HWiNFO64 v6.27–4195 Beta

Das Hard­ware-Dia­gno­se­pro­gramm HWiNFO64 (sowie das 32-Bit-Pen­dant HWiNFO32) von REA­LiX war­tet mit vie­len Funk­tio­nen der Kate­go­rien Hard­ware- und Sys­tem-Infor­ma­ti­on auf. Für CPU und GPU wer­den unter ande­rem Takt­ra­ten, Tem­pe­ra­tu­ren und Span­nun­gen ange­zeigt und auf Wunsch mit­ge­loggt.



  • Build 4195 adds some important chan­ges to the “Power Repor­ting Devia­ti­on” para­me­ter:
    • The tole­ran­ce thres­hold has been incre­a­sed from 5% to 10%.
    • Values below 90% will be shown in red color to deno­te under-repor­ting.
    • This para­me­ter will not be shown if OC Mode is enab­led.
    • Remo­ved repor­ting of this para­me­ter on sTRX4 sys­tems.

More on Power Repor­ting Devia­ton: The Stilt on HWINFO Forum

  • Fixed and impro­ved moni­to­ring of VR VCC sen­sor on Intel SVID VR sys­tems.
  • Added per-rail vol­ta­ge and power moni­to­ring on NVIDIA GPUs.
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on ASUS ROG STRIX B460 seri­es.
  • Fixed a pos­si­ble crash on some sys­tems with down-cored CPUs.
  • Added repor­ting num­ber of RT and Ten­sor Cores for NVIDIA (requi­res R445+).
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on ASUS Pro WS W480-ACE.
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on ASUS ROG STRIX B550‑E/I GAMING.
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on ASRock H470, B460 and H410 seri­es.
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on ASRock W480 Creator.
  • Impro­ved sup­port of hybrid CPUs (Alder Lake).
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on GIGABYTE B550 seri­es.
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on MSI B550 seri­es.
  • Added dedi­ca­ted sup­port of LSI Mega­RAID con­trol­lers. Requi­res LSI storelib*.dll libra­ries.
  • Fixed sup­port of Inter­sil ISL69269 VRM.
  • Added moni­to­ring of Power Repor­ting Devia­ti­on on AMD Ryzen CPUs.
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on ASUS ROG STRIX B550‑F and PRIME B550 seri­es.
  • Enhan­ced sen­sor moni­to­ring on ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PLUS.
  • Fixed moni­to­ring of Power Repor­ting Devia­ti­on on AMD 1st/2nd Gen Ryzen CPUs.

Power Repor­ting Devia­ti­on” is a new fea­ture avail­ab­le on AMD Ryzen CPUs that tells how much the CPU tele­me­try seen by the CPU dif­fers from real world (expec­ted) data.
Note that this value has a use­ful mea­ning only under full CPU load and values around 100% (95 — 105 %) mean the tele­me­try is working cor­rect­ly.
On sys­tems with a hig­her devia­ti­on under full load this means the CPU thinks it’s working at lower or hig­her power than expec­ted for the given SKU, hence out of spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on.
This is usual­ly cau­sed by main­board ven­dor (often inten­tio­nal­ly) pro­vi­ding wrong cali­bra­ti­on data in BIOS (AGESA) to fool the CPU to run at a hig­her power than the limit for the SKU.
There’s a more detail­ed descrip­ti­on and explana­ti­on of this value being pre­pa­red by The­Stilt, which will be pos­ted soon.
Update: Check here for fur­ther details: https://www.hwinfo.com/forum/thread…er-reporting-deviation-metric-in-hwinfo.6456/

Down­load: HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64
Ver­si­on: v6.27–4195
Datei­grö­ße 6,98 MiB (Instal­ler)
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 17.06.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows
Lizenz: Free­ware
Web­sei­te HWiN­FO

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