Vivaldi 2.11

Vival­di ist ein kos­ten­lo­ser Web­brow­ser des nor­we­gi­schen Unter­neh­mens Vival­di Tech­no­lo­gies, das von ehe­ma­li­gen Ope­ra-Ent­wick­lern gegrün­det wur­de. Er basiert auf der Brow­ser-Engi­ne Blink – einem Fork der Engi­ne Web­Kit –, die im Rah­men des Goog­le-Chro­mi­um-Pro­jek­tes ent­wi­ckelt wird. Er ist für Win­dows 7, 8 und 10 sowie Linux und MacOS X ab Yose­mi­te 10.10 ver­füg­bar.

In einem Blog­post wer­den die neu­es­ten Fea­tures und Ver­än­de­run­gen erläu­tert.


Changelog from 2.10 to 2.11


• [New][Media] Imple­ment pic­tu­re-in-pic­tu­re (pop-out video) but­ton on every video (VB-62563)
• [New][Keyboard][Accessibility] Add F6/Shift+F6 focus hand­ling: Allows moving focus bet­ween a few UI ele­ments and acti­ve pages (VB-61108)
• [New][Themes] Fol­low OS Dark/Light mode by default (VB-62703)
• [New][Windows][Installer] Instal­la­ti­on should be in the nati­ve lan­guage (VB-1627)

Address Bar

• [Address Bar] Pas­ting very long URL into address field cras­hes UI (VB-59692)
• [Address Bar] Popup address bar over­laps tab bar when both are at the bot­tom (VB-62523)
•[Address Bar] Can­not resol­ve some key­words cor­rect­ly (VB-61173)
• [Address Bar] Pro­gress bar goes from the right-to-left when adding con­tent to the exis­ting page (VB-21910)
• [Address Bar] Track­pad hori­zon­tal scroll doesn’t work (VB-22297)
• [Address Bar][Bookmarks] Add Book­mark dia­log has the wrong width (VB-62355)
• [Address Bar][Bookmarks][Search Field] Book­mar­king via short­cut after dis­ab­ling search field cau­ses misa­lign­ment (VB-56173)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Bet­ter ESC hand­ling for popup (VB-62004)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] But­ton sor­ting bro­ken when toggling hid­den exten­si­ons (VB-61826)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Hid­den exten­si­ons use the wrong win­dow color (VB-61456)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Incor­rect bor­der-radi­us on popup but­tons on hover (VB-62548)
• [Address Bar][Extensions] Trap­ped focus for popup (VB-62385)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Drag and drop fai­led (VB-47819)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Nick­na­me of the search engi­ne not working (VB-40002)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Popup must remem­ber pre­vious­ly selec­ted engi­ne (VB-62414)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Sug­ges­ti­ons not used when the search is trig­ge­red by cli­cking tri­ang­le but­ton (VB-61903)
• [Address Bar][Search Field] Typed histo­ry doesn’t clo­se by cli­cking down arrow (VB-62403)


• [Book­marks] Bar con­text menu mis­sing “New Sepa­ra­tor” (VB-55595)
• [Book­marks] Cut­ting and pas­ting a book­mark also pas­tes into the search or address field (VB-57599)
• [Book­marks] New Fol­der and Import tool­bar but­tons don’t work (VB-62031)
• [Book­marks] Panel edi­tor height resets on restart (VB-61299)
• [Book­marks] vivaldi://vivaldi-urls can­not be book­mar­ked (VB-61378)
• [Bookmarks][Address Bar] Unab­le to edit the tit­le in add dia­log (VB-62771)
• [Bookmarks][Menus] Acce­le­ra­tor added for space after the amper­sand (VB-59286)
• [Bookmarks][Windows] Book­mark bar menu reopens when cli­cking on fol­der but­ton (VB-61286)


• [Cas­ting] Full­screen tab ‘Chro­me cas­ting’ does not work as expec­ted (VB-49195)

Dev Tools

• [Dev Tools] Clo­ses if the short­cut is pres­sed again (VB-46897)
• [Dev Tools] Copy to Note doesn’t work in Inspec­tor Sources (VB-56272)
• [Dev Tools] Doesn’t recei­ve focus when ope­ned (VB-29650)
• [Dev Tools] Impos­si­ble to inspect a Dev Tools win­dow its­elf (VB-37610)
• [Dev Tools] Inspec­ting a web­page resets the UI zoom level to 100% (VB-61528)
• [Dev Tools] Remo­ve fol­der from works­pace fails (VB-55909)
• [Dev Tools][Address Bar] dev­tools: and lega­cy chro­me-dev­tools: pro­to­cols not working (VB-43490)
• [Dev Tools] Inspect should clo­se for tabs that are being hiber­na­ted (VB-30269)


• [Exten­si­ons] Bet­ter inform users that we sup­port Chro­me exten­si­ons (VB-62407)
• [Exten­si­ons] Incor­rect focus sty­ling for Popup but­tons (VB-62597)
• [Extensions][Keyboard] Make the short­cuts work when the popup/toggle is cli­cked (showing hid­den) (VB-62649)
• [Extensions][Regression] Icons don’t show num­bers when ‘Togg­le All Exten­si­ons’ is enab­led (VB-61200)


• [Histo­ry] Dele­ting all links can lea­ve link ent­ries in the calen­dar view (VB-62010)


• [Keyboard][Accessibility] Impro­ve key­board hand­ling in Start page (VB-60662)
• [Keyboard][Accessibility] Impro­ve key­board hand­ling in add Web Panel call­out (VB-60809)
• [Key­board] ‘Focus search-field’ short­cut and sty­ling when address-tool­bar is hid­den needs work (VB-61368)


• [Menus] Add move left and right com­man­ds to tab menu (VB-61198)
• [Menus] Misa­lign­ment of items in tile menu popup when in the top bar (VB-61110)
• [Menus] Thin blue line appears next to the menu icon (VB-59950)
• [Menus] ‘Start Page’ not trans­la­ted in clo­sed tabs (VB-61332)


• [Notes] Auto-dele­ting empty notes should not dele­te if selec­ting the empty note (VB-62306)
• [Notes] Auto­ma­ti­cal­ly dele­ted empty notes end up in the trash (VB-62145)
• [Notes] Dis­able new-note but­ton when an empty note is selec­ted (VB-62512)
• [Notes] Edi­tor height not stored, blur­ry came­ra icon and exces­si­ve max-height (VB-61931)
• [Notes] New notes are hid­den if the notes search field is not empty (VB-62477)
• [Notes] Panel grabs focus on save (VB-61065)
• [Notes] Search is clea­red after selec­ting a note (VB-62303)


• [Panels] Tool­bar but­ton wrap­ping issue (VB-59526)
• [Panels] “Remo­ve all finis­hed” but­ton in down­loads initi­al­ly inac­ti­ve (VB-58900)
• [Panels] Tool­bar but­tons are misa­li­gned (VB-61212)
• [Panels][Bookmarks] TypeEr­ror (VB-56713)
• [Popup Win­dows] ESC clo­sure and TAB focus is not working cor­rect­ly on some popups (VB-61367)

Quick Commands

• [Quick Com­man­ds] Add Cast opti­on (VB-62750)
• [Quick Com­man­ds] “about” mis­sing (VB-61936)


• [Set­tings] Cus­tom URL pro­to­col not sup­por­ted in “Search Engi­nes” (VB-62440)
• [Set­tings] The next stored pass­word is incor­rect­ly dis­play­ed when the old one is dele­ted (VB-53519)
• [Set­tings] Web­page tab focus doesn’t adhe­re to Focus Cycling set­ting (VB-61295)
• [Settings][Search] Added engi­nes do not dis­play favicons (VB-60993)

Speed Dial

• [Speed Dial] Old ent­ries added by user lose thumb­nails on upgrade (VB-61408)
• [Start Page][Translation] Page tit­le is dis­play­ed in Eng­lish after restart (VB-50782)

Start Page

• [Start Page] Win­dow Back­ground Image does not sca­le cor­rect­ly (VB-61208)

Status Bar

• [Sta­tus Bar] Report page zoom level in over­lay sta­tus (VB-13586)
• [Sta­tus Bar] Togg­le bet­ween show and eit­her over­lay or hide, depen­ding on which was selec­ted pre­vious­ly (VB-18411)
• [Sta­tus Bar] Link info over­lay cove­r­ed by the floa­ting panel (VB-61238)


• [Tabs] Clo­ne Selec­ted Tabs clo­nes ent­i­re tab stack (VB-61839)

User Profiles

• [User Pro­files] Can’t pick a pro­fi­le name if a list con­tains many pro­files (VB-60151)


• [Win­dows] Tab key cau­ses who­le UI shift by 1 pixel with the cycle in com­po­nent (VB-62079)
• [Win­dows] Trash menu reopens when cli­cking on trash but­ton (VB-61327)


• [macOS] IMDB vide­os fail to play on Cata­li­na: Par­ti­al fix only (VB-58686)
• [macOS] Win­dow con­trols misa­li­gned in the Set­tings win­dow (VB-62255)
• [macOS] [Media] Play­ing .m4a enhan­ced pod­cast file cau­ses a ren­de­rer crash (VB-45871)


• [Linux][Media] Update Wide­vi­ne from 4.10.1582.1 to 4.10.1582.2
• [Linux][Media] Update pro­prie­ta­ry media-libs from 78.0.3904.70 to 79.0.3945.79
• [Linux] When exi­t­ing Vival­di from full-screen mode the brow­ser is not maxi­mi­zed (VB-60504)


• [Hue] Not all lamps shown (VB-52654)[Media] Vival­di does not always block auto-play (VB-62314)
• [Regres­si­on] Popup win­dow doesn’t clo­se by window.close when address bar has an exten­si­on (VB-60812)
• [Regres­si­on] Tiling of tabs that are hiber­na­ted doesn’t work cor­rect­ly (VB-60486)
• Upgraded Chro­mi­um to 80.0.3987.88

Down­load: Vival­di
Ver­si­on: 2.11
Datei­grö­ße ver­schie­den
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 12.02.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows 7/8/10, MacOS 10.10+, Linux
Lizenz: Free­ware
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