Process Lasso v9.7.0.2

Pro­cess Las­so ist ein auto­ma­ti­sier­tes Win­dows Pro­zess­ma­nage­ment- und Opti­mie­rungs-Tool für Win­dows Vis­ta, 7, 8 und 10, das die Reak­ti­ons­fä­hig­keit des Sys­tems — beson­ders bei hohen Pro­zes­sor­aus­las­tun­gen — durch einen eige­nen Algo­rith­mus posi­tiv beein­flus­sen soll. Neben einer kos­ten­pflich­ti­gen Pro-Ver­si­on sind zusätz­lich eine Ser­ver-Edi­ti­on sowie älte­re Ver­sio­nen für Win­dows XP und Win­dows 2000 ver­füg­bar.


Win­dows has a par­ti­cu­lar­ly bad pro­blem dealing with threads that deci­de they want to con­su­me every bit of CPU time they can get their hands on (CPU bound threads). A sin­gle CPU bound thread run­ning at Nor­mal prio­ri­ty can bring an ent­i­re sin­gle-CPU sys­tem to a stall, as demons­tra­ted by our gra­phi­cal pro­of of con­cept below. Yes, it is true – belie­ve it or not! It is this worst case sce­n­a­rio that Pro­cess Las­so was ori­gi­nal­ly writ­ten to address. By tem­pora­ri­ly lowe­ring the prio­ri­ty of the offen­ding pro­cess, your PC can be saved from a full stall.


  • Add new Pro­ces­sor Group Exten­der fea­ture
  • Fixes and enhan­ce­ments
All: Add new Processor Group Extension feature to enable group unaware processes to use the entire CPU
Core: Don't keep trying to start a Keep Running process that fails to launch (though do retry on config change/reload)
GUI: Fix Dark Mode listview scrollbars stayed dark when Lasso in light mode but OS in dark mode
GUI: Fix Keep Running issue with paths or command lines that have embedded commas or semicolons
GUI: Fix watchdog up/down buttons could leave ephemeral visual debris in last 2 fields when moved rule is 'launch process' action
GUI: Set current I/O priority to normal after a persistent I/O priority removed by single-select process context menu
GUI: Add configuration dialog for processor group extension
GUI: Add 'clear all' button to SmartTrim exclusions (generic list config dialog)
GUI: Minor to ProBalance Advanced Options config dialog
GUI: Minor change to tooltip helper for config dialogs
GUI: Fix I/O delta column showed bytes instead of kilobytes
GUI: Refresh licensed name on graph after activation by About dialog's via syslink control
Down­load: Pro­cess Las­so
Ver­si­on: v9.7.0.2
Datei­grö­ße 2,36 MiB
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 19.02.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows Vis­ta, 7, 8 und 10 (32- und 64-Bit)
Lizenz: Free­ware, Pro Ver­si­on kos­ten­pflich­tig
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