TechPowerUp GPU-Z 2.5.0 mit Vega-Fixes

Das kostenlose Grafikkarten-Tool GPU-Z von TechPowerUp ist in einer neuen Version erschienen. Mit dem Programm lassen sich viele Informationen über die verbauten Grafikchips anzeigen, u.a. mit Sensoren ausgelesene Daten wie Temperaturen, Taktraten oder Lüfterdrehzahlen.

GPU-Z läuft gemäß Hersteller unter Windows ab Windows XP, sowohl unter den 32-Bit- als auch unter den 64-Bit-Versionen.


v2.5.0 (November 6th, 2017)

Added driver date and WHQL status as separate items
Added refresh button
NVIDIA BIOS version is now always uppercased
Renamed „ForceWare” in driver version to „NVIDIA”
Updated NVIDIA NVFlash for BIOS saving
Added support for NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1050 Ti Mobile (GP106), NVIDIA Quadro GP100, Quadro M620
Added support for Intel UHD Graphics 620
Added support for AMD RX Vega 64 Liquid, FirePro M4150
Added Vega SOC Clock, VR SOC and VR Mem monitoring
Added support for WDDM 2.3
Fixed GPU-Z crash when trying to display error message for failed BIOS upload

v2.4.0 (September 7th, 2017)

Fixed AMD RX Vega shader count detection
Fixed OpenCl detection on ATI/AMD cards with older drivers

v2.3.0 (September 5th, 2017)

Added support for AMD Radeon RX Vega Series
Fixed incorrect/missing information AMD Catalyst 17.2.2 and newer
Fixed GPU & memory activity monitoring on AMD Radeon RX 500 Series
Fixed crash on startup in rare CrossFire configurations
Fixed CrossFire detection for slave cards
Addded VRM efficiency & VDDC/VDDCI power readings for Polaris
Added support for AMD Radeon WX 7100, WX 3100
Addded support for NVIDIA Quadro M2200, GTX 1080 Mobile, GeForce MX150

v2.2.0 (July 6th, 2017)

Added AMD Radeon memory timings section to Advanced Tab
Added driver date to driver version tooltip and to Advanced Tab
Added settings entry to set sensor default display mode (cur, min, max, avg)
Added right-click menu to Advanced Tab to copy to clipboard
Improved GPU-Z startup speed, especially on slow or single-core systems
Query_External files will be deleted from temp folder immediately
Fixed order of OpenCL entries in Advanced Tab (CMD Queue Properties)
Fixed missing sensors in shared memory
Fixed display corruption on older NVIDIA GPUs
Added EVGA iCX fan monitoring support
Added die size and transistor count for AMD RX 560
Added support for Intel Iris Plus 640 & 650, GMA600
Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030, GeForce 810M, Mining P104 & P106, Quadro P3000

Download: Techpowerup GPU-Z 2.5.0 [Windows]

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