HWiNFO64 v6.04 mit AMD-Zen-2- und Navi-Support

Das Hard­ware-Dia­gno­se­pro­gramm HWiNFO64 (sowie das 32-Bit-Pen­dant HWiNFO32) von REA­LiX war­tet mit vie­len Funk­tio­nen der Kate­go­ri­en Hard­ware- und Sys­tem-Infor­ma­ti­on auf. Für CPU und GPU wer­den unter ande­rem Takt­ra­ten, Tem­pe­ra­tu­ren und Span­nun­gen ange­zeigt und auf Wunsch mit­ge­loggt.

Die v6.04 vom 03.04.2019 bie­tet die fol­gen­den Neue­run­gen:

  • Full AMD Rade­on VII moni­to­ring sup­port.
  • Added Intel Coo­per Lake and Snow Ridge.
  • Impro­ved con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on of tray icons.
  • Impro­ved sup­port of mul­ti­ple devices behind Intel VROC.
  • Added moni­to­ring of Cor­sair Pla­ti­num series (H100i, H115i) coo­lers.
  • Impro­ved AMD Zen2 sup­port.
  • Added repor­ting of TDC and EDC limits for AMD Zen CPUs.
  • Impro­ved detec­tion of seri­al ports.
  • Fixed repor­ting on sys­tem tem­pe­ra­tu­re on some MSI main­boards.
  • Fixed occa­sio­nal 0 RPM fan values on some sys­tems with ITE SIOs.
  • Added preli­mi­na­ry sup­port of Intel Emmits­burg.
  • Added preli­mi­na­ry sup­port of AMD Navi.
  • Added repor­ting of DIMM tem­pe­ra­tures via IMC on San­dy Bridge and later ser­ver CPUs.
  • Added several new CPU and GPU models.
  • Minor impro­ve­ments to UI and bug fixes.

Down­load: HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 v6.04

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