Process Lasso v9.5.0.15 BETA

Pro­cess Las­so ist ein auto­ma­ti­sier­tes Win­dows Pro­zess­ma­nage­ment- und Opti­mie­rungs-Tool für Win­dows Vis­ta, 7, 8 und 10, das die Reak­ti­ons­fä­hig­keit des Sys­tems — beson­ders bei hohen Pro­zes­sor­aus­las­tun­gen — durch einen eige­nen Algo­rith­mus posi­tiv beein­flus­sen soll. Neben einer kos­ten­pflich­ti­gen Pro-Ver­si­on sind zusätz­lich eine Ser­ver-Edi­ti­on sowie älte­re Ver­sio­nen für Win­dows XP und Win­dows 2000 ver­füg­bar.

Mit der Ver­si­on 9.3 wur­de der CPU Limi­ter ein­ge­führt, der eine Mög­lich­keit bie­tet, die CPU-Aus­las­tung einer Anwen­dung dyna­misch zu begren­zen, wenn sie einen bestimm­ten Schwel­len­wert über­schrei­tet. Dies geschieht durch eine vor­über­ge­hen­de Beschrän­kung der Anzahl der CPU-Ker­ne, auf die ein Pro­zess Zugriff hat. Es wählt nach dem Zufalls­prin­zip aus, wel­che CPU-Ker­ne aus dem Pro­zess ent­fernt wer­den sol­len. Für bestimm­te CPU-Kern­zu­wei­sun­gen kön­nen per­sis­ten­te CPU-Affi­ni­tä­ten oder Watch­dog-Regeln ver­wen­det wer­den.

Davor wur­de mit der Ver­si­on 9.1 die Funk­ti­on “Instance Balan­cer” ein­ge­führt, mit der man ein­zel­nen CPU-Ker­nen meh­re­re Instan­zen der­sel­ben Anwen­dung zuwei­sen kann. Dies geschieht über einen aus­wähl­ba­ren Algo­rith­mus. Der­zeit besteht die Opti­on, jeder Instanz ent­we­der die glei­che Anzahl von CPU-Ker­nen zuzu­wei­sen oder jeder Instanz eine bestimm­te Anzahl von CPU-Ker­nen zuzu­wei­sen.

The Instance Balan­cer indi­vi­du­al­ly assigns CPU cores to mul­ti­ple instan­ces of the same app­li­ca­ti­on. This is done by way of a selec­ta­ble algo­rithm. Pre­sent­ly, the opti­ons are to eit­her give each instance an equal num­ber of CPU cores (reb­a­lan­ced when the instance count chan­ges), or to set give each instance a spe­ci­fic num­ber of CPU cores.

This new fea­ture is not some­thing most peop­le will need, but it covers a pre­vious gap in func­tio­n­a­li­ty. While users could set per­sis­tent CPU affi­nities for dif­fe­rent app­li­ca­ti­ons, mul­ti­ple instan­ces of the same app­li­ca­ti­on were pro­ble­ma­tic becau­se they have the same pro­cess name and path.

Win­dows has a par­ti­cu­lar­ly bad pro­blem dealing with threads that deci­de they want to con­su­me every bit of CPU time they can get their hands on (CPU bound threads). A sin­gle CPU bound thread run­ning at Nor­mal prio­ri­ty can bring an ent­i­re sin­gle-CPU sys­tem to a stall, as demons­tra­ted by our gra­phi­cal pro­of of con­cept below. Yes, it is true – belie­ve it or not! It is this worst case sce­n­a­rio that Pro­cess Las­so was ori­gi­nal­ly writ­ten to address. By tem­pora­ri­ly lowe­ring the prio­ri­ty of the offen­ding pro­cess, your PC can be saved from a full stall.

Release Notes:

(15) GUI: Rewrote process icon management code
(15) GUI: Optimizations
(11) GUI: Some refactoring of Active Processes tab code
(11) GUI: Remove handles column from Active Processes tab
(5..9) Core: Add parent info to regex compare string
(5..9) GUI: Improve auto-reload of INI by main GUI after changes made in Insights
(5..9) GUI: Remove legacy capability to drop INI config file into GUI
(5..9) GUI: Internal optimizations and code improvements
(5..7) PostUpdate: Create backup of INI configuration file
(5..7) GUI: Watchdog config dialog: Don't show message when process edit box not empty on close
(89) Core: Add RegEx (and multi-field) support to CPU Limiter, Watchdog, and Instance Balancer
(89) GUI: Add 'help' buttons beside process match strings for Instance Balancer, CPULimiter, and Watchdog. Web docs not yet available.
(87) Core: Fix Instance Balancer issue when total logical cores is not evenly divisible by per-instance core count
(87) GUI: Add Windows 10/2019 build number to status bar
(87) GUI: Support Dark Mode up to Win10 build 19035
(87) GUI: Some internal changes to About dialog
(85) GUI: Add 'View/Colors/Always allow Dark Mode' for untested new Win10 builds 
(85) GUI: Change priority adjusted log action text to remove colon
(83) GUI: Resolve a GUI crash on startup reported by some users
(77) GUI: Minor optimization to primary (all processes) listview update
(77) GUI: Add dynamic (updating) RAM stats to SmartTrim dialog
(77) GUI: Remove cache size from status bar RAM part
(73) Core.InstanceBalancer: Allow 'childof:' prefix to be any character case
(73) GUI: Fix Show/hide graph button one pixel too wide in Active Processes view
(71) GUI: Add icons to active processes tab

Test targets:
(15) process icons, filtered views (note no icons there), GUI general
(13) Active Processes tab
(5..5) CPU Limiter, Instance Balancer, and Watchdog rules Traditional and Regular Expressions
(87) Instance Balancer core assignments
(87) About dialog general
(87) New status bar OS build # display (in version part). Test on Win7,Win2019
(85) Log action string consistency
(77) SmartTrim dialog (new RAM stats) and status bar (cache value removed)
(77) Selection persistence during activity (listview items added and removed)
(73) Instance Balancer rules, with and without childof: and regex:
(71) GUI Active processes tab icons


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Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 14.12.2019
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows Vis­ta, 7, 8 und 10 (32- und 64-Bit)
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