WinSCP 5.17.4

Die Open-Source-Soft­ware Win­SCP von Mar­tin Pri­kryl ist ein SFTP‑, FTP‑, Web­DAV- und S3-Cli­ent für Win­dows, der auch das alte SCP-Pro­to­koll unter­stützt. Die Free­ware bie­tet einen geschütz­ten Daten- und Datei­trans­fer zwi­schen ver­schie­de­nen Rech­nern und ermög­licht die Nut­zung ver­schlüs­sel­ter “Tun­nel”.



  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenS­SL 1.1.1g.
  • Web­DAV core upgraded to neon 0.31.1.
  • Local file panel honors pre­fer­red drop action of source app­li­ca­ti­on. 1848
  • Incre­a­sed maxi­mal length of pro­xy and tun­nel creden­ti­als. 1849
  • Trun­ca­ting too long direc­to­ry names in ses­si­on tab tit­le.
  • Optio­nal­ly do not dis­tin­guish mul­ti­ple ses­si­ons ope­ned to the same site by cur­rent path. 1734
  • Bug fix: Fail­u­re when fall­back SSH chan­nel fails to open. 1845
  • Bug fix: Fail­u­re when crea­ting short­cut for jum­plist fails. 1846
  • Bug fix: Win­dow posi­ti­on is not res­to­red, if its left or top edge was ali­gned to moni­tor edge. 1852
  • Bug fix: Wrong lay­out of Log­in dia­log on moni­tors with low ver­ti­cal reso­lu­ti­on. 1463
  • Bug fix: FTP file uploads are inter­rup­t­ing with TLS 1.3. 1834
  • Bug fix: Empty direc­to­ries are not uploa­ded to FTP ser­ver when trans­fer­ring in back­ground. 1859
  • Bug fix: Per­cent sign (%) in PuT­TY ses­si­on set­tings (such as IPv6 scope syn­tax) is mis­in­ter­pre­ted when impor­ting. 1860
  • Bug fix: Fail­u­re when star­ting with auto­ma­tic works­pace ope­ning when none of the works­pace sites exist. 1861



Down­load: Win­SCP & Win­SCP Por­ta­ble
Ver­si­on 5.17.4
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 24.04.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows
Lizenz: Open Source