Prime95 29.8 build 5

Das weit ver­brei­te­te Tool Prime95, das ger­ne zu Sta­bi­li­täts­tests für über­tak­te­te Sys­te­me her­an­ge­zo­gen wird, ist in einer neu­en Ver­si­on erschie­nen. Das Test­pro­gramm fühlt ins­be­son­de­re der CPU und dem ver­bau­ten Arbeits­spei­cher auf den Zahn. Dabei mel­det das Pro­gramm Feh­ler, die bei den Berech­nun­gen auf­tre­ten, lan­ge bevor sich Insta­bi­li­tä­ten durch einen Absturz des Betriebs­sys­tems bemerk­bar machen oder ande­re Daten­sät­ze beschä­digt wer­den. Prime95 kann daher dazu ver­wen­det wer­den, die Gren­zen beim Sys­tem­tu­ning auszuloten.

New fea­tures in Ver­si­on 29.8 of prime95.exe

1) Sup­port added for AVX-512 FFTs.
2) FMA3 FFTs now have slight­ly hig­her FFT cross­over points. Soft cross­overs are
no lon­ger used by default. See undoc.txt.
3) Tor­tu­re test dia­log box opti­ons now based on cache sizes. Opti­ons for performing
a wea­ker tor­tu­re test are avail­ab­le. Tor­tu­re tests that use all RAM are now more
stress­ful. In-place vs. not in-place memo­ry acces­ses now dis­play­ed on screen.
On machi­nes with more than 5GB of memo­ry, blend defaults to all but 3GB of RAM.
4) Add & sub­tract ope­ra­ti­ons for AVX-512 FFTs are now mul­ti­threa­ded. This should
impro­ve per­for­mance for P‑1 and ECM when using mul­ti­ple threads.
5) Bench­mark results are now writ­ten to results.bench.txt.
6) JSON results are now avail­ab­le for all work per­for­med. JSON results are
writ­ten to results.json.txt.
7) PRP tests with Ger­bicz error che­cking are more immu­ne to hard­ware errors.

Fixes vor build5:

1) Bench­mark sta­tes results are writ­ten to results.txt. Chan­ged mes­sa­ge to say results.bench.txt. Fixed in 29.8 build 5.
2) For PRP work, TF depth was not being writ­ten to worktodo.txt unless P‑1 was requi­red. This cau­sed Test/Status to unde­re­sti­ma­te the chan­ce that the PRP test would find a new Mer­sen­ne prime. Fixed in 29.8 build 5.

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