System Information Viewer Version 5.46

Sys­tem Infor­ma­ti­on View­er (SIV) ist ein kos­ten­lo­ses Win­dows-Tool zur Anzei­ge vie­ler nütz­li­cher Infor­ma­tio­nen des eige­nen PC-Sys­tems. Mit Win­dows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vis­ta, XP und NT 4 sowie Win­dows Me, 98 und 95 wer­den zahl­rei­che, auch älte­re Win­dows-Ver­sio­nen unter­stützt.



  1. Added Win­dows 10 20H2 Build 19564 sup­port. Enab­led ope­ra­ti­on of [ACPI Eval], etc..
  2. Updated to use new COMODO RSA Exten­ded Vali­da­ti­on Code Signing CA cer­ti­fi­ca­te.
  3. Added Intel Ice Lake‑U sup­port. Adjus­ted the S3 Trio3D/2X Core Clock speed repor­ting.
  4. Added [ISA Bus] which lists PnP ISA Devices and on EISA sys­tems any Slots that are used.
  5. Added XGI Vola­ri + SiS 325 GPU clock speed repor­ting and impro­ved DM&P Vor­tex 86 DX + MX CPU sup­port.
  6. Added GeForce 6000 series direct clock + fan PWM % and NVCPL tem­pe­ra­tu­re repor­ting for Force­Wa­re dri­vers.
  7. Added Aqua Com­pu­ter Octo + Qua­dro con­trol­ler and Cor­sair H100i + H115i RGB Pro XT coo­ler repor­ting sup­port.
  8. Resol­ved issue with NVMe sup­port for the IaNVMe and insi­der build stornvme ser­vices.
  9. Resol­ved issue with Menu->Help->View Menus on sys­tems what have such as nView Opti­ons added to the SIV menus.
  10. Enhan­ce [Lock Hand­le] to sup­port the­re being more than 10,000,000 open hand­les.
  11. Impro­ved VIA VT82C691 chip­set and ASUS Prime X570-Pro + Micro­nics EISA 486/33/25 + Super­mi­cro H11SSL mother­board sup­port.

Hin­weis: Soll­ten die Down­load­mir­rors noch nicht aktua­li­siert sein, kann man das Update-File auch über den Menü­punkt OK/Latest Releases bezie­hen.

Down­load: Sys­tem Infor­ma­ti­on View­er (offi­zi­el­ler Mir­ror)
Ver­si­on: 5.46
Datei­grö­ße 13,1 MiB
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 14.02.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows
Lizenz: Free­ware