ASRock Rack Announces Availability of AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processor Solutions, Setting a New Standard for the Modern Datacenter

Tai­pei, Tai­wan – August 8, 2019 – ASRock Rack Inc., spe­cia­li­zed in the field of high per­for­mance cloud com­pu­ting ser­ver hard­ware, announ­ces new ser­ver solu­ti­ons sup­por­ting the latest per­for­mance bre­akthrough AMD EPYC™ 7002 Seri­es pro­ces­sors desi­gned for data cen­ters, HPC and cloud com­pu­ting.

The ASRock Rack 2U 4‑node high-den­si­ty ser­ver plat­form, 2U4N-F-ROM-M3, deli­vers high per­for­mance and effi­ci­en­cy for today’s high den­si­ty com­pu­te dat­a­cen­ter, colo­ca­ti­on, and web hos­ting app­li­ca­ti­ons. Each node fea­tures up to four hot-swapp­a­ble 2.5″ SATA SSD dri­ve bays for excep­tio­nal sto­rage capa­ci­ty, low-pro­fi­le PCIe 4.0 slots with addi­tio­nal OCP mez­za­ni­ne 3.0 card for fle­xi­ble net­wor­king capa­bi­li­ty, and red­un­dant 1600W Pla­ti­num effi­ci­en­cy power sup­plies in a 2U space-effi­ci­ent form fac­tor. The advan­ta­ges of front access, sim­pli­fied main­ten­an­ce and manage­ment, and mini­mi­ze ser­vice down-time meet cus­to­mers’ deman­ds of com­pu­te-inten­si­ve workloads.

Dri­ven by AMD’s histo­ry of dat­a­cen­ter inno­va­ti­on, inclu­ding 7nm pro­cess tech­no­lo­gy, first x86 sup­plier to sup­port PCIe 4.0 and embed­ded secu­ri­ty fea­tures, the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC Pro­ces­sors set a new stan­dard for the modern dat­a­cen­ter,” said Scott Aylor, cor­po­ra­te vice pre­si­dent and gene­ral mana­ger, Dat­a­cen­ter Solu­ti­ons Group, AMD. “Tog­e­ther, the­se inno­va­tions deli­ver the bre­akthrough per­for­mance cus­to­mers need.”

The new AMD EPYC 7002 Seri­es Pro­ces­sors were desi­gned to deli­ver opti­mi­zed per­for­mance, fle­xi­bi­li­ty, and agi­li­ty to meet today’s dat­a­cen­ter workload deman­ds,” said Wei­shi Sa, Pre­si­dent of ASRock Rack. “With con­ti­nuous ser­ver mother­board and plat­form inno­va­tions fea­turing new AMD EPYC pro­ces­sors, ASRock Rack hel­ps cus­to­mers get a new level of inte­gra­ti­on and per­for­mance for their modern dat­a­cen­ters to achie­ve cost savings and ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy.”

ROMED8QM-2T ATX Server Motherboard

ASRock Rack also relea­ses the new sin­gle-socket AMD EPYC™ 7002 Seri­es Pro­ces­sors-based ATX ser­ver mother­board: ROMED8QM-2T, fea­turing up to eight DIMM slots sup­por­ting eight-chan­nel DDR-3200MHz memo­ry and dual 10GbE Base‑T LAN ports. The ROMED8QM-2T sup­ports up to 7 Slim­Li­ne PCIe® slots, two OCP Mez­za­ni­ne 2.0 slots for OCP LAN cards, and two addi­tio­nal PCIe® 4.0 x16 slots for other high per­for­mance cards, tar­ge­ted at high-speed cache ser­ver, hot data and ren­de­ring cache app­li­ca­ti­ons.

ROMED8HM3 Half-width Motherboard

The ASRock Rack ROMED8HM3 high-den­si­ty, half-width ser­ver mother­board fea­tures opti­mi­zed cost and per­for­mance design for mul­ti-node com­pu­te ser­ver and pro­prie­ta­ry form fac­tor app­li­an­ce usa­ge. With one OCP Mez­za­ni­ne 3.0 for high-speed OCP LAN card, one low-pro­fi­le PCIe 4.0 x16 and one PCIe 4.0 x24 slots in half-width form fac­tor, the ROMED8HM3 sup­ports fle­xi­ble expan­si­on capa­bi­li­ty of diver­se sto­rage and net­wor­king app­li­ca­ti­ons. Two M.2 ports accom­mo­da­te 30110-size SSDs with sup­port for scala­b­le sto­rage opti­ons and PCIe® 4.0 band­width for fas­ter boot speeds.

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