GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Deliver Industry’s Leading-Performance Offering of 7nm FinFET Technology

Com¬≠pa¬≠ny extends its lea¬≠ding-edge road¬≠map for pro¬≠ducts deman¬≠ding the ulti¬≠ma¬≠te pro¬≠ces¬≠sing power

San¬≠ta Cla¬≠ra, Calif., Sep¬≠tem¬≠ber 15, 2016 ‚Äď GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announ¬≠ced plans to deli¬≠ver a new lea¬≠ding-edge 7nm Fin¬≠FET semi¬≠con¬≠duc¬≠tor tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy that will offer the ulti¬≠ma¬≠te in per¬≠for¬≠mance for the next era of com¬≠pu¬≠ting appli¬≠ca¬≠ti¬≠ons. This tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy pro¬≠vi¬≠des more pro¬≠ces¬≠sing power for data cen¬≠ters, net¬≠wor¬≠king, pre¬≠mi¬≠um mobi¬≠le pro¬≠ces¬≠sors, and deep lear¬≠ning applications.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ new 7nm Fin­FET tech­no­lo­gy is expec­ted to deli­ver more than twice the logic den­si­ty and a 30 per­cent per­for­mance boost com­pared to today’s 16/14nm foundry Fin­FET offe­rings. The plat­form is based on an indus­try-stan­dard Fin­FET tran­sis­tor archi­tec­tu­re and opti­cal litho­gra­phy, with EUV com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty at key levels. This approach will acce­le­ra­te the pro­duc­tion ramp through signi­fi­cant re-use of tools and pro­ces­ses from the company’s 14nm Fin­FET tech­no­lo­gy, which is curr­ent­ly in volu­me pro­duc­tion at its Fab 8 cam­pus in Sara­to­ga Coun­ty, N.Y. GLOBALFOUNDRIES plans to make an addi­tio­nal mut­li-bil­li­on dol­lar invest­ment in Fab 8 to enable deve­lo­p­ment and pro­duc­tion for 7nm FinFET.

‚ÄúThe indus¬≠try is con¬≠ver¬≠ging on 7nm Fin¬≠FET as the next long-lived node, which repres¬≠ents a uni¬≠que oppor¬≠tu¬≠ni¬≠ty for GLOBALFOUNDRIES to com¬≠pe¬≠te at the lea¬≠ding edge,‚ÄĚ said GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO San¬≠jay Jha. ‚ÄúWe are well posi¬≠tio¬≠ned to deli¬≠ver a dif¬≠fe¬≠ren¬≠tia¬≠ted 7nm Fin¬≠FET tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy by tap¬≠ping our years of expe¬≠ri¬≠ence manu¬≠fac¬≠tu¬≠ring high-per¬≠for¬≠mance chips, the talent and know-how of our for¬≠mer IBM Microelec¬≠tro¬≠nics col¬≠le¬≠agues and the world-class R&D pipe¬≠line from our rese¬≠arch alli¬≠ance. No other foundry can match this lega¬≠cy of manu¬≠fac¬≠tu¬≠ring high-per¬≠for¬≠mance chips.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúGLOBALFOUNDRIES made a bold decis¬≠i¬≠on to jump direct¬≠ly from 14nm to 7nm‚Äďa decis¬≠i¬≠on that is now sup¬≠port¬≠ed by seve¬≠ral lea¬≠ding semi¬≠con¬≠duc¬≠tor com¬≠pa¬≠nies as they see only mar¬≠gi¬≠nal per¬≠for¬≠mance and power bene¬≠fits for the high cost of the 10nm pro¬≠cess node,‚ÄĚ said Jim McGre¬≠gor, foun¬≠der and prin¬≠ci¬≠pal ana¬≠lyst at TIRIAS Rese¬≠arch. ‚ÄúMuch like the 28nm and 16/14nm pro¬≠cess nodes, 7nm appears to be the next major pro¬≠cess node that will be wide¬≠ly lever¬≠a¬≠ged by the enti¬≠re semi¬≠con¬≠duc¬≠tor indus¬≠try for at least the next decade.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúLea¬≠ding-edge tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gies like GLOBALFOUNDRIES 7nm Fin¬≠FET are an important part of how we deli¬≠ver our long-term road¬≠map of com¬≠pu¬≠ting and gra¬≠phics pro¬≠ducts that are capa¬≠ble of powe¬≠ring the next gene¬≠ra¬≠ti¬≠on of com¬≠pu¬≠ting expe¬≠ri¬≠en¬≠ces,‚ÄĚ said Dr. Lisa Su, pre¬≠si¬≠dent and CEO, AMD. ‚ÄúWe look for¬≠ward to con¬≠ti¬≠nuing our clo¬≠se col¬≠la¬≠bo¬≠ra¬≠ti¬≠on with GLOBALFOUNDRIES as they extend the solid exe¬≠cu¬≠ti¬≠on and tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy foun¬≠da¬≠ti¬≠on they are buil¬≠ding at 14nm to deploy high-per¬≠for¬≠mance, low-power 7nm tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy in the coming years.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúIBM is com¬≠mit¬≠ted to pushing the limits of semi¬≠con¬≠duc¬≠tor tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy as part of its aggres¬≠si¬≠ve long term rese¬≠arch agen¬≠da,‚ÄĚ said Arvind Krish¬≠na, seni¬≠or vice pre¬≠si¬≠dent and direc¬≠tor of IBM Rese¬≠arch. ‚ÄúIBM Rese¬≠arch con¬≠ti¬≠nues to col¬≠la¬≠bo¬≠ra¬≠te with GLOBALFOUNDRIES in deve¬≠lo¬≠ping new ide¬≠as, new skills and new tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gies that will help acce¬≠le¬≠ra¬≠te our joint rese¬≠arch in 7nm tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy and beyond.‚ÄĚ

GLOBALFOUNDRIES will deli¬≠ver a com¬≠pre¬≠hen¬≠si¬≠ve and com¬≠pe¬≠ti¬≠ti¬≠ve IP libra¬≠ry, co-opti¬≠mi¬≠zed with pro¬≠cess deve¬≠lo¬≠p¬≠ment. To enable cus¬≠to¬≠mers to acce¬≠le¬≠ra¬≠te adop¬≠ti¬≠on of 7nm Fin¬≠FET tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has expan¬≠ded its stra¬≠te¬≠gic part¬≠ner¬≠ship with INVECAS bey¬≠ond 14LPP and FDX‚ĄĘ pro¬≠ces¬≠ses to now include foundry IP deve¬≠lo¬≠p¬≠ment for 7nm pro¬≠cess tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gies. This will pro¬≠vi¬≠de cus¬≠to¬≠mers with a strong foun¬≠da¬≠ti¬≠on to build ear¬≠ly designs that meet their per¬≠for¬≠mance, power and area requirements.

‚ÄúINVECAS spe¬≠cia¬≠li¬≠zes in pro¬≠vi¬≠ding unri¬≠va¬≠led IP solu¬≠ti¬≠ons, ASIC and design ser¬≠vices to GLOBALFOUNDRIES‚Äô cus¬≠to¬≠mers that span the wide-ran¬≠ge of GLOBALFOUNDRIES‚Äô lea¬≠ding edge Fin¬≠FET and FDX pro¬≠ces¬≠ses,‚ÄĚ said Dasa¬≠rad¬≠ha Gude, CEO, INVECAS. ‚ÄúOur stra¬≠te¬≠gic part¬≠ner¬≠ship with GLOBALFOUNDRIES com¬≠bi¬≠ned with our tail¬≠or-made foundry IP model allows us to deve¬≠lop a 7nm Fin¬≠FET pro¬≠cess foun¬≠da¬≠ti¬≠on IP that meets the chal¬≠len¬≠ging per¬≠for¬≠mance requi¬≠re¬≠ments of 7nm cus¬≠to¬≠mers‚Äô lea¬≠ding-edge applications.‚ÄĚ

Buil­ding on the suc­cess of its 14LPP tech­no­lo­gy plat­form, GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 7nm Fin­FET tech­no­lo­gy is posi­tio­ned to enable next-gene­ra­ti­on com­pu­ting appli­ca­ti­ons that demand ultra-high per­for­mance, from high-end mobi­le SoCs to pro­ces­sors for cloud ser­vers and net­wor­king infra­struc­tu­re. The company’s high-per­for­mance offe­rings are com­ple­men­ted by its 22FDXTM and 12FDXTM tech­no­lo­gies, which have been deve­lo­ped to meet the ultra-low-power requi­re­ments of the next gene­ra­ti­on of intel­li­gent con­nec­ted devices, from mobi­le com­pu­ting and 5G con­nec­ti­vi­ty to arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence and auto­no­mous vehicles.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES‚Äô 7nm Fin¬≠FET tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy will be sup¬≠port¬≠ed by a full plat¬≠form of foun¬≠da¬≠ti¬≠on and com¬≠plex intellec¬≠tu¬≠al pro¬≠per¬≠ty (IP), inclu¬≠ding an appli¬≠ca¬≠ti¬≠on-spe¬≠ci¬≠fic inte¬≠gra¬≠ted cir¬≠cuit (ASIC) offe¬≠ring. Test chips with IP from lead cus¬≠to¬≠mers have alre¬≠a¬≠dy star¬≠ted run¬≠ning in Fab 8. The tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy is expec¬≠ted to be rea¬≠dy for cus¬≠to¬≠mer pro¬≠duct design starts in the second half of 2017, with ramp to risk pro¬≠duc¬≠tion in ear¬≠ly 2018.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s first full-ser­vice semi­con­duc­tor foundry with a tru­ly glo­bal foot­print. Laun­ched in March 2009, the com­pa­ny has quick­ly achie­ved sca­le as one of the lar­gest found­ries in the world, pro­vi­ding a uni­que com­bi­na­ti­on of advan­ced tech­no­lo­gy and manu­fac­tu­ring to more than 250 cus­to­mers. With ope­ra­ti­ons in Sin­ga­po­re, Ger­ma­ny and the United Sta­tes, GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the only foundry that offers the fle­xi­bi­li­ty and secu­ri­ty of manu­fac­tu­ring cen­ters span­ning three con­ti­nents. The company’s 300mm fabs and 200mm fabs pro­vi­de the full ran­ge of pro­cess tech­no­lo­gies from main­stream to the lea­ding edge. This glo­bal manu­fac­tu­ring foot­print is sup­port­ed by major faci­li­ties for rese­arch, deve­lo­p­ment and design ena­blem­ent loca­ted near hubs of semi­con­duc­tor acti­vi­ty in the United Sta­tes, Euro­pe and Asia. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is owned by Muba­d­a­la Deve­lo­p­ment Com­pa­ny. For more infor­ma­ti­on, visit