ThinkPad Z Series Ushers in a New Look and Recycled Materials for the Iconic Brand

LAS VEGAS – Janu­a­ry 4, 2022 – Leno­vo™ is thril­led to announ­ce a new seri­es of Think­Pad lap­tops fea­turing stun­ning pro­gres­si­ve designs that break the mold and intro­du­ce new colors and mate­ri­als for our pre­mi­um busi­ness lap­top portfolio.

The all-new Think­Pad Z13 and Z16 embark on a con­tem­pora­ry design phi­lo­so­phy tar­ge­ting a dif­fe­rent busi­ness user audi­ence. The new striking design reflects chan­ging atti­tu­des towards tech­no­lo­gy, its impact on the envi­ron­ment and the ori­gins of raw com­pon­ents. Not only is the design meant to pro­vi­de indi­vi­dua­listic pre­mi­um color accents such as bron­ze and arc­tic grey, but it also fea­tures more sus­tainab­le mate­ri­als such as recy­cled alu­mi­num1, or recy­cled black vegan lea­ther2. Sus­taina­bi­li­ty extends to the pack­a­ging which is made from 100% recy­clab­le and com­post­a­ble bam­boo and sug­arca­ne, and the AC power adap­ter uses 90% Post-Con­su­mer Con­tent (PCC).


Think­Pad Z13 and Z16 will be amongst the first lap­tops powe­red by the very latest AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 Seri­es pro­ces­sors for mobi­le with the Micro­soft Plu­ton secu­ri­ty pro­ces­sor. Per­for­mance and secu­ri­ty fea­tures go hand in hand and Lenovo’s secu­re-by-design metho­do­lo­gy is enhan­ced through its coope­ra­ti­on with AMD and Micro­soft. Buil­ding on AMD PRO security’s laye­red approach, AMD Ryzen 6000 Seri­es are the first x86 pro­ces­sors to inte­gra­te the Micro­soft Plu­ton secu­ri­ty pro­ces­sor for power­ful secu­ri­ty from chip to cloud on Win­dows 11 PCs. The Micro­soft Plu­ton Secu­ri­ty Pro­ces­sor is desi­gned and updated by Micro­soft and har­dens new Win­dows 11 PCs with pro­tec­tion for user iden­ti­ty, data, and applications.

Exclu­si­ve Leno­vo and AMD Collaboration

Fur­ther­mo­re, Leno­vo and AMD have col­la­bo­ra­ted to deli­ver cut­ting edge plat­form design, stream­li­ning all aspects of the sys­tem from sili­con to hard­ware and soft­ware. The Think­Pad Z13, cou­pled with the exclu­si­ve AMD Ryzen™ 7 PRO 6860Z pro­ces­sor3, deli­vers a supre­me col­la­bo­ra­ti­on expe­ri­ence. The pro­ces­sor is opti­mi­zed to deli­ver seam­less audio and video per­for­mance, maxi­mi­ze respon­si­ve­ness, and deli­ver incredi­ble bat­te­ry life in app­li­ca­ti­ons like Teams and Zoom. Think­Pad Z16 can also be con­fi­gu­red with the new AMD Rade­on™ RX 6500M dis­cre­te gra­phics with AMD smart tech­no­lo­gies boos­ting pro­duc­ti­vi­ty, enab­ling advan­ced con­tent crea­ti­on, and casu­al gaming. When pai­red with the Ryzen pro­ces­sors, AMD Smart Shift Max offers an instanta­ne­ous power boost for both CPU and GPU, and Smart Shift Eco is desi­gned to maxi­mi­ze bat­te­ry efficiency.

Form Meets Function

As we begin cele­bra­ti­ons for the 30th anni­ver­s­a­ry of Think­Pad, we are incredi­b­ly proud of the lega­cy and heri­ta­ge that Think­Pad has ear­ned and our dedi­ca­ti­on to inno­vat­ing for the bene­fit of the end user will con­ti­nue for deca­des to come. We are very exci­ted about the signi­fi­cant design evo­lu­ti­on in Think­Pad Z seri­es, but abo­ve all the Think­Pad Z13 and Z16 con­ti­nue to echo the core foun­da­tio­nal design and engi­nee­ring tenets that the brand has beco­me syn­ony­mous with.

Key design and tech­no­lo­gy fea­tures have been inte­gra­ted into Think­Pad Z seri­es to boost the indi­vi­du­al user expe­ri­ence. Mini­ma­lism is pur­po­se­ful­ly sophisti­ca­ted and desi­ra­ble. Dis­plays have been opti­mi­zed with ultra-nar­row bezels and pro­duc­ti­ve 16:10 aspect rati­os. Audio and video con­fe­ren­cing is enhan­ced through a new Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons Bar that houses a bet­ter FHD web­cam with a lar­ger 1.4µm sen­sor and dual-array micro­pho­nes. A lar­ger 120mm glass hap­tic For­ce­Pad that flows seam­less­ly with the all-glass palm rest is intro­du­ced for rapid and easy input and tho­se fami­li­ar with the ico­nic red Track­Point will wit­ness a new func­tio­n­a­li­ty: Dou­ble tap the Track­Point to launch a Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on Quick­Me­nu for quick access to com­mon came­ra and micro­pho­ne settings.


Our goal is to delight end users with a dis­tinc­ti­ve look and feel using recy­cled mate­ri­als and deli­vering on our pro­mi­se for an excep­tio­nal expe­ri­ence; and reas­su­re IT depart­ments with enter­pri­se-class per­for­mance, secu­ri­ty, relia­bi­li­ty, and manageability.

Make no mista­ke, Z13 and Z16 are Think­Pad lap­tops after all and as such are tes­ted to MIL-Spec 810H stan­dards and under­go the same strin­gent qua­li­ty con­trols as all Think­Pad lap­tops, a fun­da­men­tal step in Think­Pad pro­duct deve­lo­p­ment and espe­cial­ly when using new materials.

Cut­ting Edge Technologies

We build our pro­ducts around our cus­to­mers’ needs. Every sin­gle detail is the­re for a rea­son and Think­Pad Z13 and Z16 excel at offe­ring a bet­ter out­co­me for end users. High­lights include:

  • Recy­cled black vegan lea­ther and alu­mi­num, and recy­clab­le bam­boo and sug­arca­ne packaging
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons Bar inte­gra­ting an FHD came­ra with a lar­ger sen­sor, elec­tro­nic e‑Shutter for pri­va­cy and dual-array microphones
  • Hig­hest screen-to-body (STB) ratio in Think­Pad port­fo­lio – 91.6% (Z13) and 92.3% (Z16)
  • Lar­ger 120mm hap­tic ForcePad
  • Vivid dis­play opti­ons inclu­ding touch-enab­led 2.8K OLED on Z13 and 4K OLED on Z16, both with Dol­by Visi­on® sup­port and low blue light
  • Dol­by Atmos® Spea­ker Sys­tem and Dol­by Voice® AI noi­se can­cel­la­ti­on technology
  • New dou­ble-tap func­tion on Track­Point laun­ches Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on Quick­Me­nu for rapid access to came­ra and micro­pho­ne settings
  • Z13 is powe­red by AMD Ryzen PRO U‑Series pro­ces­sors with inte­gra­ted AMD Rade­on gra­phics plus Micro­soft Plu­ton secu­ri­ty pro­ces­sor. Z13 is also avail­ab­le with an exclu­si­ve AMD Ryzen PRO 6860Z processor
  • Z16 is powe­red by AMD Ryzen PRO H‑Series pro­ces­sors with inte­gra­ted AMD Rade­on gra­phics or optio­nal AMD Rade­on RX 6500M dis­cre­te gra­phics, and inclu­de the Micro­soft Plu­ton secu­ri­ty processor
  • AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Seri­es pro­ces­sors with Qual­comm® Fast­Con­nect 6900 offer advan­ced mana­gea­bi­li­ty and indus­try lea­ding Wi-Fi con­nec­ti­vi­ty on Z13 and Z16. Addi­tio­nal­ly, Qual­comm® 4‑stream Dual Band Simul­ta­ne­ousi (DBS) on AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 Seri­es pro­ces­sors enab­les sus­tai­ned low laten­cy poten­ti­al of Wi-Fi Dual Sta­ti­on, natively sup­por­ted on Win­dows 11
  • Pre­l­oa­ded with Win­dows 11
  • Match-on-chip fin­ger­print rea­der inte­gra­ted into key­board for secu­ri­ty convenience


We are immen­se­ly proud of our Think­Pad heri­ta­ge but the­re is litt­le time to reflect, and we will also stri­ve to delight new cus­to­mers as well as exis­ting ones. Inno­va­ti­on is in our DNA from design and deve­lo­p­ment to engi­nee­ring and sup­ply chain. We will con­ti­nue to push the bounda­ries, make chan­ges, and work with clo­se part­ners like AMD and Micro­soft to deli­ver inno­va­ti­ve and more secu­re pro­ducts like Think­Pad Z13 and Z16 that are desi­gned to exceed the needs of cus­to­mers, cur­rent and future.” Jer­ry Para­di­se, vice pre­si­dent, Glo­bal Com­mer­cial Pro­duct Port­fo­lio, Leno­vo PC and Smart Devices.

AMD PRO tech­no­lo­gies deli­vers a com­ple­te set of fea­tures that are essen­ti­al for the modern busi­ness. We are deligh­ted to be working with Leno­vo to deli­ver the world’s first x86 pro­ces­sors inte­gra­ting the Micro­soft Plu­ton secu­ri­ty pro­ces­sor into the newest mem­ber of their Think­Pad port­fo­lio. Think­Pad Z seri­es with AMD PRO tech­no­lo­gies will ensu­re users have the con­fi­dence to navi­ga­te our new hybrid working world quick­ly, reli­ab­ly and with secu­ri­ty in mind.” Jason Ban­ta, CVP and Gene­ral Mana­ger, OEM Cli­ent Com­pu­ting, AMD.

”Hybrid working is the new norm, and users seek new levels of col­la­bo­ra­ti­on and secu­ri­ty. For the first time in a busi­ness lap­top, the Micro­soft Plu­ton secu­ri­ty pro­ces­sor inte­gra­ted on AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 Seri­es pro­ces­sors in the Think­Pad Z13 and Z16 with Win­dows 11 will help pro­tect user iden­ti­ty, data and apps from the chip to the cloud. The power­ful com­bi­na­ti­on of the­se tech­no­lo­gies will help users aug­ment their pro­duc­ti­vi­ty and enga­ge­ment with peace of mind from the sophisti­ca­ted attacks of today and tomor­row.” – David West­on, Part­ner Direc­tor of Enter­pri­se and OS Secu­ri­ty, Micro­soft Corp.

Visit the Leno­vo Sto­ry­Hub news­room for images, full specs and Lenovo’s CES home­pageLeno­vo Think­Pad for more information.

Pri­cing and Avai­la­bi­li­ty4:

Think­Pad Z13 will be avail­ab­le from May 2022, star­ting from $1549
Think­Pad Z16 will be avail­ab­le from May 2022, star­ting from $2099

Pro­duct Specifications

  Think­Pad Z13 Think­Pad Z16
Pro­ces­sor AMD Ryzen PRO U‑Series processor
Optio­nal exclu­si­ve AMD Ryzen PRO 6860Z processor
AMD Ryzen PRO H‑Series processor
Ope­ra­ting System Win­dows 11
Memo­ry Up to 32GB LPDDR5
Sto­rage Up to 1TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD Up to 2TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD
Gra­phics Inte­gra­ted AMD Rade­on graphics Inte­gra­ted AMD Rade­on graphics
AMD Rade­on RX 6500M dis­cre­te option
Dis­play 13.3‑inch 16:10 – 91.6% STB
WUXGA IPS 400nit Low Power (touch option)
WQXGA OLED 400nit, Touch, Dol­by Visi­on, Low Blue Light
16.0‑inch 16:10 – 92.3% STB
WUXGA IPS 400nit Low Power (touch option)
WQUXGA OLED 400nit, Touch, Dol­by Visi­on, Low Blue Light
Audio Dol­by Atmos Spea­ker Sys­tem and Dol­by Voice
Came­ra Infra­red FHD came­ra f2.0, with eShutter
Bat­te­ry 50Whr, Rapid Charge 70Whr, Rapid Charge
Secu­ri­ty Match-on-Chip FPR, dTPM 2.0, Micro­soft Plu­ton Secu­ri­ty Processor
Ports 2 x USB‑C (USB4.0), Audio Jack 3 x USB‑C (USB4.0), Audio Jack, SD Card Reader
Key­board Edge-to-Edge, Back­lit, 120mm Hap­tic ForcePad Back­lit, 120mm Hap­tic ForcePad
Wire­less LAN Wi-Fi 6E, Blue­tooth 5.2
Wire­less WAN 4G LTE CAT 16
Colors/Materials Black Recy­cled Vegan Leather/Bronze AL
Arc­tic Grey Recy­cled AL
Black Recy­cled AL
Arc­tic Grey Recy­cled AL
Dimen­si­ons 294.4 x 199.6 x 13.99mm 354.4 x 237.4 x 15.8mm
Weight 1.25kg – 2.76 lbs 1.97kg – 4.3 lbs

About Leno­vo
Leno­vo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a US$60 bil­li­on reve­nue For­tu­ne Glo­bal 500 com­pa­ny ser­ving cus­to­mers in 180 mar­kets around the world. Focu­sed on a bold visi­on to deli­ver smar­ter tech­no­lo­gy for all, we are deve­lo­ping world-chan­ging tech­no­lo­gies that power (through devices and infra­st­ruc­tu­re) and empower (through solu­ti­ons, ser­vices and soft­ware) mil­li­ons of cus­to­mers every day and tog­e­ther crea­te a more inclu­si­ve, trust­worthy and sus­tainab­le digi­tal socie­ty for ever­yo­ne, ever­y­whe­re. To find out more visit ‚and read about the latest news via our StoryHub.

Alu­mi­num mate­ri­als in arc­tic grey, black and bron­ze are 75% recycled
2 Vegan lea­ther is made from 100% recy­cled poly­ethy­le­ne terephthalate
3 AMD deve­lo­ped pro­ces­sor exclu­si­ve to Think­Pad Z13
4 Pri­ces may not inclu­de tax, ship­ping or opti­ons and are sub­ject to chan­ge without noti­ce; addi­tio­nal terms and con­di­ti­ons app­ly. Resel­ler pri­ces may vary. On-shelf dates may vary by geo­gra­phy and pro­ducts may only be avail­ab­le in select mar­kets. All offers sub­ject to avai­la­bi­li­ty. Leno­vo reser­ves the right to alter pro­duct offe­rings, fea­tures and spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons at any time without notice

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