GIGABYTE Bringing More EPYC Choices with New Motherboards & 2U 4멞ode Server

Tai짯pei, Tai짯wan, 1st Novem짯ber 2018  GIGABYTE is brin짯ging more choices to our high짯ly popu짯lar AMD EPYC ser짯ver line-up with the release of a new dual-socket 2U 4 node ser짯ver: H261-Z61, and two new sin짯gle-socket mother짯boards: MZ01-CE0 and MZ01-CE1.


H261-Z61 Dual Socket Den짯si짯ty Opti짯mi짯zed Rack짯mount Server
The H261-Z61 is the new vari짯ant of GIGABYTE셲 first AMD EPYC 2U 4 node H261-Z60 ser짯ver released in June, adding sup짯port for 8 x U.2 dri짯ves (2 x U.2 dri짯ves per node) for addi짯tio짯nal ultra-fast flash sto짯rage capa짯ci짯ty. Both the H261-Z60 and H261-Z61 com짯bi짯ne 4 indi짯vi짯du짯al hot pluggab짯le sli짯ding node trays into a 2U ser짯ver box. The node trays slide in and out easi짯ly from the rear of the unit.


Each node of the H261-Z61 sup짯ports dual AMD EPYC 7000 series pro짯ces짯sors, with up to 32 cores, 64 threads and 8 chan짯nels of memo짯ry per CPU. The짯r짯e짯fo짯re, each node can fea짯ture up to 64 cores and 128 threads of com짯pu짯te power. Memo짯ry wise, each socket uti짯li짯zes EPYC셲 8 chan짯nels of memo짯ry with 1 x DIMM per chan짯nel / 8 x DIMMS per socket, for a total capa짯ci짯ty of 16 x DIMMS per node (over 2TB of memo짯ry sup짯port짯ed per each node).

GIGABYTE has recent짯ly demons짯tra짯ted that our ser짯ver design is per짯fect짯ly opti짯mi짯zed for AMD EPYC, clai짯ming the world record for the MOST ener짯gy-effi짯ci짯ent AMD-based ser짯ver by achie짯ving the top score of the SPECpower_ssj2008 bench짯mark (mea짯su짯ring per짯for짯mance to power ratio) for dual socket AMD EPYC ser짯ver systems*

*Tes짯ted with AMD EPYC 7601 pro짯ces짯sors; published as of Octo짯ber 17th 2018, results can be found here:

Ultra-Fast Sto짯rage Support
In the front of the unit are 24 x 2.5 hot-swappable dri짯ve bays, fea짯turing sup짯port for 2 x U.2 dri짯ves and 4 x SATA / SATA dri짯ves per each node (for a total capa짯ci짯ty of 8 x U.2 dri짯ves and 16 x SATA / SAS dri짯ves per sys짯tem). In addi짯ti짯on, each node fea짯tures dual onboard M.2 ports to sup짯port addi짯tio짯nal flash sto짯rage device such as an OS boot disk.


Best-In Class Expan짯si짯on Flexibility
Dual 1GbE LAN ports are inte짯gra짯ted into each node as a stan짯dard net짯wor짯king opti짯on. In addi짯ti짯on, each node fea짯tures 2 x half-length low pro짯fi짯le PCIe Gen3 x 16 slots and 1 x OCP Gen3 x 16 mez짯za짯ni짯ne slots. GIGABYTE deli짯vers best-in class expan짯si짯on slot opti짯ons for this form factor.


Easy & Effi짯ci짯ent Mul짯ti Node Management
The H261-Z61 fea짯tures a sys짯tem-wide Aspeed AST1050 CMC (Cen짯tral Manage짯ment Con짯trol짯ler) and LAN modu짯le switch, con짯nec짯ting intern짯al짯ly to Aspeed AST2500 BMCs inte짯gra짯ted on each node. This results only in one MLAN con짯nec짯tion requi짯red for manage짯ment of all four nodes, resul짯ting in less ToR (Top of Rack) cabling and less ports requi짯red on your top of rack switch (only one port ins짯tead for four requi짯red for remo짯te manage짯ment of all nodes).

Ring Topo짯lo짯gy Manage짯ment for Even Grea짯ter Efficiency
Going a step fur짯ther, the H261-Z61 also fea짯tures* the abili짯ty to crea짯te a 쐒ing con짯nec짯tion for manage짯ment of all ser짯vers in a rack. Only two switch con짯nec짯tions are nee짯ded, while each ser짯ver is con짯nec짯ted to each other in a chain. The ring will not be bro짯ken even if one ser짯ver in the chain is shut down. This can even fur짯ther redu짯ce cabling and switch port usa짯ge for even grea짯ter cost savings and manage짯ment efficiency.
* Optio짯nal Ring Topo짯lo짯gy Kit must be added

Effi짯ci짯ent Power & Cooling
GIGABYTEH261-Z61 is desi짯gned for not only grea짯ter com짯pu짯te den짯si짯ty but also with bet짯ter relia짯bi짯li짯ty and cost effi짯ci짯en짯cy in mind. The sys짯tem archi짯tec짯tu짯re fea짯tures shared coo짯ling and power for the nodes, with a dual fan wall of 8 (4 x 2) easy swap fans for coo짯ling red짯un짯dan짯cy and 2 x 2200W red짯un짯dant PSUs. In addi짯ti짯on, the nodes con짯nect direct짯ly to the sys짯tem back짯pla짯ne with GIGABYTE셲 Direct Board Con짯nec짯tion Tech짯no짯lo짯gy, resul짯ting in less cabling and impro짯ved air짯flow for bet짯ter coo짯ling efficiency.

MZ01-CE0 / CE1 Sin짯gle Socket ATX Motherboards
GIGABYTE has also added two new ser짯ver mother짯boards to our AMD EPYC pro짯duct line-up: MZ01-CE0 and MZ01-CE1, fea짯turing a work짯sta짯tion fri짯end짯ly ATX form-fac짯tor and lay짯out, and the abili짯ty to install up to four dual slot GPU cards.

The MZ01-CE0 and MZ01-CE1 both fea짯ture sin짯gle socket AMD EPYC 7000-series pro짯ces짯sors for up to 32 cores and 64 threads of com짯pu짯te power, and with 8 chan짯nels of memo짯ry and 8 x DIMM slots for a total capa짯ci짯ty of 1,024TB of memory.

The짯se mother짯boards uti짯li짯ze well the sin짯gle socket EPYC셲 mas짯si짯ve I/O capa짯bi짯li짯ties by fea짯turing four PCIe x16 expan짯si짯on slots and one PCIe x8 expan짯si짯on slot, which can be used to install up to four dual slot GPU cards (such as NVIDIA셲 Tes짯la V100 GPGPU ) or other opti짯ons such as a Mel짯lan짯ox 100GbE / EDR Infi짯ni짯band net짯wor짯king card. Both mother짯boards also fea짯ture an onboard M.2 port for a high speed flash sto짯rage device, as well as four SlimS짯AS ports for up to 16 x SATAIII sto짯rage devices.


The dif짯fe짯rence bet짯ween the짯se two mother짯boards is in net짯wor짯king: MZ01-CE0 and MZ01-CE1 both fea짯ture dual onboard 1GbE LAN ports as stan짯dard, while MZ01-CE0 adds addi짯tio짯nal dual onboard 10GbE Base멦 LAN ports. Both mother짯boards also fea짯ture a dedi짯ca짯ted manage짯ment port and Aspeed짰 AST2500 BMC for remo짯te manage짯ment with GIGABYTE셲 user fri짯end짯ly GSM (GIGABYTE Ser짯ver Manage짯ment) soft짯ware platform.


GIGABYTE셲 unri짯val짯led exper짯ti짯se in mother짯board and sys짯tem design lever짯a짯ges and opti짯mi짯zes AMD EPYC셲 bene짯fits to offer to our cus짯to짯mers three more uni짯que and ver짯sa짯ti짯le pro짯ducts on-point to meet their needs in hyper-con짯ver짯ged and high per짯for짯mance com짯pu짯ting and storage.

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