TechPowerUp GPU‑Z 2.17.0 mit Support für AMD Radeon VII

Das kos­ten­lo­se Gra­fik­kar­ten-Tool GPU‑Z von Tech­Power­Up ist in einer neu­en Ver­si­on erschie­nen. Mit dem Pro­gramm las­sen sich vie­le Infor­ma­tio­nen über die ver­bau­ten Gra­fik­chips anzei­gen, u.a. mit Sen­so­ren aus­ge­le­se­ne Daten wie Tem­pe­ra­tu­ren, Takt­ra­ten oder Lüf­ter­dreh­zah­len.

GPU‑Z läuft gemäß Her­stel­ler unter Win­dows ab Win­dows XP, sowohl unter den 32-Bit- als auch unter den 64-Bit-Ver­sio­nen.

v2.17.0 (February 27th, 2019)

  • Added sup­port for NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti, Titan RTX, RTX 2080 Mobi­le, RTX 2070 Mobi­le, RTX 2060 Mobi­le, Qua­dro RTX 4000, GTX 650 (GK106), Qua­dro P5200
  • Added sup­port for AMD Rade­on VII, Rade­on HD 8400E
  • Added sup­port for Intel Amber Lake GT2 (Core i7-8500Y)
  • Added sup­port for detec­tion of Rade­on Adre­na­lin 2019 ver­si­on
  • Sim­pli­fied some sen­sor tit­les: “GPU Clock”, “Memo­ry Clock”, “Shader Clock”
  • Uni­fied “Memo­ry Used” / “Memo­ry Usa­ge” sen­sor tit­les to “Memo­ry Used”
  • Impro­ved crash repor­ter to ask for pro­blem descrip­ti­on and optio­nal email, so we can fol­low up
  • Advan­ced Panel drop­down will show “Memo­ry Timings” opti­on only when memo­ry timing details are avail­ab­le
  • Open­CL “Max Packet Size” is now for­mat­ted as unsi­gned value
  • Ins­tead of empty value show “None” when no Open­CL Built-in Ker­nels sup­por­ted
  • Added sup­port for “None” in Open­CL DP, SP, Half FP Capa­bi­li­ty
  • Fixed “File crea­ti­on fai­led” mes­sa­ge during GPU‑Z start­up
  • Fixed GPU and memo­ry load moni­to­ring on RX 580 2048 SP
  • Fixed mis­sing default boost clock on GTX 1660 Ti and some Pas­cal cards
  • Fixed mis­sing fan sen­sors on RTX cards with no moni­tor con­nec­ted
  • Fixed crash on start­up (Win­dows XP)
  • Fixed crash when ope­ning DXVA 2.0 report (Win­dows XP)
  • Fixed power limit repor­ting on older NVIDIA cards
  • Fixed crash during BIOS save on older NVIDIA cards
  • Fixed incor­rect VRAM repor­ting on 16 GB Vega

Down­load: Tech­Power­Up GPU‑Z 2.17.0 [Win­dows]

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