PowerToys v0.29.3

Erst짯mals f체r Win짯dows 95 ver짯철f짯fent짯lich짯te Micro짯soft eine Samm짯lung von kos짯ten짯lo짯sen Hilfs짯pro짯gram짯men unter dem Namen PowerT짯oys, zu der auch das bekann짯te Twea짯kUI geh철r짯te. F체r Win짯dows 10 wur짯de nun ein Open-Source-Pro짯jekt ins Leben geru짯fen, das die PowerT짯oys wie짯der짯be짯le짯ben soll. Gestar짯tet war das Pro짯jekt mit den Tools Fan짯cy짯Zo짯nes und Short짯cut Gui짯de. Mitt짯ler짯wei짯le sind noch File Explo짯rer, Image Resi짯zer, Key짯board Mana짯ger, Power짯Re짯name, PowerT짯oys Run, Mar짯tin Chrzan셲 Color Picker und Video Con짯fe짯rence Mute hin짯zu gekommen.

PowerT짯oys v0.11.0 Fan짯cy짯Zo짯nes und Short짯cut Guide


Release Notes

This is patch release to fix two bugs 0.29.0 we dee짯med important for sta짯bi짯li짯ty based on user feed짯back. 0.29.1 and 0.29.2 were inter짯nal tes짯ted but not publicly released.

  • #8808  Fan짯cy짯Zo짯ne zones would occa짯sio짯nal짯ly not appear. This was cau짯sed by two unin짯itia짯li짯zed varia짯bles. During test짯ing, the짯re was a race con짯di짯ti짯on so we missed it. Our push on adding in addi짯tio짯nal code ana짯ly짯sis tools will hop짯eful짯ly catch the짯se types of bugs.
  • #8787  Power짯Re짯name would throw regex errors when it should짯n셳. We remo짯ved the error dia짯log for now and will add in a more tar짯ge짯ted error cat짯ching block at a later time.




Down짯load: PowerT짯oys
Ver짯si짯on: v0.29.3
Datei짯gr철짯횩e 18,3 MiB
Ver짯철f짯fent짯licht am: 31.12.2020
Betriebs짯sys짯tem: Win짯dows 10
Lizenz: Open Source
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