GIGABYTE Adds Two New AMD EPYC Compute Nodes to RACKLUTION-OP OCP Product Lineup


Tai짯pei, Tai짯wan, 17th Janu짯ary 2019  GIGABYTE is exci짯ted to offi짯ci짯al짯ly announ짯ce avai짯la짯bi짯li짯ty of two new AMD EPYC com짯pu짯te nodes to our RACKLUTION-OP pro짯duct line, which is based on the Open Com짯pu짯te Project셲 (OCP) Open Rack Stan짯dards. The짯se two new nodes, TO22-Z61 and TO22-Z62, fea짯ture dual AMD EPYC Nap짯les pro짯ces짯sor sockets for com짯pu짯te nodes with high core counts and impres짯si짯ve memo짯ry capa짯ci짯ty, and offer fle짯xi짯ble sto짯rage opti짯ons (all flash or mixed SATA / SAS + flash) and the avai짯la짯bi짯li짯ty of up to 3 addi짯tio짯nal PCIe expan짯si짯on slots. Each node is desi짯gned to fit into a three bay, 2OU tray. Not only available as a stan짯da짯lo짯ne pro짯duct, GIGABYTE can also com짯bi짯ne and inte짯gra짯te the짯se nodes into com짯ple짯te OCP com짯pli짯ant racks also available for fast and easy deploy짯ment into your data center.

TO22-Z61, TO22-Z62: AMD EPYC Com짯pu짯te Nodes
The짯se 2OU height nodes fea짯ture dual AMD EPYC 7000 series (Nap짯les) pro짯ces짯sor sockets, with 8 chan짯nels of memo짯ry and 8 x DIMM slots per socket (16 x DIMM slots per node).

TO22-Z61 fea짯tures a fle짯xi짯ble com짯bi짯na짯ti짯on of flash and SATA sto짯rage capa짯ci짯ty with 4 x 2.5 fron짯tal hot / swappable SSD / HDD dri짯ve bays that can fea짯ture maxi짯mum of 2 x NVMe dri짯ves + 2 x SATA dri짯ves (or up to 4 x SATA dri짯ves ins짯tead of NVMe). SAS sto짯rage dri짯ves may also be uti짯li짯zed with an add-on card.

Mean짯while, TO22-Z62 offers a lar짯ge capa짯ci짯ty of all flash high per짯for짯mance all flash sto짯rage, with 4 x 2.5 fron짯tal hot swappable dri짯ve bays that can fea짯ture maxi짯mum of 4 x NVMe dri짯ves (or up to 4 x SATA dri짯ves ins짯tead of NVMe), as well as adding fur짯ther inter짯nal capa짯ci짯ty with ano짯ther 4 x NVMe inter짯nal 2.5 dri짯ve bays. (for a total capa짯ci짯ty pos짯si짯ble of 8 x 2.5 NVMe drives).

TO22-Z61 and TO22-Z62 both fea짯ture two low pro짯fi짯le PCIe x16 expan짯si짯on slots for net짯wor짯king or sto짯rage expan짯si짯on opti짯ons. TO22-Z61 also has an addi짯tio짯nal OCP PCIe x16 mez짯za짯ni짯ne slot available (the OCP slot on TO22-Z62 is occu짯p짯ied by a U.2 HBA expan짯der card). Net짯wor짯king wise, each node fea짯tures dual 1GbE LAN ports, as well as a dedi짯ca짯ted MLAN port for remo짯te management.

Both TO22-Z61 and TO22-Z62 are desi짯gned to slide easi짯ly into GIGABYTE셲 three bay, 2OU node trade (for a total den짯si짯ty of three com짯pu짯te nodes per 2OU rack height): eit짯her TO20-BT1 (an OCP Ver짯si짯on 1.0 node tray com짯pa짯ti짯ble with GIGABYTE41OU DO20-ST0 or DO20-ST1 racks or our 12OU DO60-MR0 mini-rack), or T021-BT0 (an OCP Ver짯si짯on 2.0 node tray com짯pa짯ti짯ble with GIGABYTE41OU DO21-ST0 or DO21-ST1 racks).





OCP Ser짯ver Over짯view & Benefits
What are the Open Rack Stan짯dards? They are a set of open source hard짯ware design gui짯de짯lines initi짯al짯ly deve짯lo짯ped by Face짯book and then trans짯for짯med in 2011 into an open source pro짯ject. Being open source means that anyo짯ne can con짯tri짯bu짯te, so a lar짯ge num짯ber and varie짯ty of dif짯fe짯rent orga짯niza짯ti짯ons invol짯ved in buil짯ding data cen짯ters have con짯tri짯bu짯ted their exper짯ti짯se and expe짯ri짯ence in desig짯ning hard짯ware that is fas짯ter and easier to deploy, less expen짯si짯ve, and have just the right fea짯tures nee짯ded for sca짯le and effi짯ci짯en짯cy, with a design pri짯ma짯ri짯ly geared around space and power savings.

The Open Rack Stan짯dards design can achie짯ve this in seve짯ral ways. First짯ly, the rack width is 21 com짯pared with a tra짯di짯tio짯nal 19 rack, with a ser짯ver unit height of 1OU (1.89쇺 com짯pared with the 1U height of 1.75 for a tra짯di짯tio짯nal rack), allo짯wing for more hori짯zon짯tal and ver짯ti짯cal space in each tray for more com짯pu짯te, net짯wor짯king and sto짯rage den짯si짯ty or for bet짯ter air짯flow or cabling space. Second짯ly, the power sup짯p짯ly for each ser짯ver rack짯mount is remo짯ved and con짯so짯li짯da짯ted in a sepa짯ra짯te, cen짯tral unit. This not only frees up more space for other com짯pon짯ents but also allows for bet짯ter coo짯ling and main짯ten짯an짯ce effi짯ci짯en짯cy of the con짯so짯li짯da짯ted power sup짯p짯ly unit. Power sup짯p짯ly is ins짯tead sup짯pli짯ed to com짯pu짯te, sto짯rage and GPU nodes direct짯ly through a 쐀us-bar sys짯tem run짯ning along the rear of the rack.

In addi짯ti짯on, the ser짯ver nodes are desi짯gned like Lego bricks, which are small enough to be easi짯ly hand짯led by a sin짯gle per짯son. This also adds to the design셲 ease of sca짯la짯bi짯li짯ty: each node is available indi짯vi짯du짯al짯ly and can be orde짯red later in time to add capa짯ci짯ty to exis짯ting infra짯struc짯tu짯re. The Open Com짯pu짯te Pro짯ject sta짯tes that the짯se design fea짯tures were found to be 38% more ener짯gy effi짯ci짯ent*to build and 24% less expen짯si짯ve to run* than tra짯di짯tio짯nal 19 rack infra짯struc짯tu짯re for the first adop짯ters of the Open Rack Standards.

GIGABYTE셲 RACKLUTION-OP OCP rack solu짯ti짯ons pro짯duct line-up fea짯tures two dif짯fe짯rent power sup짯p짯ly designs based on two dif짯fe짯rent ver짯si짯ons of the Open Rack Stan짯dards: OCP Ver짯si짯on 1.0 is a rack design that fea짯tures power sup짯p짯ly via three ver짯ti짯cal 12V bus-bars, while OCP Ver짯si짯on 2.0 is a rack design whe짯re power is sup짯pli짯ed via a sin짯gle ver짯ti짯cal 12V bus-bar only. Each bus-bar con짯nec짯tor can direct짯ly sup짯p짯ly up to 960W (80A x 12V), the짯r짯e짯fo짯re an OCP Ver짯si짯on 1.0 rack (three bus-bars) can sup짯p짯ly up to 2,880W per shelf (960W x 3 bus-bar con짯nec짯tors), making it sui짯ta짯ble for a rack with GPU nodes that have hea짯vy power con짯sump짯ti짯on requi짯re짯ments, while an OCP Ver짯si짯on 2.0 rack (sin짯gle bus-bar) can sup짯p짯ly up to 480W per node, making it a more cost effi짯ci짯ent choice for com짯pu짯te and sto짯rage nodes whe짯re power requi짯re짯ments are not as hea짯vy. Both ver짯si짯ons co-exist with each other and cus짯to짯mers can cho짯se their design based on their spe짯ci짯fic sys짯tem requirements.

GIGABYTE con짯ti짯nues to lead the way in pro짯vi짯ding our data cen짯ter cus짯to짯mers a ran짯ge of inno짯va짯ti짯ve solu짯ti짯ons to redu짯ce their CAPEX and OPEX, and our RACKLUTION-OP pro짯duct line is an important part of this offe짯ring. Cus짯to짯mers who are inte짯res짯ted to find out more about deploy짯ing an OCP ser짯ver solu짯ti짯on may cont짯act GIGABYTE direct짯ly or one of the fol짯lo짯wing spe짯cia짯list dis짯tri짯bu짯tors sto짯cking our RACKLUTION-OP products:

Email: server.grp (at)