Vivaldi 3.0

Vival­di ist ein kos­ten­lo­ser Web­brow­ser des nor­we­gi­schen Unter­neh­mens Vival­di Tech­no­lo­gies, das von ehe­ma­li­gen Ope­ra-Ent­wick­lern gegrün­det wur­de. Er basiert auf der Brow­ser-Engi­ne Blink – einem Fork der Engi­ne Web­Kit –, die im Rah­men des Goog­le-Chro­mi­um-Pro­jek­tes ent­wi­ckelt wird. Er ist für Win­dows 7, 8 und 10 sowie Linux und MacOS X ab Yose­mi­te 10.10 verfügbar.

In einem Blog­post wer­den die neu­es­ten Fea­tures und Ver­än­de­run­gen erläutert.


Changelog – Vivaldi 2.11 to 3.0


New features

  • [New][Blocker] Tracking and ad blo­cker (VB-46272)
  • [New][Status Bar] Clock uti­li­ty (VB-18701)
  • [New][Spatial Navi­ga­ti­on] Re-imple­ment the feature
  • [New][macOS] Opti­on for auto­ma­tic, silent updates on next start (VB-20993)
  • [New][Popout Video] Add a set­ting to dis­able (VB-63456)
  • [New][Popout Video] Add video pro­gress bar (VB-65187)
  • [New][Popout Video] Seek for­ward and back­wards using cur­sor (arrow) keys (VB-65796)
  • [New][Settings] Allow sor­ting of saved pass­words list (VB-4820)



  • [Win­dows] After pin­ning to the Win­dows task bar an incor­rect tab opens ins­tead of the ses­si­on (VB-64300)
  • [macOS] Colo­red line on Address Bar with the­me set­tings (VB-64192)
  • [macOS] New trans­la­ti­ons strings for Japa­ne­se in updater (VB-64718)
  • [macOS] Two win­dows opens from main menu when set­tings are shown in a tab (VB-65320)
  • [macOS] Select drop­down misa­li­gned in iframes (VB-56816)
  • [macOS][Keyboard] ⌘m fre­quent­ly mini­mi­zes two win­dows (VB-63208)

Address Bar

  • [Address Bar] Auto­com­ple­te doesn’t work when one let­ter repla­ces the cur­rent address (VB-62839)
  • [Address Bar] Com­ple­ted cha­rac­ters over­writ­ten when typ­ing in the URL field quick­ly, after ope­ning a new tab (VB-61340)
  • [Address Bar] Esc should only clo­se the drop down but not the “search as a but­ton” popup (VB-65746)
  • [Address Bar] Selec­ting the URL text cau­ses blin­king (VB-63701)
  • [Address Bar] The URL field loo­ses focus on Esc while typed histo­ry is open (VB-64076)
  • [Address Bar] Update Pad­lock colors for SSL and EV cer­ti­fi­ca­tes (VB-63719)
  • [Address Bar][Extensions] Cli­cking twice on an exten­si­on should clo­se the the popup (VB-65289)
  • [Address Bar][Extensions] Popup arrow beco­mes misa­li­gned (VB-65248)
  • [Address Bar][Extensions] Swit­ching exten­si­ons should result in cor­rect popup ope­ning and clo­sing (VB-65382)
  • [Address Bar][Quick Com­man­ds] 4K moni­tors remo­ves a part of the g let­ter (VB-63180)
  • [Address Bar][Search Field] A few popup arrows bro­ken: exten­si­on mis­sing; search field misa­li­gned (VB-64828)
  • [Address Bar][Search Field] Auto-hide the search bar when shown as a but­ton (VB-62595)
  • [Address Bar][Search Field] Popup should clo­se after every search (VB-63520)
  • [Address Bar][Search Field] Search engi­ne text color turns black on no mou­se hover (VB-63869)


  • [Book­marks] Add Book­mark Save/Delete but­tons bid­den by resi­zing the descrip­ti­on field (VB-62748)
  • [Book­marks] Add popup scrolls hori­zont­al­ly (VB-64213)
  • [Book­marks] Book­mark bar F6 high­light, limit reor­der to Shift key (VB-63991)
  • [Book­marks] Drag­ging cau­ses file ope­ra­ti­ons (VB-60071)
  • [Book­marks] Edi­t­ing is unre­ach­a­ble when typ­ing in search (VB-60008)
  • [Book­marks] New tab vivaldi://bookmarks/ opens blank (VB-61396)
  • [Book­marks] Run­ning “Move to Book­mark Bar Fol­der” can free­ze Vival­di (VB-64391)
  • [Bookmarks][History] Mana­gers Search field misa­li­gned rela­ti­ve to mana­ger but­tons (VB-63802)
  • [Bookmarks][Panel] Right and left sides of thumb­nail are cut off with default panel length (VB-64610)

Dev Tools

  • [Dev Tools] Swit­ching from win­do­wed to docked mode cras­hes (VB-64199)


  • [Exten­si­ons] Add a way to remo­ve the ban­ner on the exten­si­ons page (VB-63672)
  • [Exten­si­ons] Empty drop-down in pri­va­te win­dow (VB-63126)
  • [Extensions][macOS] Some opti­on pages cau­se cras­hes (VB-62980)

Find in Page

  • [Find in Page] Make no hits more obvious (VB-17388)
  • [Find in Page] Focus lost when open (VB-49004)


  • [Media] Tab igno­ring the “site set­ting” set to mute (VB-62732)
  • [Media][Linux] Attempt to add pro­pe­ri­ta­ry media and wide­vi­ne on start­up if it fails on install
  • [Media][Linux] Update pro­prie­ta­ry media to 80.0.3987.149
  • [Media][Windows] Video stream does not play with audio on sites such as (VB-64349)
  • [Media][macOS] Cata­li­na seek syn­chro­niz­a­ti­on pro­blems (VB-58686)
  • [Media][macOS] Unab­le to play vide­os on (VB-64209)
  • [Media][macOS][Regression] Pro­prie­ta­ry media is not working cor­rect­ly on many sites (VB-64258)


  • [Menus] Add “Open Loca­ti­on” menu item (VB-64084)


  • [Panel] Fix for incon­sis­tent tool­bar pad­ding (VB-64244)
  • [Panel] Win­dow panel pin­ned tabs view bro­ken when swit­ching pin­ned Fol­der (VB-56946)
  • [Panel][Regression] Can­not move but­tons with Shift (VB-62619)

Popout Video

  • [Popout Video] But­ton avail­ab­le even when the­re is only audio (VB-63070)
  • [Popout Video] But­ton does not work on (VB-64392)
  • [Popout Video] But­ton not visi­ble on Prime (VB-64992)
  • [Popout Video] But­ton shows over UI ele­ments on You­Tube (VB-64493)
  • [Popout Video] Cus­tom selec­tors bro­ke causing but­ton to not appe­ar, eg. on (VB-64773)
  • [Popout Video] Dyna­mi­cal­ly added video ele­ments need bet­ter tracking (VB-64520)
  • [Popout Video] Icon should not show until the video starts or the cur­sor hovers the video (VB-63100)
  • [Popout Video] Mis­sing but­ton on, CT24,, kvs play­er, etc. (VB-65742)
  • [Popout Video] Tab PiP icon mutes sound (VB-63527)

Quick Commands

  • [Quick Com­man­ds] Tall cha­rac­ters got cut (VB-63067)
  • [Quick Commands][Windows][IME] Doesn’t show all histo­ry items when a visi­ted URL inclu­des the search word (VB-60923)
  • [Quick Commands][macOS] Pres­sing Tab brings search sug­ges­ti­on while still edi­t­ing input (VB-63263)

Reader View

  • [Rea­der View] Add Ver­ti­cal sup­port to Japa­na­se-Kan­sai (Ja-Ks) by default (VB-64387)


  • [Set­tings] Hide pass­word list by default (VB-4820)
  • [Set­tings] Incor­rect Lan­guage dis­play­ed on fresh install (VB-62107)
  • [Set­tings] Search field loses focus after one typed cha­rac­ter (VB-62415)
  • [Set­tings] Wrong back­ground image sec­tion and list selec­tion (VB-65326)
  • [Set­tings] Wrong focus high­ligh­t­ing on some sec­tions (VB-46024)
  • [Set­tings] Pro­vi­de opti­on to always hide Start Page navi­ga­ti­on bar (VB-39462)
  • [Settings][Themes] Select cus­tom Start Page color greys out dia­log (VB-65466)

Spatial Navigation

  • [Spa­ti­al Navi­ga­ti­on] Should not focus invi­si­ble menu items (VB-65255)
  • [Spa­ti­al Navi­ga­ti­on] Wrong coor­di­na­tes on HiD­PI screens (VB-63938)

Other fixes

  • [Crash] Web­RTC screen­s­ha­ring of Vival­di-Tab (VB-65352)
  • [Dia­logs] Pre­vent acci­den­tal acti­va­ti­on with dia­log but­tons (VB-38219)
  • [Help] Can­not view all items in “Key­board Cheat Sheet” (VB-61776)
  • [Installer][Windows] Updated back­ground (VB-64559)
  • [Installer][macOS] Updated DMG back­ground (VB-64560)
  • [Sta­tus Bar] Always visi­ble in new win­dows after set­ting to over­lay (VB-64986)
  • [Search] Bring back Start­pa­ge as a search opti­on (VB-65745)
  • [Chro­mi­um] Upgraded to 81.0.4044.114


Down­load: Vival­di
Ver­si­on: 3.0
Datei­grö­ße ver­schie­den
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 22.04.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows 7/8/10, MacOS 10.10+, Linux
Lizenz: Free­ware
Web­sei­te Vival­di

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