Notepad++ 7.9.2

Note짯pad++ ist ein frei짯er Text짯edi짯tor f체r Win짯dows, der unter ande짯rem die Syn짯tax g채n짯gi짯ger Pro짯gram짯mier짯spra짯chen her짯vor짯hebt und gegen짯체ber dem Win짯dows-Ori짯gi짯nal eini짯ge Zusatz짯funk짯tio짯nen bie짯tet. Des wei짯te짯ren k철n짯nen Plug짯ins instal짯liert wer짯den, die den Funk짯ti짯ons짯um짯fang zus채tz짯lich erweitern.



Notepad++ v7.9.2 Enhancements & bug-fixes:

  1. Fix regres짯si짯on of auto-Indent. (Fix #9113)
  2. Add cus짯tom URI sche짯mes abili짯ty. (Fix #9155)
  3. Impro짯ve URL par짯ser: fix apo짯stro짯phe in an URL issue. (Fix #9031)
  4. Add con짯text menu with 쏞opy link abili짯ty. (Imple짯ment #2435)
  5. Add color samples on menu items for sty짯ling fea짯tures. (Fix #8983)
  6. Add -set짯tings짯Dir argu짯ment for over짯ri짯ding default set짯tings path. (imple짯ment #4696)
  7. Fix crash while exit com짯mand issued by plug짯in. (Fix #9082)
  8. Fix seve짯ral bugs of PHP par짯ser rule for func짯tion list. (Fix #3321#5045#4627#4606#8855#4208#981#2522#1103#4712#3560#5150#4606)
  9. Move 쏯or짯mal Text to top in Lan짯guages Menu. (Imple짯ment #7746#8277)
  10. Add new API NPPM_GETSETTINGSONCLOUDPATH for plug짯ins. (Imple짯ment #9168)
  11. Add an opti짯on for dis짯play짯ing con짯stant line num짯ber width. (Imple짯ment #5670)
  12. Fix func짯tion list is emp짯ty with new user pro짯fi짯le in the same PC issue. (Fix #9134)
  13. Fix sin짯gle-quo짯ted string being bad짯ly reco짯gni짯zed as attri짯bu짯te value in XML. (Fix #3403)
  14. Fix docked panels appear with -noses짯si짯on cmd line para짯me짯ters. (Fix #8005)
  15. Impro짯ve text sel짯ec짯tion after Replace All In Sel짯ec짯tion ope짯ra짯ti짯on. (Fix #9270)
  16. Add the num짯ber of total docu짯ments on win짯dows dialog셲 title bar. (Imple짯ment #8338)
  17. Fix scroll to last line pro짯blem after main win짯dow resi짯zing. (Fix #9123)
  18. Fix Plug짯in admin dis짯play UTF8 issue in its descrip짯ti짯on. (Fix #9266)
  19. Fix Search result셲 text direc짯tion (RTL) not always syn짯chro짯ni짯zed with main edit zone셲 one issue. (Fix #9241)
  20. Fix dockable panels dis짯play issue in RTL direc짯tion. (Fix #9241)
  21. Fix Search result line num짯ber high짯light짯ing inac짯cu짯ra짯te issue. (Fix #9224)
  22. Make 쏬ine pre짯ce짯ding each line num짯ber on Search Results trans짯lata짯ble. (Fix #9224)
  23. Fix menu check marks not being remo짯ved after clo짯sing 쏞lip짯board Histo짯ry and 쏞ha짯rac짯ter Panel panels. (Fix #9216)
  24. Fix com짯mand line argu짯ments 몆, 몁 & 멵 nega짯ti짯ve value셲 unde짯fi짯ned beha짯viour. (Fix #9146)
  25. Add new Margin/Border/Edge sub-page in Pre짯fe짯ren짯ces. (Imple짯ment #8896)
  26. Fix find in files fail짯ure issue due to direc짯to짯ry path with leading/trailing spaces. (Fix #9199)
  27. Fix fol짯der icon dis짯play issue in 쏤ol짯der as Workspace after 쏣xpand/Collapse All. (Fix #8912)
  28. Make 쏞lip짯board Histo짯ry and 쏞ha짯rac짯ter Panel togg짯lable. (Fix #9094#9078)
  29. Fix Find in found results dia짯log launch fail짯ure after macro exe짯cu짯ti짯on. (Fix #8199)
  30. Dis짯al짯low Goto dlg off짯set opti짯on from moving to posi짯ti짯on insi짯de mul짯ti-byte char or bet짯ween CR and LF. (Fix #9101#9125)
  31. Fix 쏥o to╈ dia짯log wrong Off짯set value in emp짯ty files. (Fix #9145)
  32. Pre짯vent cor짯rup짯ti짯on pos짯si짯bi짯li짯ty when using 몆 com짯mand line para짯me짯ter in a UTF file. (Fix #9142)
  33. Impro짯ve indent gui짯de짯lines on non-brace con짯trol block lan짯guages. (Fix #9137)
  34. Pre짯vent names of untit짯led tabs from dupli짯ca짯ti짯on. (Fix #9119)
  35. Add tool짯tips for Fol짯der as Workspace 3 com짯mands. (Fix #8325)
  36. Fix SCI_NEWLINE insi짯de a macro not working issue. (Fix #5571)
  37. Fix bug whe짯re search-results won셳 open 쁭ew 1 file. (Fix #8461#9098)
  38. Fix tab clo짯se but짯ton remain pushed issue. (Fix #7750)
  39. Enhan짯ce ghost typ짯ing com짯mand line argu짯ment fea짯ture using white space direct짯ly ins짯tead of %20. (Com짯mit)



Down짯load: Note짯pad++
Ver짯si짯on: 7.9.2
Datei짯gr철짯횩e 3,92 MiB (Instal짯ler x64)
Ver짯철f짯fent짯licht am: 01.01.2021
Betriebs짯sys짯tem: Win짯dows
Lizenz: Free짯ware
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