­ped during crea­ti­on of that archi­ve. That pro­blem is also rela­ted to 7z archi­ves crea­ted in solid mode,
if each solid block con­ta­ins no more than one file.
Note: 7-Zip skips files that were open for wri­ting by ano­t­her app­li­ca­ti­on and shows warning in that case.
— New loca­li­za­ti­on: Ara­go­ne­se.

9.25 alpha 2011-09-16
LZMA decom­pres­si­on speed was impro­ved.
— “com­press and send to email” code was impro­ved to sup­port more email cli­ents.
— New com­mand “h” to cal­cu­la­te hash values CRC-32, CRC-64, SHA-256 or SHA-1 for files on disk.
— New -spf switch to store full file paths inclu­ding dri­ve let­ter to archi­ve.
If you use that switch with extract com­mand, plea­se check that file names in archi­ve are cor­rect.
— Some bugs were fixed.

9.23 alpha 2011-06-07
— The for­mat of lan­guage files was chan­ged.
— Some bugs were fixed.
— New loca­li­za­ti­on: Kara­kal­pak.

9.22 beta 2011-04-18

- 7-Zip now uses pro­gress indi­ca­tor dis­play­ed on a task­bar but­ton under Win­dows 7.
— The BUG in 7-Zip 9.21 beta was fixed:
7-Zip could igno­re some opti­ons when you crea­ted ZIP archi­ves.
For examp­le, it could use Zip­Cryp­to cipher ins­te­ad of AES-256.

9.21 beta 2011-04-11
— 7-Zip now can unpack UEFI BIOS files.
— 64-bit ver­si­on of 7-Zip now inclu­des addi­tio­nal 32-bit shell exten­si­on DLL.
So other 32-bit pro­grams can call 64-bit 7-Zip via con­text menu.
— Now it’s pos­si­ble to asso­cia­te 7-Zip with file types without Admi­nis­tra­tor rights.
— New -mf=FilterID switch to spe­ci­fy com­pres­si­on fil­ter. Examp­les:
7z a -mf=bcj2 a.7z a.tar
7z a -mf=delta:4 a.7z a.wav
7z a -mf=bcj a.tar.xz a.tar
— 32-bit 7-Zip run­ning under 64-bit Win­dows now can use up to 4 GB of RAM.
— Some bugs were fixed.
— New loca­li­za­ti­ons: Cor­si­can, Kyr­gyz, Ligu­ri­an.


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