MemTest86 9.0 (Build 1000)

Mit Pass­Marks MemTest86 lässt sich mit Hil­fe eines ISO-Images ein boot­ba­rer USB-Stick erstel­len, mit dem der Arbeits­spei­cher von Windows‑, Linux- oder Mac-Sys­te­men auf UEFI-Basis einem Test unter­zo­gen wer­den kann.

MemTest86 ist einer kos­ten­lo­sen sowie einer kos­ten­pflich­ti­gen Pro-Ver­si­on erhält­lich. Es ist nicht zu ver­wech­seln mit Memtest86+ — wel­ches seit 2013 nicht mehr wei­ter­ent­wi­ckelt wird — oder Mem­Test, das unter Win­dows aus­ge­führt wer­den kann.

Version 9.0 10/Feb/2021

  • New Fea­tures
    • Sup­port UEFI-based ARM sys­tems (arm64/aarch64), inclu­ding memo­ry test algo­rith­ms por­ted to ARM64 and opti­mi­zed using hand-writ­ten assem­bly code. Spe­cial thanks to Simu­la eX³ pro­ject ( for pro­vi­ding high-end ARM64 sys­tems for testing.
    • Added BADRAM & bad­me­mo­ry­list for­mat­ted strings and inst­ruc­tions in the expor­ted HTML report to mask defec­ti­ve memo­ry addres­ses (Pro only)
    • Revam­ped RAM SPD screen in the Main Menu with gra­phi­cal view of all RAM slots
    • Added preli­mi­na­ry sup­port for DIMM tem­pe­ra­tu­re repor­ting (when sup­por­ted by DIMM)
    • Added opti­on to chan­ge save loca­ti­on of logs/reports to ano­t­her disk volu­me (file system)
    • Added prompt on various exit opti­ons (shut­down, reboot, exit to BIOS) on app­li­ca­ti­on exit.
    • Added key­board short­cut (F12) to save screen­shot to file wit­hin the Main Menu
    • Sup­port for saving test results to a byte-packed, bina­ry file for sto­rage-limi­ted systems
    • Sup­port for pas­sing con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on para­me­ters via com­mand line arguments
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘EXACTSPDSIZE’, to spe­ci­fy the total capa­ci­ty of all detec­ted SPD to match befo­re allowing tests to begin
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘MEMREMMB’, for spe­ci­fy­ing the mini­mum amount of memo­ry to lea­ve unal­lo­ca­ted during testing
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘MINMEMRANGEMB’, for spe­ci­fy­ing the mini­mum size of memo­ry ran­ges that shall be allo­ca­ted for testing
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘AUTOREPORTFMT’, for spe­ci­fy­ing report for­mat of auto-saved reports
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘PMPDISABLE’, to dis­able TFTP uploading of XML messages for Manage­ment Con­so­le integration
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘RTCSYNC’, to sync real-time clock with PXE ser­ver (via a perio­di­cal­ly updated ‘CurrentTime.txt’ ser­ved by the PXE server)
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘VERBOSITY’, for spe­ci­fy­ing the ver­bo­si­ty level of the debug output
    • Added new con­fig file para­me­ter, ‘TPL’, to spe­ci­fy the UEFI task prio­ri­ty level of the MemTest86 application
  • Fixes/Enhancements
    • Sup­port for per-base­board con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on file via base­board-pre­fi­xed file­na­me (eg. “Sur­face Pro-mt86.cfg”)
    • Optimized/removed sta­le 32-bit code in memo­ry tests
    • Impro­ved test coverage by alter­na­ting bet­ween ascending/descending assign­ment order of CPU cores bet­ween pas­ses when run­ning in par­al­lel mode
    • Track CPU core/thread ID of detec­ted memo­ry errors, and inclu­de the list of CPUs in error in test summary/report
    • Added tracking and repor­ting of min/max/average CPU + DIMM tem­pe­ra­tures (when sup­por­ted by DIMM)
    • Added SMBIOS memo­ry device info to reports
    • Modi­fied DRAM address ECC error repor­ting from (Column,Row,Rank,Bank) -> (Channel,Slot,Rank,Bank,Row,Column)
    • Added seri­al num­ber of DIMM modu­le expe­ri­en­cing ECC errors in report (sup­por­ted chip­sets only)
    • Added channel/slot infor­ma­ti­on of detec­ted SPDs in report (sup­por­ted chip­sets only)
    • Fixed 100% CPU usa­ge when wai­t­ing for input in main menu
    • Impro­ved UI drawing per­for­mance for bet­ter responsiveness
    • Gene­ra­te beeps of Pie­zo Spea­ker on test end (if available)
    • Chan­ged to lar­ge, colou­red PASS/FAIL mes­sa­ge box on test end
    • Chan­ged to lar­ge, colou­red FAIL mes­sa­ge box on fai­led pre-test SPD checks
    • Fixed Test 12 errors in HTML report being truncated
    • Updated black­list to work around new UEFI bugs Apple added to their UEFI firmware
    • Updated black­list to work around Microsoft/Huawei lap­tops with dis­play issu­es rela­ted to screen resolution
    • Fixed crash on Vir­tu­al­Box due to rea­ding of non-exis­tent MSRs
    • Inclu­de sys­tem infor­ma­ti­on details in Test­Re­sult XML messages to PXE Ser­ver (Site Edition)
    • Dis­play error when the­re is a TFTP trans­fer error when sen­ding Sta­tus XML messages to PXE ser­ver (Site Edition)
    • Fixed esca­ping of chars to XML enti­ties when genera­ting messages to PXE Ser­ver (Site Edition)
    • Out­put addi­tio­nal lines to con­so­le during MemTest86 boot
    • Fixed detec­tion of uncor­rec­ted ECC errors for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Fixed ECC detec­tion for > 2 chan­nels for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Fixed ECC sup­port for mul­ti­ple CPU dies for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Fixed ECC error detec­tion on AMD Ryzen chip­sets with mul­ti­ple CPUs
    • Added preli­mi­na­ry sup­port for AMD Ryzen ECC repor­ting via error count regis­ters when PFEH is enabled
    • Fixed ECC detec­tion for Intel chip­sets that use error count registers
    • Added ECC sup­port for dif­fe­rent Intel Cof­fee Lake chip­set variants
    • Added dis­ab­ling of SMI for Intel Kaby Lake chip­sets to allow ECC errors to be detected
    • Added ECC sup­port for Intel Comet Lake chipsets
    • Added preli­mi­na­ry sup­port for deco­ding of sys­tem address to socket/channel/rank/bank/row/column address on Broad­well-DE. This infor­ma­ti­on is log­ged in the log file.
    • Fixed incor­rect repor­ting of ECC capa­bi­li­ties for chip­sets with mul­ti­ple IMCs
    • Added sup­port for retrie­ving CPU info for Intel Gemi­ni Lake chipsets
    • Added preli­mi­na­ry sup­port for retrie­ving CPU info for Intel Ice Lake chipsets
    • Fixed poten­ti­al unsta­ble beha­viour when incre­a­sing the tar­get mul­ti­plier for Intel Sil­ver­mont chipsets
    • Fixed enab­ling tur­bo mode on Intel Sil­ver­mont chipsets
    • Updated tem­pe­ra­tu­re off­sets for AMD Ryzen chipsets
    • Added preli­mi­na­ry sup­port for rea­ding AMD Ryzen 5000 (Fami­ly 19h) chip­set temperatures
    • Updated EDK2 libra­ry to edk2-stable202008
    • Fixed memo­ry leak when exi­t­ing program
    • Revi­sed Por­tu­gue­se translations
    • Updated unifont.bin file with hig­her weight Rus­si­an glyphs
    • Remo­ved Pass­Mark con­ta­ct infor­ma­ti­on from reports



Down­load: MemTest86 Free Edition
Ver­si­on: V 9.0 Build 1000
Datei­grö­ße 8.34 MiB
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 10.02.2021
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows, Linux oder Mac OS
Lizenz: Free­ware mit weni­ger Funk­tio­nen (Ver­gleich)











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