FreeCommander XE 2021 Build 840

Der in der 32-Bit-Ver­si­on kos­ten­lo­se Free­Com­man­der ist eine leicht bedien­ba­re Alter­na­ti­ve zum Stan­dard-Datei­ma­na­ger von Win­dows. Das Pro­gramm hilft bei der täg­li­chen Arbeit mit Win­dows und bie­tet unter ande­rem Zwei­fenster­tech­nik (optio­nal auch ein Fens­ter) mit wahl­wei­se ver­ti­ka­ler oder hori­zon­ta­ler Tei­lung, Regis­ter­kar­ten (Tabs) für einen schnel­len Ord­ner­wech­sel, eine Favo­ri­ten­lis­te für Pro­gram­me und Ord­ner und optio­na­le Bau­man­sicht in jedem Fenster.



Important chan­ges and bug fixes in the release 840 com­pa­red to 810a

- Bug fix: View­er — mou­se wheel zoom func­tion is inverted
— Bug fix: New sta­tus bar item can not be crea­ted if pro­gram star­ted with default set­tings para­me­ter
— Bug fix: Minor Tool­bars dia­log fil­ter vs icons issue
— Bug fix: View­er — “fit to win­dow” some­ti­mes is broken
— Bug fix: The posi­ti­on of the scroll bar may be wrong after swit­ching from detail­ed view to thumb­nail view.
— Bug fix: Tem­pora­ry and not locked file con­tai­ner TAB not always remo­ved on pro­gram closing
— Bug fix: Abor­ting the drag&drop ope­ra­ti­on with ESC can lead to an unwan­ted selec­tion of files/folders (NC selec­tion mode)
— Bug fix: View­er form (F3) opti­on “Stay on top” does not work correctly
— Bug fix: Excep­ti­on on main win­dow acti­vat­ing if only one pane visi­ble and refresh opti­on “Refresh when Free­Com­man­der is acti­va­ted” is checked
— Bug fix: Pro­gram start is faul­ty and pro­gram can not be clo­sed — this beha­vi­or only appears when the pro­gram is star­ted from a short­cut that has “Properties/Shortcut/Run: Maxi­mi­zed”
— Bug fix: Mani­pu­la­te files with emo­jis in their name is not pos­si­ble
— Bug fix: Default action issue with mul­ti­ple files
— Bug fix: Func­tion “Same fol­der Ctrl+E” some­time does not switch the fol­der properly
— Bug fix: Win­dow size and posi­ti­on lost when exit from full­screen
— Bug fix: Tabs drag&drop — always acti­ve tab is drop­ped if the opti­on “With click on the acti­ve tab — chan­ge to the last acti­ve” is active
— Bug fix: Wrong data popu­la­ting (right-shifted colum­ns) after F10 (top/bottom split)
— Bug fix: Column width not remem­be­red across clo­se/­re-open
— Bug fix: Recy­cle Bin panel switch issue
— Bug fix: The defi­ni­ti­on of the font size for dia­logs (Tools->Settings->View) does not work for Set­tings dialog
— Bug fix: “Lay­outs edit” dia­log — after dele­ting of the last lay­out the OK but­ton is not acti­ve (it is not pos­si­ble to dele­te all layouts)
— Bug fix: Moun­ted volu­me size is not pro­per­ly shown in pro­gress bar of the dri­ve bar
— Bug fix: Search dia­log does­n’t find con­tent of fol­der with semi­co­lon in its name
— Bug fix: Focus is lost if dele­ting a file in the thumb view mode
— Bug fix: Next/previous tab short­cuts bro­ken when using some con­text menu opti­ons
— Bug fix: Tab name may­be not updated
— Bug fix: Tool­tip for but­ton in the action tool­bar may­be wrong if cus­tom icon is used
— Bug fix: Ren­aming a file that is open in Quick View can break the dis­play in Quick View
— Bug fix: Sta­tus info for ‘..’ item was never used
— Bug fix: Key­board short­cuts may­be lost when using “Desk­top Snapshot”
— Bug fix: Sor­ting Win­dows colum­ns of date type does not work pro­per­ly for many times­tamp for­mats (e.g. in recy­cle bin)
— Bug fix: Ope­ning pro­gram links from the Free­Com­man­der Desk­top is bro­ken
— Bug fix: Key­board short­cuts do not work in Quick View pane
— Bug fix: Excep­ti­on pos­si­ble if copy/move files from library
— Bug fix: Inter­nal view­er issu­es after cli­cking but­tons to chan­ge view
— Bug fix: Deleting/copying a file from the desk­top can throw an exception
— Bug fix: Ope­ning ftp/sftp path from favo­ri­te fol­ders tree broken
— Bug fix: Con­text menu func­tion “Rena­me” par­ti­al­ly broken
— Bug fix: Empty favo­ri­te tool­bar will be shown if all tool­bar items are defi­ned as visi­ble only in menu
— Bug fix: Ope­ned tree pane may slow down some operations
— Bug fix: Mul­ti­rena­me form — tool­tip always on top
— Bug fix: Color issue in the set­ting dia­log
— Bug fix: Tree pane — rena­me with F2 key is par­ti­al­ly bro­ken if the opti­on “Allow rena­me on slow dou­ble click” is dis­ab­led
— Bug fix: Thumb­nail of the text file is blur­ry if dark back­ground is used
— Bug fix: Text thumb­nails with uni­code for­mat bro­ken
— Bug fix: Dele­ting the item ‘..’ from con­text menu may cau­se free­zing
— Bug fix: Plain view is not pre­ser­ved after FC restart on left panel
— Bug fix: Pro­blem with text color of the acti­ve tab
— Bug fix: Cus­to­mi­ze favo­ri­te tool­bars — Chan­ging the order of the but­tons has no effect if you add a sepa­ra­tor
— Bug fix: Rar archi­ves can­not be ope­ned if encryp­ti­on for file names has been acti­va­ted. Work­around — first open an archi­ve without encryption.
— Bug fix: Defi­ne action tool­bars — opti­on “Show drop down arrow only” is broken
— Bug fix: Search files/folders — The same file can exist several times in the result list if the search loca­ti­on is not cor­rect­ly defi­ned
— Bug fix: Search files/folders — can­cel­la­ti­on of the dele­ti­on dia­log is not hand­led cor­rect­ly
— Bug fix: Search files/folders — file selec­tion in the result list may­be wrong after dele­ting of some files from the list
— Bug fix: Posi­ti­on of acti­ve item is not updated when using quick view­er
— Bug fix: If we press back­space in a sub­fol­der, FC goes to parent fol­der, but some­ti­mes fails to focus on the sub­fol­der (when fol­ders are sor­ted at the end of the list and exten­si­on ist not show­ed in the name column)
— Bug fix: Excep­ti­on in search dia­log
— Bug fix: Bug in saving set­tings (Favo­ri­tesTree­Co­lor­Selec­tedNo­deI­n­ac­ti­ve)
— Bug fix: Selec­tion may­be bro­ken if hover time is used
— Bug fix: Posi­ti­on issue when swit­ching modes in plain view
— Bug fix: Lan­guage defi­ned as com­mand line para­me­ter is not cor­rect­ly set
— Bug fix: Mul­ti rena­me pro­blem
— Bug fix: Dia­log dis­play issue after FC restart with ‘Defi­ned font’ for dia­logs
— Bug fix: File list dis­play issu­es after ren­aming
— Bug fix: Quick fil­ter delete/backspace bug
— Bug fix: File con­tai­ner drag&drop and cut refresh issue
— Bug fix: Auto­ma­tic view may not work if the “View type” opti­on is set to <No change>
— Bug fix: Some tabs are not crea­ted when the lay­out is res­to­red
— Bug fix: Quick search does not work pro­per­ly if some other opti­ons are acti­ve
— Bug fix: Pro­gram free­zes on start­up if the dri­ve last used is no lon­ger con­nec­ted and plain view mode was used on pro­gram clo­se.
— Bug fix: Focus is lost on refresh if opti­on “Switch view mode auto­ma­ti­cal­ly …” is acti­ve
— Bug fix: Tree may­be not shown if swit­ching from sin­gle-panel to dual-panel mode
— Bug fix: Sor­ting is wrong if auto selec­ta­ble view is acti­ve and all opti­ons are set to “No chan­ge”

- Imple­men­ted: New action — focus newest file/item in the list (by last access timestamp)
— Imple­men­ted: New action — focus next/previous item in the list
— Imple­men­ted: Attributes/Timestamp dia­log — set file times­tamp from EXIF
— Imple­men­ted: Settings->Tree — new color can be defi­ned “Selec­tion — Inactive”
— Imple­men­ted: Settings->Tree — new color can be defi­ned “Back­ground — Inactive”
— Imple­men­ted: View­er form (F3) — set win­dow to fore­ground if alrea­dy open and use last saved size/position if mul­ti­ple win­dow allowed.
— Imple­men­ted: Make folder/file list — times­tamp for­mat added on Set­tings tab
— Imple­men­ted: Dri­ve panel — width of the volu­me name but­ton is definab­le in the setting
— Imple­men­ted: Sup­port for 4K monitors
— Imple­men­ted: Quick View­er — Copy selec­ted text to the clip­board with the short­cut Ctrl+C.
— Imple­men­ted: SFTP (64 bit only) — public key log­in is pos­si­ble now
— Imple­men­ted: When star­ted “As Admin”: Warning sym­bol is added to the pro­gram icon — new opti­on in Settings->View
— Imple­men­ted: New varia­ble added %Activ­Sel­OrD­ir% — same as %Activ­Sel% but return cur­rent path if not­hing is selec­ted in the file list (for examp­le when selec­ting “..” in file list)
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — Clo­se all tabs in both panels; Clo­ses all not locked fol­der tabs in both panels
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — Clo­se all tabs with con­fir­ma­ti­on; Clo­ses all fol­der tabs with con­fir­ma­ti­on dialog
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — Select the first file / fol­der; Select first file (if cur­r­ent­ly focu­sed item is a fol­der) or fol­der (if cur­r­ent­ly focu­sed item is a file) in the list
— Imple­men­ted: When star­ted “As Admin”: Warning sym­bol is added to the pro­gram icon and the word “(Admin)” appears in the tit­le bar.
— Imple­men­ted: Thumb­nails for SVG files
— Imple­men­ted: SFTP — Sym­bo­lic links are pro­per­ly hand­led now
— Imple­men­ted: “Attributes/Timestamp…” dia­log — new attri­bu­te “Recall on data access” added (e.g. for not local One­Dri­ve files)
— Imple­men­ted: “Settings->File/folder list — Items color” — defi­nig color for attri­bu­te “Recall on data access” is pos­si­ble now
— Imple­men­ted: Search dia­log — the quick view pane is res­to­red when the form is opened
— Imple­men­ted: “Defi­ne action tool­bars” dia­log — defi­ned cus­tom sym­bols are now visi­ble in the list
— Imple­men­ted: Thumb­nail view for .wmf and .emf files
— Imple­men­ted: The visi­bi­li­ty of the favo­ri­te tool­bars is now per Lay­out definable
— Imple­men­ted: New item added to the tab con­text menu: Clo­se all not locked fol­der tabs; If cli­cked with CTRL key — clo­se not locked tabs in both panels
— Imple­men­ted: “About” dia­log resi­ze­ab­le; More paths info added
— Imple­men­ted: Over­wri­te dia­log for copy/move Free­Com­man­der ope­ra­ti­on — rena­me in place is now possible
— Imple­men­ted: Tool­bar sepa­ra­tor — details definable
— Imple­men­ted: “Tools -> Defi­ne key­board short­cuts” — it is pos­si­ble to defi­ne the second short­cut for each action
— Imple­men­ted: New column is posi­ble “Rela­ti­ve path”
— Imple­men­ted: New colum­ns cate­go­ry for pic­tures added: EXIF
— Imple­men­ted: Opti­on avail­ab­le in the freecommander.ini file: TreeSortNodesType=X (0->like so far; 1->sort by path name; 2->sort by dis­play name)
— Imple­men­ted: Quick fil­ter accept ‘*.’ for selec­ting items without dot
— Imple­men­ted: Com­pa­re fol­ders — new opti­on added “Igno­re extension”
— Imple­men­ted: Search files/folders — menu item added “Edit -> Copy name without extension”
— Imple­men­ted: “Tools -> Dos box” selec­ting the item with pres­sed SHIFT key opens the dos box as admin
— Imple­men­ted: Address bar tool­bar — big icons allowed
— Imple­men­ted: New opti­on for view­er — Use mou­se wheel for: zooming/switching files
— Imple­men­ted: New opti­on to defi­ne in the [Form] sec­tion of the freecommander.ini — ThumbOpenAndSelectMode=1 ;
When this line is defi­ned, a click on the sym­bol opens the file / fol­der and a click on the label selects the file / folder.
— Imple­men­ted: Con­text menu in view­er (images) — new item added “Save — over­wri­te without confirmation”
— Imple­men­ted: Favo­ri­te tool but­ton — new item added for con­text menu: Run — With “Run as” dialog
— Imple­men­ted: Defi­ne favo­ri­te tool — new place­hol­der para­me­ter %Acti­vI­tem­NoExt% added
— Imple­men­ted: Attributes/Timestamp dia­log — “Save/Load times­tamp” func­tion added
— Imple­men­ted: Mul­ti­rena­me — new EXIF pro­per­ty added: Focal length of lens in mm, Lens model name, Ori­en­ta­ti­on of the camera
— Imple­men­ted: Tab con­text menu — new menu item added “Switch locked path to current”
— Imple­men­ted: Thumb­nail size 1024 added (for high reso­lu­ti­on monitors)
— Imple­men­ted: Volu­me but­tons added for VLC player
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — Show lay­outs popup menu
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — Chan­ge to last acti­ve tab (Ctrl+PgUp)
— Imple­men­ted: New times­tamp for­mats added for the defi­ni­ti­on of the screen­shot file name
— Imple­men­ted: New opti­on for quick fil­ter — Keep fil­ter on tab change
— Imple­men­ted: New place­hol­der for using in the sta­tus bar: [fc_columnProfile] — name of the used column profile

- Chan­ged: View­er set­tings — “Igno­re list” chan­ged to “Igno­re files — fil­ter list”
— Chan­ged: Folder->Open focused->In the other pane (new Tab)/In the same pane (new Tab) — the­se func­tions are imple­men­ted now for several selec­ted elements
— Chan­ged: Long path sup­port improved
— Chan­ged: Address bar edi­t­ing — spaces at the end of the path are remo­ved now
— Chan­ged: Fol­der syn­chro­ni­ze — com­pa­ri­son with only two opti­ons “Name” and “Size” is now pos­si­ble. Until now com­pa­ri­son with only the­se two opti­ons always pro­vi­ded “?” as a result.
— Chan­ged: The unit “kB” will be no more shown in the column “Size kB”




Down­load: Free­Com­man­der XE 2021
Ver­si­on: Build 840 
Datei­grö­ße 11,61 MiB  / 14,84 MiB (Por­ta­ble Version)
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 18.12.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows
Lizenz: Free­ware (64-Bit-Ver­si­on Donorware)




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