Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.2

Mit der Ver­si­on 19.2.2 bringt AMD ein Update der Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 Edi­ti­on her­aus. Zusätz­lich zum nun offi­zi­el­len Sup­port der Rade­on VII und der Behe­bung eini­ger Pro­ble­me mit die­ser Kar­te, wer­den nun die Spie­le Far Cry® New Dawn, Metro Exo­dus™, Sid Meier’s Civi­liz­a­ti­on® VI: Gathe­ring Storm und Crack­down 3 unter­stützt. Letz­te­res soll mit die­sem Trei­ber (im Ver­gleich zum 19.2.1) auf einer Rade­on RX 590 fünf Pro­zent schnel­ler sein.

Support For

  • AMD Rade­on VII
  • Far Cry® New Dawn
  • Metro Exo­dus™
  • Sid Meier’s Civi­liz­a­ti­on® VI: Gathe­ring Storm
  • Crack­down 3™ 
    • Up to 5% per­for­mance gains with AMD Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 Edi­ti­on 19.2.2 on a Rade­on™ RX 590 RS-287

Fixed Issues

  • Using the Alt+Tab short­cut out of a full­screen app­li­ca­ti­on or game may be slow or take lon­ger than expec­ted when using a dis­play con­nec­ted by DisplayPort.
  • App­ly and Dis­card but­tons may not appe­ar in some are­as of Rade­on Over­lay under the Rade­on Watt­Man over­clo­cking tab.
  • Rade­on Watt­Man may fail to app­ly memo­ry clock chan­ges on AMD Rade­on VII.
  • AMD Rade­on VII may inter­mitt­ent­ly expe­ri­ence a sys­tem hang when attemp­t­ing to per­form a time­out detec­tion and reco­very on Windows®7 sys­tem configurations.
  • Rade­on Watt­Man may dis­play the incor­rect max fan/temperature values for AMD Rade­on VII.
  • Rade­on Watt­Man may expe­ri­ence issu­es with chan­ged values fai­ling to save or load when mul­ti­ple chan­ges are app­lied at once.
  • AMD Rade­on VII may expe­ri­ence inter­mit­tent sys­tem sta­bi­li­ty issu­es on some X399 motherboards.
  • Play­er Unknown’s Batt­le­grounds may inter­mitt­ent­ly expe­ri­ence an app­li­ca­ti­on crash when chan­ging post-pro­ces­sing settings.
  • Rade­on Set­tings may expe­ri­ence an app­li­ca­ti­on hang when loading the per­for­mance his­to­gram in a game pro­fi­le through game manager.
  • Update Noti­fi­ca­ti­ons may some­ti­mes incor­rect­ly list the cur­r­ent­ly instal­led dri­ver as an avail­ab­le upgrade.
  • Apex Legends™ may inter­mitt­ent­ly expe­ri­ence line cor­rup­ti­on on AMD Rade­on VII.

Known Issues

  • Battle­field™ V play­ers may expe­ri­ence cha­rac­ter out­lines stuck on screen after being revi­ved when the game is set to using DirectX®12 API.
  • Mou­se lag or sys­tem slow­down is obser­ved for exten­ded peri­ods of time with two or more dis­plays con­nec­ted and one dis­play swit­ched off.
  • FRTC may disap­pe­ar from the Rade­on Set­tings Glo­bal Gra­phics opti­ons on some sys­tem con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons when upgrading Rade­on Software.
  • Rade­on Watt­Man clock gau­ges may some­ti­mes not chan­ge or appe­ar incor­rect when cus­tom set­tings have been set on AMD Rade­on VII.
  • Chan­ges made in Rade­on Watt­Man set­tings via Rade­on Over­lay may some­ti­mes not save or take effect once Rade­on Over­lay is closed.
  • Fan speeds may remain ele­va­ted for lon­ger peri­ods than expec­ted when using Tuning Con­trol Auto Over­clock in Rade­on Watt­Man on AMD Rade­on VII. A work­around is swit­ching fan con­trol to manu­al mode.


  • RS-287 Tes­ting con­duc­ted by AMD Per­for­mance Labs as of Feb 8th, 2019 on the 8GB Rade­on™ RX 590, on a test sys­tem com­pri­sing of Intel i7 7700K CPU (4.2 GHz), 16GB DDR4 memo­ry, and Win­dows 10x64.PC manu­fac­tu­rers may vary con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons, yiel­ding dif­fe­rent results. Crack­down 3 (DX12) with the ultra-pre­set at (1920x1080), when run­ning Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 Edi­ti­on 19.2.1, the Rade­on™ RX Vega 64 scored an average 87.6 FPS while Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 Edi­ti­on 19.2.2 scored an average 92 FPS. The­re­fo­re, in the abo­ve com­pa­ri­son, Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 Edi­ti­on 19.2.2 shows 5% grea­ter per­for­mance. All scores are an average of 3 runs with the same set­tings. Per­for­mance may vary based on use of latest drivers.

Package Contents

The Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 Edi­ti­on 19.2.2 instal­la­ti­on packa­ge con­tains the following:

  • Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 Edi­ti­on 19.2.2 Dri­ver Ver­si­on (Win­dows Dri­ver Store Ver­si­on 25.20.15021.1007)


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