Nvidia GeForce-Treiber (GRD) 465.89 WHQL

Der Nvi­dia GeFor­ce-Game-Rea­dy-Trei­ber für Win­dows ist in einer neu­en Ver­si­on erschie­nen. Er unter­stützt alle Nvi­dia-Kar­ten seit der GeFor­ce 600er, über die GeFor­ce 700er, die GeFor­ce 900er, die GeFor­ce 10xx, die GeFor­ce 16xx, die RTX 20xx und bis hin zur aktu­el­len GeFor­ce RTX 30xx Serie, sowie alle Kar­ten der Titan-Serie.

Release Notes 465.89 (PDF)


Game Rea­dy Dri­ver Updates
Game Rea­dy Dri­vers pro­vi­de the best pos­si­ble gaming expe­ri­ence for all major new relea­ses, inclu­ding Vir­tu­al Rea­li­ty games. Pri­or to a new tit­le laun­ching, our dri­ver team is working up until the last minu­te to ensu­re every per­for­mance tweak and bug fix is inclu­ded for the best game­play on day-one.

Game Rea­dy for Outriders
This new Game Rea­dy Dri­ver pro­vi­des sup­port for the launch of Outri­ders, which fea­tures NVIDIA DLSS tech­no­lo­gy. Addi­tio­nal­ly, this release also pro­vi­des opti­mal day‑1 sup­port for:
DIRT 5’s new ray tra­cing update
• The launch of Evil Geni­us 2: World Domination
• The launch of the KINGDOM HEARTS Seri­es on the Epic Games Store

Gaming Tech­no­lo­gy
• Inclu­des sup­port for Resizab­le BAR across the GeFor­ce RTX 30 Seri­es of Desk­top and Note­book GPUs
• Inclu­des beta sup­port for vir­tua­liz­a­ti­on on GeFor­ce GPUs

Learn more in our Game Rea­dy Dri­ver arti­cle New Fea­tures and Other Changes
• Added sup­port for Open­CL 3.0, the latest major ver­si­on of Open­CL main­tai­ning back­ward com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty with Open­CL 1.2. (More Infor­ma­ti­on in the Release Notes)
• Added sup­port for exten­ded DP-to-HDMI 2.1 PCON clock fre­quen­cy ran­ge to bet­ter sup­port 8K TVs.
• Chan­ged the G‑SYNC on-screen sta­tus indi­ca­tor to be less obtrusive.

App­li­ca­ti­on Profiles
Added the fol­lowing SLI profiles.
• Shen­mue III (NVIDIA Turing GPUs only)
• The Medi­um (NVIDIA Turing GPUs only)

Fixed Issu­es in this Release
The fol­lowing sec­tions list the important chan­ges and the most com­mon issu­es resol­ved in this ver­si­on. This list is only a sub­set of the total num­ber of chan­ges made in this dri­ver ver­si­on. The NVIDIA bug num­ber is pro­vi­ded for reference.
• [Rain­bow Six Siege][Vulkan]: Smo­ke appears pixela­ted. [3266916]
• [Vulkan][X4: Foun­da­ti­ons 4.00/X4: Crad­le of Huma­ni­ty] The game may crash on GeFor­ce RTX 30 Seri­es. [200701230]
• [GeFor­ce RTX 3090]: Blue-screen crash occurs when Sam­sung Odys­sey G9 is pai­red with HDMI TV. [3240366]
• [GeFor­ce RTX 2060]: Blue-screen crash (DPC_WATCHDOGS_VIOLATION) occurs when play­ing a game and watching You­Tube video simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. [3196272]
• [Sun­set Over­dri­ve]: The app­li­ca­ti­on may dis­play ran­dom green cor­rup­ti­on if Depth of Field is enab­led from in-game set­tings [2750770]
• Real­tek Dis­play­po­rt-to-HDMI 2.1 pro­to­col con­ver­ter clock limi­ted to 600MHz pixel clock [3202060]
• [G‑SYNC][NVIDIA Ampere/Turing GPU archi­tec­tu­re]: GPU power con­sump­ti­on may incre­a­se in idle mode on sys­tems using cer­tain hig­her refresh-rate G‑SYNC moni­tors. [200667566].
• [GFE Screenshot/HDR]: App­li­ca­ti­on screen­shots are was­hed out when HDR is enab­led [3229781]

Open Issu­es in Ver­si­on 465.89 WHQL:

As with every released dri­ver, ver­si­on 465.89 WHQL of the Release 465 dri­ver has open issu­es and enhan­ce­ment requests asso­cia­ted with it. This sec­tion inclu­des lists of issu­es that are eit­her not fixed or not imple­men­ted in this ver­si­on. Some pro­blems lis­ted may not have been tho­rough­ly inves­ti­ga­ted and, in fact, may not be NVIDIA issu­es. Others may have work­around solutions.
For note­book com­pu­ters, issu­es can be sys­tem-spe­ci­fic and may not be seen on your par­ti­cu­lar note­book.Win­dows 10 Issues
• [World of War­craft: Shadow­lands]: Ran­dom fli­cker may occur in cer­tain loca­ti­ons in the game [3206341]
• [Supre­me Commander/Supreme Com­man­der 2]: The games expe­ri­ence low FPS. [3231218/3230880]
• [Bat­man Ark­ham Knight]: The game cras­hes when tur­bu­lence smo­ke is enab­led. [3202250]
• [Ado­be Came­ra RAW 12.x]: RAW files may show up black in Ado­be Ligh­troom. [3266883]
• [Steam VR game]: Stut­te­ring and lag­ging occur upon laun­ching a game while any GPU hard­ware moni­to­ring tool is run­ning in the back­ground. [3152190]
• [VR]: Micro­soft Flight Simu­la­tor 2020 VR may stut­ter if Hard­ware-acce­le­ra­ted GPU sche­du­ling is dis­ab­led. [3246674]
• [You­Tube]: Video play­back stut­ters while scrol­ling down the You­Tube page. [3129705]
• [Note­book]: Some Pas­cal-based note­books w/ high refresh rate dis­plays may ran­dom­ly drop­to 60Hz during game­play. [3009452]
Down­load: GeFor­ce Dri­ver Ver­si­on 465.89 W10

GeFor­ce Dri­ver Ver­si­on 465.89 W7/8

Ver­si­on: 465.89
Datei­grö­ße Ver­schie­de­ne
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 30.03.2021
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows 10, 8.x, 7
Lizenz: Trei­ber


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