System Information Viewer Version 5.37

Sys­tem Infor­ma­ti­on View­er (SIV) ist ein kos­ten­lo­ses Win­dows-Tool zur Anzei­ge vie­ler nütz­li­cher Infor­ma­tio­nen des eige­nen PC-Sys­tems. Mit Win­dows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vis­ta, XP und NT 4 sowie Win­dows Me, 98 und 95 wer­den zahl­rei­che, auch älte­re Win­dows-Ver­sio­nen unter­stützt.

Ver­si­on 5.37 released on 14-Mar-2019

  • Added Win­dows 19H1 Build 18356 + 20H1 Build 18855 sup­port. Enab­led ope­ra­ti­on of [ACPI Eval], etc..
  • Added repor­ting of Intel VROC JBOD + RAID NVMe SMART infor­ma­ti­on and VROC key type.
  • Added Reset Posi­ti­ons, with Hot­key sup­port, which resets all the SIV win­dows to their saved posi­ti­ons and Save Posi­ti­ons.
  • Added initi­al AMD Ryzen (Matis­se) sup­port and impro­ved AMD FX-8800P repor­ting.
  • Added NVi­dia GTX 1660 Ti sup­port.
  • Addres­sed inter­mit­tent issu­es Intel 99nnX (Skylake‑X) + 9900K (Cof­fee Lake‑S) BCLK speed repor­ting.
  • Added Core Vol­ta­ge + Tem­pe­ra­tu­re as a LCD panel type for CPUs + GPUs.
  • Added Aqua Com­pu­ter D5 Next pump + Cor­sair H115i/H100i RGB Pla­ti­num AIO repor­ting, but not con­trol.
  • Added ASUS Domi­nus Extre­me + BIOSTAR A10N-8800E + Giga­byte X299 Gaming + Z390 Ultra mother­board sup­port.


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