Latest AMD Radeon Software Release Expands Remote Gaming Functionality and Enables New Features and Customization Capabilities

AMD Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 21.4.1 pro­vi­des cus­to­miz­ab­le instal­la­ti­on opti­ons, enhan­ced record­ingand strea­ming func­tio­n­a­li­ty, Play­Rea­dy AV1 sup­port and new sta­bi­li­ty features –

AMD Link now enab­les high-per­for­mance remo­te gaming on Win­dows PCs in addi­ti­on to pho­nes, tablets and TVs; new AMD Link Game fea­ture allows ano­t­her Rade­on user to remo­te­ly con­nect to play local mul­ti­play­er-sup­por­ted games –

SANTA CLARA, Calif. April 20, 2021 AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announ­ced AMD Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 21.4.1, the next edi­ti­on of its soft­ware suite for AMD Rade­on gra­phics, pro­vi­ding gamers, creators and enthu­si­asts with incredi­ble visu­al fide­li­ty, ultra-respon­si­ve gaming and advan­ced fea­tures to unlock the full poten­ti­al of their AMD gaming experience.

Deve­lo­ped with gamers in mind, the latest AMD Rade­on Soft­ware release intro­du­ces power­ful new fea­tures and capa­bi­li­ties to deli­ver an immer­si­ve and com­ple­te gaming expe­ri­ence. It fea­tures AMD Link1 for Win­dows®, allowing users to con­nect to their gaming PC from ano­t­her Win­dows PC, as well as from a pho­ne, tablet, or TV, to game from vir­tual­ly any­whe­re. It also pro­vi­des an updated user inter­face with a num­ber of usa­bi­li­ty enhan­ce­ments reques­ted by Rade­on gamers, inclu­ding cus­to­mi­zed instal­la­ti­on opti­ons and sim­pli­fied record­ing and strea­ming tools so users can easi­ly cap­tu­re and share their memo­r­able gaming moments.

Pro­vi­ding power­ful hard­ware is only half of the equa­ti­on to deli­ver the extra­or­di­na­ry, world class AAA, esports and mul­ti­play­er expe­ri­en­ces gamers have come to expect,” said Frank Azor, chief archi­tect of Gaming Solu­ti­ons at AMD. “With the new AMD Rade­on Soft­ware release, our goal was to allow gamers to unlock the full poten­ti­al of their AMD gaming sys­tems, enab­ling them to ful­ly immer­se them­sel­ves in beau­ti­ful, hyper-rea­listic worlds, easi­ly share their latest batt­les and vic­to­ries, find new ways to game with friends and cus­to­mi­ze their gaming expe­ri­ence as they see fit.”

Respon­si­ve Gaming, Vivid Visu­als & The Com­ple­te Experience

AMD Rade­on Soft­ware is the gate­way to unlock the full poten­ti­al of the AMD gaming expe­ri­ence, desi­gned to deli­ver respon­si­ve gaming, vivid visu­als and a com­ple­te expe­ri­ence for gamers. Exis­ting fea­tures like AMD Free­Sync, AMD Rade­on Anti-Lag and AMD Rade­on Boost deli­ver ultra-high frame­ra­te, low laten­cy gaming, while fea­tures like AMD Rade­on Image Shar­pe­ning and the AMD Fide­li­ty­FX deve­lo­per tools enab­le incredi­b­ly immer­si­ve, visual­ly stun­ning games. Buil­ding upon this foun­da­ti­on, AMD Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 21.4.1 pro­vi­des several new and updated fea­tures, including:

  • AMD Link – A free app­li­ca­ti­on to con­nect a gaming PC with a tablet, pho­ne or TV – and now ano­t­her Win­dows-based PC – lets users turn any screen into a gaming power­house from vir­tual­ly any­whe­re. The new AMD Link Game fea­ture allows users to invi­te a friend to con­nect to their PC from ano­t­her AMD Rade­on sys­tem to play games that sup­port local mul­ti­play­er or split screen

mode. AMD Link also offers 144 FPS (max)2, hig­her band­width strea­ming opti­ons, sup­port for 5.1 sur­round sound audio, and redu­ced strea­ming laten­cy of up to 60 per­cent in CS:GO3.

  • Sim­pli­fied User Inter­face – Based on com­mu­ni­ty feed­back, the latest soft­ware release pro­vi­des several cus­to­miz­ab­le instal­la­ti­on opti­ons. Gamers can elect to do a full instal­la­ti­on or a mini­mal instal­la­ti­on with a stream­li­ned user inter­face, or a small-foot­print, dri­ver-only instal­la­ti­on. Addi­tio­nal updates inclu­de an impro­ved search bar, the avai­la­bi­li­ty of addi­tio­nal game­play stats on the games tab and more.


  • Expan­ded Per­for­mance Metrics & Tuning – Users can now view both Rade­on gra­phics and Ryzen™ pro­ces­sor per­for­mance metrics from a sin­gle loca­ti­on, inclu­ding CPU uti­liz­a­ti­on, clock speed, tem­pe­ra­tu­re, vol­ta­ge, power con­sump­ti­on, and fan speed, enab­ling them to bet­ter opti­mi­ze sys­tem per­for­mance and power efficiency.


  • Enhan­ced Record­ing and Strea­ming – Inte­gra­ting all record­ing and strea­ming set­tings under a sin­gle tab, the new AMD Rade­on Soft­ware release offers sce­ne edi­tor usa­bi­li­ty enhancements,


impro­ved sor­ting and tag­ging func­tio­n­a­li­ty, and a new wizard4 to make it easier for ent­ry-level users to begin streaming.


  • Color Defi­ci­en­cy Cor­rec­tion4 – Cus­to­miz­ab­le set­tings allow users with the three major color visi­on defi­ci­en­cy con­di­ti­ons – prot­an­opia, deu­ter­an­opia and tri­t­an­opia – to expe­ri­ence games in more vivid detail without any expec­ted per­for­mance impact.


  • Micro­soft® Play­Rea­dy AV1 Sup­port4,5 – Sup­port for the open-source, royal­ty-free Play­Rea­dy AV1 hard­ware-acce­le­ra­ted decode for AMD Rade­on RX 6000 Seri­es gra­phics cards ensu­res high-qua­li­ty, pro­tec­ted content.


  • AMD Crash Defen­der4 – A new sta­bi­li­ty fea­ture to ensu­re sys­tems “stay ali­ve,” pre­ser­ve data and ful­ly reco­ver from poten­ti­al hangs or cras­hes in select sce­n­a­ri­os. Pai­red with the AMD Bug Report Tool, Rade­on Soft­ware can pro­vi­de a more com­ple­te pic­tu­re of user-sub­mit­ted issu­es for quicker reso­lu­ti­on by AMD sup­port teams.




AMD Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 21.4.1 can be down­loa­ded today from the AMD Dri­vers and Sup­port page.


Sup­por­ting Resources


  • Lean more about the AMD Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin suite here



About AMD

For 50 years AMD has dri­ven inno­va­ti­on in high-per­for­mance com­pu­ting, gra­phics and visua­liz­a­ti­on tech­no­lo­gies ― the buil­ding blocks for gaming, immer­si­ve plat­forms and the dat­a­cen­ter. Hund­reds of mil­li­ons of con­su­mers, lea­ding For­tu­ne 500 busi­nes­ses and cut­ting-edge sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch faci­li­ties around the world rely on AMD tech­no­lo­gy dai­ly to impro­ve how they live, work and play. AMD employees around the world are focu­sed on buil­ding gre­at pro­ducts that push the bounda­ries of what is pos­si­ble. For more infor­ma­ti­on about how AMD is enab­ling today and inspi­ring tomor­row, visit the AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) web­site, blog, Face­book and Twit­ter pages.


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The infor­ma­ti­on con­tai­ned her­ein is for infor­ma­tio­nal pur­po­ses only and is sub­ject to chan­ge without noti­ce. Time­li­nes, road­maps, and/or pro­duct release dates shown her­ein are plans only and sub­ject to change.



  • AMD Link requi­res Rade­on™ Soft­ware ver­si­on 21.4.1. Game strea­ming requi­res pho­ne or tablet which sup­ports Android 7.0 and grea­ter or iOS


  • and grea­ter, any­whe­re the­re is a high-speed inter­net con­nec­tion. For TV sup­port, Apple TV 4th and 5th genera­ti­on run­ning tvOS 12.x and grea­ter, or Android TV 7.0 and grea­ter are requi­red. Strea­ming at 4K requi­res 4K capa­ble strea­ming hard­ware and is com­pa­ti­ble with: AMD Rade­on™ GCN-based dis­cre­te gra­phics and newer. Sup­ports Win­dows® 10. Link Game requi­res an inter­net con­nec­tion. Con­trol­lers must be com­pa­ti­ble with selec­ted game and head­set, plea­se con­sult ven­dor for com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty infor­ma­ti­on. GD-159


  • Requi­res a moni­tor that sup­ports 144Hz refresh rate and sys­tem capa­ble of 144 FPS. GD-186


  • Tes­ting con­duc­ted by AMD as of March 29th, 2021 on a test sys­tem com­pri­sed of a Rade­on RX 5700 GPU with Adre­na­lin 21.4.1 (with AMD Link 4.0), and Adre­na­lin 21.3.1 (with AMD Link 3.0). Red­mi Note 6 Pro Android device used for AMD Link cli­ent. While strea­ming CS:GO using the HEVC enco­ding @ 20Mbps bit rate, 1080p reso­lu­ti­on and 60 fps. RS-357


  • Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin Edi­ti­on 21.4.1 Vivid Gaming color pre­set and color cor­rec­tion fea­tures are avail­ab­le on Rade­on™ RX 5000 and 6000 Seri­es Gra­phics, Ryzen™ 4000 Seri­es Pro­ces­sors with Rade­on™ Gra­phics, and newer with Win­dows 10 exclu­si­ve­ly. Strea­ming Wizard and Crash Defen­der fea­tures are avail­ab­le with Win­dows 10 only. AV1 decode sup­port is avail­ab­le on Rade­on™ Gra­phics 6000 seri­es dGPUs exclu­si­ve­ly; and requi­res Win­dows 10 with KB5000842 updates as well as sup­por­ted con­tent from strea­ming ser­vices. GD- 187


  • Video codec acce­le­ra­ti­on (inclu­ding at least the HEVC (H.265), H.264, VP9, and AV1 codecs) is sub­ject to and not ope­ra­ble without inclusion/installation of com­pa­ti­ble media play­ers. GD-176

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