Razer announces the ultimate AMD gaming laptop: the new Razer Blade 14

The Razer Bla­de 14 returns as the world’s most power­ful 14-inch gaming lap­top – powe­red by the AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX, and run­ning the fas­test 14-inch gaming dis­plays, all in the most com­pact 14-inch gaming chassis.

IRVINE, CA. – Razer™, the lea­ding glo­bal life­style brand for gamers (Hong Kong Stock Code: 1337), today announ­ced during their E3 key­note the return of a gaming legend: The Razer Bla­de 14. After a three-year hia­tus, the Bla­de 14 is back to shake up the sce­ne as the first Razer Bla­de to ever fea­ture an AMD pro­ces­sor, the 8‑core AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX, offe­ring the fas­test gaming per­for­mance in its class¹.

The new Razer Bla­de 14 will also fea­ture up to the NVIDIA® GeFor­ce RTX™ 3080 Lap­top GPU, and up to a Quad HD 165Hz dis­play, all packa­ged into the world’s most com­pact 14-inch gaming chas­sis. Roun­ding out the 14-inch power­house are the signa­tu­re Razer trap­pings that have estab­lis­hed Razer Bla­de lap­tops as one of a kind, inclu­ding per-key Razer Chro­ma RGB back­ligh­t­ing, immer­si­ve THX® Spa­ti­al Audio for dyna­mic sound, and an abundant offe­ring of ports to make ever­y­day life easier.


When we intro­du­ced the Bla­de 14 in 2013, Razer chal­len­ged the indus­try to think big­ger, yet smal­ler. The ori­gi­nal Bla­de 14 revo­lu­tio­ni­zed the mobi­le gaming land­s­cape, ear­ned lap­top of the deca­de, and brought us to whe­re we are today,” said Brad Wil­des, Seni­or Vice Pre­si­dent & Gene­ral Mana­ger of Razer’s Sys­tems Busi­ness Unit. “The new Bla­de 14 aims to shake up the indus­try once again by com­bi­ning Razer’s deca­de worth of expe­ri­ence in craf­ting ultra-com­pact and high-end gaming machi­nes with the power and effi­ci­en­cy of AMD Ryzen Mobi­le Pro­ces­sors. We are thril­led to bring the ulti­ma­te mobi­le gaming expe­ri­ence to gamers with the Razer Bla­de 14.”

As gamers demand ligh­ter and more power­ful form fac­tors in gaming lap­tops, we have remai­ned com­mit­ted to our goal of deli­vering best-in-class mobi­le pro­ces­sors for pre­mi­um OEM designs,” said Saeid Mosh­ke­la­ni, Seni­or Vice Pre­si­dent and Gene­ral Mana­ger, Cli­ent Busi­ness Unit, AMD. “We are exci­ted to col­la­bo­ra­te with Razer, for the first time ever, by powe­ring the Razer Bla­de 14 with the best mobi­le pro­ces­sors we have deve­lo­ped for gaming, the Ryzen 5000 H‑Series Mobi­le Processors.”



With the revi­val of the Bla­de 14 comes the birth of an ent­i­re­ly new part­ners­hip bet­ween Razer and AMD, cul­mi­na­ting in the first Razer Bla­de ever to run on an AMD pro­ces­sor. The AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX 8‑core, 16-thread pro­ces­sor fea­tures a max boost clock of up to 4.6GHz, enab­ling it to quick­ly dis­patch den­se workloads, redu­ce laten­cy when gaming, and chew through deman­ding workloads at bre­akneck speeds. The new Bla­de 14 with AMD Ryzen™ doesn’t just offer the hig­hest raw com­pu­ta­tio­nal power in its class, but does it with a cool, quiet effi­ci­en­cy, pro­vi­ding users with up to 12 hours of bat­te­ry life so they can spend less time near an out­let and more time on the move.

The Bla­de 14 fea­tures the latest NVIDIA GeFor­ce RTX 30 Seri­es Lap­top GPUs, up to an NVIDIA GeFor­ce RTX 3080 Lap­top GPU. Built with NVIDIA’s Ampere archi­tec­tu­re, the RTX™ 30 Seri­es offers impro­ved ray tra­cing and advan­ced AI fea­tures to crea­te more visual­ly immer­si­ve worlds. In addi­ti­on to the impro­ved gra­phi­cal per­for­mance, the GeFor­ce RTX 30 Seri­es fea­tures a suite of Max‑Q tech­no­lo­gies such as Dyna­mic Boost, Whis­per Mode 2.0 and a resizab­le BAR that allow the Bla­de 14 to remain silent but deadly.



Matching power with visu­al fide­li­ty, the Bla­de 14 offers the fas­test 14-inch gaming dis­plays in the mar­ket. Ran­ging from Full HD 144Hz up to Quad HD 165Hz, both IPS-gra­de panels offer excel­lent color coverage, reaching up to 100% SRGB on the Full HD panel and up to 100% DCI-P3 on the Quad HD panel. The high refresh rate of both panels, pai­red with the inte­gra­ted AMD Free­Sync™ Pre­mi­um tech­no­lo­gy², deli­vers a crisp and flu­id visu­al gaming expe­ri­ence. To ensu­re a con­sis­tent and vibrant expe­ri­ence for every user, each panel is cus­tom cali­bra­ted at the fac­to­ry for color accuracy.



Con­ti­nuing a lega­cy of indus­try-lea­ding com­pact design, the Bla­de 14 fea­tures an all-alu­mi­num chas­sis, pre­cisi­on mil­led to redu­ce any excess was­te in the frame and ano­di­zed with a mat­te black coa­ting to ensu­re a con­sis­tent finish that is uni­que to the touch and resistant to scrat­ches. To make the Bla­de 14 not just thin but over­all com­pact, the chas­sis dimen­si­ons have been trim­med down to a mere 0.66” x 8.66” x 12.59” – making it the world’s smal­lest 14-inch gaming lap­top. To achie­ve this tech­ni­cal feat, the Bla­de 14 uti­li­zes Razer’s uni­que vapor cham­ber coo­ling solu­ti­on ins­tead of the bul­ky and inef­fi­ci­ent heat pipe sys­tems that other gaming lap­tops rely on.

The vacu­um-sea­led cham­ber wit­hin the Bla­de 14 uses vapo­ri­zed liquid to dis­si­pa­te heat away from inte­gral com­pon­ents, while working in tan­dem with two ultra-low-pro­fi­le fans, each of which fea­tures 88 fan bla­des at a mere .1 mm thin, equi­va­lent to the thin­ness of a human hair, to pull cool air in and push hot air out, ensu­ring both the CPU and GPU can ope­ra­te at maxi­mum capa­ci­ty while remai­ning cool.


The Ulti­ma­te Experience

Desi­gned to be a ver­sa­ti­le tool, the Bla­de 14 boasts an abundance of user-friend­ly fea­tures that go bey­ond gaming to impro­ve the day-to-day expe­ri­ence. Lining the top bezel of the dis­play is a sharp 720p web­cam for taking web calls when working away from the office, with an IR sen­sor for a safe and seam­less log­in via Win­dows Hel­lo. The pun­chy key­board is accen­ted with per-key Razer Chro­ma RGB that can be cus­to­mi­zed to match any of the 16.8 mil­li­on colors avail­ab­le wit­hin Razer Synapse.

Flan­king the key­board are boo­m­ing spea­kers that can be tun­ed via built-in THX Spa­ti­al Audio tech­no­lo­gy for gaming, movies, or music. Lining the sides of the Bla­de 14 is a pletho­ra of ports inclu­ding two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type‑C ports with power deli­very for char­ging when in a bind, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type‑A ports for con­nec­ting lega­cy items, HDMI 2.1 for easi­ly hoo­king into board room media sets, and a 3.5mm jack for lis­tening to immer­si­ve 3D audio with THX Spa­ti­al Audio.

Back to revo­lu­tio­ni­ze the gaming world again, the Bla­de 14 is the pre­mie­re 14-inch gaming lap­top, offe­ring the best-of-the-best in every cate­go­ry from pro­ces­sing power, to visu­als, to mobi­li­ty, to ver­sa­ti­li­ty. It is the Ulti­ma­te AMD Gaming Laptop.

To learn more about the all-new Razer Bla­de 14, plea­se visit http://razer.com/gaming-laptops/razer-blade-14.

Play. Re-Char­ge. Repeat.

Along­side the Razer Bla­de 14, Razer also announ­ced their first Gal­li­um Nitri­de (GaN) char­ging device, the Razer USB‑C GaN char­ger. Uti­li­zing cut­ting-edge GaN tech­no­lo­gy, the new char­ger is per­fect for gamers, pro­sumers, or tho­se on-the-go. Offe­ring up to 130W of com­bi­ned char­ging power bet­ween the two USB‑C ports and two USB‑A ports, it enab­les cus­to­mers to char­ge their smart­pho­ne, tablet, or lap­top, while being small enough to easi­ly fit in a pocket.

The GaN tech­no­lo­gy fea­tured in the new char­ger is not only more effi­ci­ent in terms of size and power deli­very com­pa­red to a tra­di­tio­nal sili­con-based char­ging brick, but also in ther­mal per­for­mance, mea­ning a redu­ced risk of over-hea­ting or short cir­cui­t­ing of con­nec­ted devices. The Razer USB‑C GaN Char­ger ensu­res gamers and pro­sumers can always stay con­nec­ted and powe­red up on the go.

To learn more about the new Razer USB‑C GaN Char­ger, plea­se visit https://www.razer.com/gaming-pc-accessories/razer-usb-c-gan-charger.



The all-new Razer Bla­de 14 starts at USD $1799.99 / €1,999.99 MSRP and is avail­ab­le now at Razer.com, RazerS­to­re retail loca­ti­ons, and with select retail partners.

The Razer USB‑C GaN Char­ger is avail­ab­le now for USD $179.99 / €179.99 MSRP on Razer.com and at RazerS­to­re retail locations.



Watch the Razer Bla­de 14 pro­duct video here.

Pro­duct images can be down­loa­ded here.



Razer™ is the world’s lea­ding life­style brand for gamers.

The trip­le-hea­ded sna­ke trade­mark of Razer is one of the most reco­gni­zed logos in the glo­bal gaming and esports com­mu­nities. With a fan base that spans every con­ti­nent, the com­pa­ny has desi­gned and built the world’s lar­gest gamer-focu­sed eco­sys­tem of hard­ware, soft­ware and services.

Razer’s award-win­ning hard­ware inclu­des high-per­for­mance gaming peri­pherals and Bla­de gaming laptops.

Razer’s soft­ware plat­form, with over 125 mil­li­on users, inclu­des Razer Syn­ap­se (an Inter­net of Things plat­form), Razer Chro­ma RGB (a pro­prie­ta­ry RGB ligh­t­ing tech­no­lo­gy sys­tem sup­por­ting thousands of devices and hund­reds of games/apps), and Razer Cor­tex (a game opti­mi­zer and launcher).

Razer also offers pay­ment ser­vices for gamers, youth, mill­en­ni­als and Gen Z. Razer Gold is one of the world’s lar­gest game pay­ment ser­vices, and Razer Fin­tech pro­vi­des fin­tech ser­vices in emer­ging markets.

Foun­ded in 2005 and dual-head­quar­te­red in Irvi­ne (Cali­for­nia) and Sin­g­a­po­re, Razer has 17 offices world­wi­de and is reco­gni­zed as the lea­ding brand for gamers in the USA, Euro­pe and Chi­na. Razer is lis­ted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchan­ge (Stock Code: 1337).


THX and the THX Logo are the pro­per­ty of THX Ltd., regis­tered in the U.S. and other coun­tries.   




¹Tes­ting as of 12/08/2020 by AMD Per­for­mance Labs using Pass­mark, PCMark, and 7‑Zip bench­mark tests. 45W Ryzen 9 vs Core i9 Test sys­tems: ASUS Zephy­rus Duo with Intel Core i9-10980HK and GeFor­ce GTX 2080, vs. ASUS Zephy­rus Duo SE with AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX and GeFor­ce GTX 3080, and ASUS Zephy­rus G15 with AMD Ryzen 9 4900H and GeFor­ce GTX 1660. =<35W Test Sys­tems: MSI Pres­ti­ge 14 EVO with Intel Core i7-1185­G7, vs. ASUS Flex 13 with AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS and GeFor­ce 1660, and ASUS Zephy­rus G15 with AMD Ryzen 9 4900H and GeFor­ce GTX 1660. 45W Ryzen 7 vs. Core i7 Test sys­tems: Giga­byte Aorus 15G with Core i7-10875H and GeFor­ce GTX 2060, vs. ASUS TUF FA506 with Ryzen 7 4800H and GeFor­ce 2060, and AMD Ryzen 7 5800H refe­rence sys­tem. 45W Ryzen 5 vs. Core i5 Test sys­tems: Leno­vo Ide­a­pad gaming 3 with Core i5-10300H and GeFor­ce GTX 1660, Leno­vo Legi­on 15 with Ryzen 5 4600H and GeFor­ce 1650, and Ryzen 5 5600H refe­rence sys­tems. Results may vary. CZM-65


²AMD Free­Sync™ tech­no­lo­gy requi­res AMD Rade­on™ gra­phics and a dis­play that sup­ports Free­Sync tech­no­lo­gy as cer­ti­fied by AMD. AMD Free­Sync™ Pre­mi­um tech­no­lo­gy adds requi­re­ments of man­da­to­ry low frame­ra­te com­pen­sa­ti­on and at least 120 Hz refresh rate at mini­mum FHD. AMD Free­Sync™ Pre­mi­um Pro tech­no­lo­gy adds requi­re­ments for the dis­play to meet AMD Free­Sync Pre­mi­um Pro com­pli­an­ce tests. See www.amd.com/freesync for com­ple­te details. Con­firm capa­bi­li­ty with your sys­tem manu­fac­tu­rer befo­re purcha­se. GD-127

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