Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.2

Mit der Ver­si­on 19.12.2 star­tet AMD die Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2020 Edi­ti­on, die zahl­rei­che neue Fea­tures, sowie eine kom­plett neue Ober­flä­che beinhal­tet. Seit der Ver­si­on 19.2.3 wer­den Mobil­pro­zes­so­ren mit inte­grier­ter Vega-Gra­fik unter­stützt, sodass Note­book­be­sit­zer nun nicht mehr auf den Trei­ber­sup­port der jewei­li­gen Her­stel­ler ange­wie­sen sind, son­dern die­sen Trei­ber eben­falls nut­zen kön­nen. Für die­se hat AMD auch eine FAQ ver­öf­fent­licht.

Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.2 Highlights

  • Support For

    • Detroit: Beco­me Human™
    • Per­for­mance Impro­ve­ments
      • An Average of 12% per­for­mance uplift in select tit­les with Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2020 Edi­ti­on 19.12.2 than with last year’s Rade­on™ Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2019 edi­ti­on launch dri­ver. RS-327
    • Rade­on Soft­ware1
      • Intro­du­cing the new Rade­on Soft­ware. A brand new, modern, acces­si­ble and power­ful gaming app­li­ca­ti­on.
      • Now avail­ab­le via Over­lay using Alt+R for full­screen or Alt+Z for side­bar while you game!
      • Gaming tab lets you access games stats, view or edit media, adjust game set­tings and launch your favou­rite games direct­ly from Rade­on Soft­ware.
      • Strea­ming tab gives you a new, power­ful and easy to use strea­ming expe­ri­ence with con­trols for strea­ming, viewing and edi­t­ing your stream all in one area.
      • Per­for­mance tab lets you get detail­ed sta­tis­tics on your cur­rent sys­tem per­for­mance or over­clock and fine tune your gra­phics pro­duct.
      • User pro­fi­le sys­tem that allows easy con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on for Rade­on Soft­ware fea­tures, so you don’t have to.
      • New Built-in web brow­ser let’s you look­up important game infor­ma­ti­on, walkthroughs or tuto­ri­als without having to lea­ve your game.
    • Rade­on Boost2
      • Pro­vi­des incre­a­sed per­for­mance when fast moti­on is detec­ted via dyna­mic reso­lu­ti­on sca­ling with litt­le to no per­cep­ti­ble chan­ge in image qua­li­ty.
    • Inte­ger Dis­play Sca­ling3
      • Sca­le images on screen from one pixel to four or more, allowing clas­sic games to get a retro, pixel-art-style look.
    • Rade­on Anti-Lag4
      • Added sup­port for DirectX®9 on pre-Rade­on RX 5000 seri­es GPU’s.
      • Glo­bal acti­va­ti­on togg­le to easi­ly enab­le across all sup­por­ted games.
    • Rade­on Image Shar­pe­ning5
      • Added sup­port for DirectX®11 games.
      • Added con­trols for degree of sharpness.
      • Togg­le on/off sup­por­ted while in game.
    • AMD Link6
      • Play your PC games any­whe­re on any mobi­le device without the restric­tion of being con­nec­ted to the same home wire­less net­work.
      • Clea­ner inter­face with a uni­fied Rade­on Soft­ware look, now avail­ab­le across all AMD Link enab­led devices.
      • All strea­ming func­tio­n­a­li­ty has been moved to one area for easier access.
      • Impro­ved bit-rate sup­port at up to 50Mbps.
      • x265 game strea­ming is now sup­por­ted for bet­ter image qua­li­ty and less band­width.
      • Instant GIF sup­port added direct­ly from your device.
    • Rade­on Soft­ware Instal­ler7
      • One-click’ easy set­up with a new and impro­ved fac­to­ry reset opti­on.
      • New opti­on to keep your set­tings bet­ween instal­la­ti­ons, inclu­ding during fac­to­ry reset.
      • Impro­ved install times and error detec­tion.
    • DirectML Media Fil­ters8
      • Visu­al noi­se reduc­tion to app­ly on pho­tos and ups­ca­ling fil­ters avail­ab­le to app­ly on pho­to and media con­tent direct­ly from your Rade­on Soft­ware media gal­le­ry.

    Fixed Issues

    • Rade­on RX 5700 seri­es gra­phics pro­ducts may inter­mitt­ent­ly expe­ri­ence loss of dis­play or video signal during game­play.
    • Out of Video Memo­ry error may ran­dom­ly appe­ar on some Rade­on R9 200/300 seri­es gra­phics pro­ducts when play­ing Fort­ni­te™ with DirectX®12 API enab­led.
    • Ring of Ely­si­um™ may expe­ri­ence lower than expec­ted per­for­mance on 1440p and 4K dis­play reso­lu­ti­ons.
    • Star Wars Jedi: Fal­len Order™ may expe­ri­ence an app­li­ca­ti­on hang after the initi­al game cuts­ce­nes on some Rade­on RX 5000 seri­es gra­phics pro­ducts.
    • Enab­ling Per­for­mance Metrics Over­lay may cau­se black screens or cor­rup­ti­on on some app­li­ca­ti­ons.
    • Task swit­ching out of some games with Rade­on ReLi­ve enab­led may cau­se a black screen when swit­ching back into the game.
    • Invo­king Rade­on Over­lay may cau­se games to lose focus or beco­me mini­mi­zed when HDR is enab­led wit­hin Win­dows®.

    Known Issues

    • Swit­ching bet­ween bor­der­less and full­screen in some games when Per­for­mance Over­lay is enab­led and Rade­on Free­Sync is enab­led may cau­se stut­te­ring.
    • Some Vul­kan® gaming app­li­ca­ti­ons may crash when per­forming a task switch with Rade­on Image Shar­pe­ning enab­led.
    • App­ly­ing DirectML media fil­ters to media in Rade­on Soft­ware Gal­le­ry may cau­se video memo­ry to fail to be released once com­ple­ted. A sys­tem restart will resol­ve this issue.
    • Inte­ger Sca­ling may cau­se some video con­tent to show fli­cker when the dis­play reso­lu­ti­on is set to less than nati­ve reso­lu­ti­on.
    • Remo­ving a game pro­fi­le from Rade­on Soft­ware may cau­se Rade­on Free­Sync and/or Vir­tu­al Super Reso­lu­ti­on to beco­me enab­led.
    • Rade­on ReLi­ve may appe­ar to be mis­sing or not avail­ab­le to install on some Rade­on R9 380 seri­es and Rade­on R9 285 seri­es gra­phics pro­ducts.
    • Per­for­mance Metrics Over­lay may appe­ar to lock frame rate at 60 fps when per­forming a task switch in or out of a game.
    • Battle­field™ V may expe­ri­ence an app­li­ca­ti­on hang when chan­ging set­tings in game with Rade­on Boost enab­led on Rade­on RX 5700 seri­es gra­phics pro­ducts.
    • Per­forming a reso­lu­ti­on chan­ge while Rade­on Soft­ware over­lay is open may cau­se an app­li­ca­ti­on hang or TDR.
    • Enab­ling Rade­on Image Shar­pe­ning on HDR enab­led dis­plays may cau­se colors to beco­me was­hed out.
    • Per­forming Ups­ca­le on a lar­ge reso­lu­ti­on video or screen­shot may fail to app­ly and cau­se an error mes­sa­ge.

    AMD Link Known Issues

    • Tuning: In some cases when chan­ging from Pre­set to Auto­ma­tic, set­tings don’t app­ly or will cycle back to the ori­gi­nal set­ting.
    • Media: Play­back of vide­os may reset if the device chan­ges ori­en­ta­ti­on during play­back.
    • Media: Cor­rup­ti­on may occur when play­ing back media while using the 1Mbps bitra­te set­ting.
    • Gaming: Under cer­tain con­di­ti­ons Now Play­ing chan­ges back to Desk­top or the last play­ed game ins­tead of dis­play­ing the cur­r­ent­ly strea­ming game.
    • Gaming: Strea­ming may stop if device is left idle for an exten­ded peri­od of time.


    • RS-327 — Tes­ting con­duc­ted by AMD Per­for­mance Labs as of Novem­ber 2019. Tes­ting was done on a Rade­on™ RX Vega 64, resul­ting in an average of 12% per­for­mance uplift in select tit­les con­fi­gu­red with a ran­ge of set­tings. Per­for­mance may vary.
    • 1 – Rade­on Soft­ware sup­ports GCN-based Rade­on™ Gra­phics and newer run­ning Micro­soft® Win­dows® 7 or Win­dows® 10. Some fea­tures may not avail­ab­le or may be restric­ted based on your AMD Rade­on gra­phics pro­duct and/or your sup­por­ted Win­dows ver­si­ons. AMD’S PRODUCT WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER DAMAGES CAUSED BY OVERCLOCKING, EVEN WHEN OVERCLOCKING IS ENABLED VIA AMD HARDWARE AND/OR SOFTWARE. GD-26
    • 2 – Rade­on Boost Sup­ports: Rade­on RX 400 seri­es (Pola­ris) and newer and Raven Ridge and newer APU’s. No MGPU sup­port. Works on Micro­soft® Win­dows® 7 and Win­dows® 10.
    • 3 — Inte­ger Sca­ling Notes — Sup­ports GCN-based Rade­on™ Gra­phics and Newer. Works on Micro­soft® Win­dows® 10.​
    • 4 – Rade­on Anti-Lag Sup­ports: Micro­soft® Direc­tX® 9, Direc­tX® 11 APIS. Works on Micro­soft® Win­dows® 7 & Win­dows® 10. ​GCN and newer Rade­on dis­cre­te gra­phics and Raven Ridge APU’s and newer. No MGPU sup­port.
    • 5 – Rade­on Image Shar­pe­ning Sup­ports: Micro­soft® Direc­tX® 11, Direc­tX® 12, and Vul­kan® APIS. Works on Micro­soft® Win­dows® 7 & Win­dows® 10. GCN and newer Rade­on dis­cre­te gra­phics and Raven Ridge and newer APUs.  No MGPU sup­port. Also sup­ports Direc­tX® 9 on RDNA dis­cre­te gra­phics.​ Togg­le on/off while in game requi­res Rade­on Image Shar­pe­ning to be enab­led befo­re game launch.
    • 6 — AMD Link game strea­ming requi­res pho­ne or tablet which sup­ports Android 5.0 and grea­ter or iOS 11 and grea­ter. For TV sup­port, Apple TV 4th and 5th genera­ti­on run­ning tvOS 12.x and grea­ter, or Android TV 5.1 and grea­ter are requi­red. Strea­ming at 4K requi­res 4K capa­ble strea­ming hard­ware and is com­pa­ti­ble with: AMD Rade­on™ GCN-based dis­cre­te gra­phics and newer. Sup­ports Win­dows® 7 and 10. Game Strea­ming avail­ab­le any­whe­re the­re is a high-speed inter­net con­nec­tion. For local pro­files, all devices must be on the same local net­work. For inter­net strea­ming to work, your rou­ter must allow port for­war­ding and your PC must not be behind a net­work con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on that hin­ders con­nec­ti­vi­ty. Con­trol­lers must be com­pa­ti­ble with selec­ted game and head­set, plea­se con­sult ven­dor for com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty infor­ma­ti­on.
    • 7 – Rade­on Soft­ware Instal­ler sup­ports GCN-based Rade­on™ Gra­phics and newer run­ning Micro­soft® Win­dows® 7 or Win­dows® 10.
    • 8 – DirectML Media Fil­ters requi­red Micro­soft® Win­dows® 10 V1903 and newer. Sup­ports Rade­on™ RX Vega Seri­es and newer.

    Important Notes

    • AMD Ryzen™ Mobi­le Pro­ces­sors with Rade­on™ Vega Gra­phics FAQ for Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2020 Edi­ti­on can be found here.

    Package Contents

    The Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2020 Edi­ti­on 19.12.2 instal­la­ti­on packa­ge con­tains the fol­lowing:

    • Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2020 Edi­ti­on 19.12.2 Dri­ver Ver­si­on 19.50.02  (Win­dows Dri­ver Store Ver­si­on 26.20.15002.61)


Down­load: Rade­on Soft­ware Adre­na­lin 2020
Ver­si­on: 19.12.2
Datei­grö­ße Win­dows 10: 485,95 MiB
Win­dows 7:  664,45 MiB
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 10.12.2019
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows 10 und 7
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