AMD Powers Aisin Next-Generation Automated Parking Assist System

── AMD Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC automotive platform with deep learning processor advances low-latency, AI-based image processing for automated parking system ──

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) announ­ced today that the AMD Xilinx Auto­mo­ti­ve (XA) Zynq® UltraS­ca­le+ MPSoC plat­form has been selec­ted to power the Aisin Auto­ma­ted Par­king-Assist (APA) sys­tem. The high­ly adap­ta­ble XA Zynq UltraS­ca­le+ MPSoC plat­form enab­les the next-genera­ti­on Aisin APA sys­tem to detect pede­stri­ans, vehi­cles and free space effi­ci­ent­ly and at extre­me­ly low laten­cy. The Aisin APA sys­tem will begin ship­ping in model year 2024.

The XA Zynq UltraS­ca­le+ MPSoC plat­form — deploy­ed in the came­ras wit­hin the Aisin APA sys­tem — com­bi­nes a high-per­for­mance Arm®-based mul­ti­core, mul­ti­pro­ces­sing sys­tem with ASIC-class pro­gramm­a­ble logic con­tai­ning cus­tom co-pro­ces­sors that can be opti­mi­zed to meet sys­tem needs, inclu­ding a deep lear­ning pro­ces­sor unit for con­vo­lu­tio­nal neural net­work (CNN) pro­ces­sing. This enab­les machi­ne lear­ning-based sce­ne seg­menta­ti­on and object detec­tion for the Aisin APA sys­tem. The XA Zynq MPSoC plat­form deli­vers maxi­mum pro­ces­sing effi­ci­en­cy and is capa­ble of off­loading cri­ti­cal func­tions, such as gra­phics and video pipe­lining, to dedi­ca­ted pro­ces­sing blocks to enab­le low-laten­cy image processing.

The Aisin APA sys­tem uses four came­ras and 12 ultra­so­nic sen­sors moun­ted on the vehi­cle to reco­gni­ze the sur­roun­ding envi­ron­ment and cal­cu­la­te the dri­ving rou­te. The sys­tem then con­trols the vehi­cle accord­ing to the cal­cu­la­ted rou­te to park its­elf. In addi­ti­on, the Aisin APA sys­tem also auto­ma­ti­cal­ly per­forms auto­ma­ted emer­gen­cy bra­king in the event of a poten­ti­al collision.

Aisin’s APA sys­tem lever­a­ges com­plex AI and requi­res an SoC deli­vering high per­for­mance and low laten­cy, which led us to choo­sing the AMD Xilinx XA Zynq UltraS­ca­le+ MPSoC plat­form,” said Mori­to Oshi­ta, pre­si­dent, Chas­sis and Vehi­cle Safe­ty Sys­tem Com­pa­ny, Aisin Cor­po­ra­ti­on. “Basic sur­round-view sys­tems redu­ced some of the chal­len­ges of manu­al par­king for con­su­mers, whe­re­as APA sys­tems can now signi­fi­cant­ly ease the stress of par­king in tight spots. We are plea­sed to start deve­lo­p­ment and bring this solu­ti­on to consumers.”

As sur­round-view sys­tems evol­ve from basic video stit­ching and gra­phic over­lays that visual­ly assist dri­vers, to cars now being able to use AI to park them­sel­ves — we see a huge oppor­tu­ni­ty to sup­port the needs of this mar­ket with our adap­ta­ble Zynq plat­form,” said Han­ne­ke Krekels, cor­po­ra­te vice pre­si­dent, Core Ver­ti­cal Mar­kets, AMD. “Aisin is lea­ding the pack with its inno­va­ti­ve approach, designing this APA sys­tem with the fle­xi­bi­li­ty to adapt the spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons depen­ding on the spe­ci­fic requi­re­ments of dif­fe­rent auto­ma­kers. This is a per­fect examp­le of how the adap­ta­bi­li­ty of the AMD Zynq MPSoC pro­vi­des an upgrade path to incre­a­sed fea­ture capa­bi­li­ty in future designs.”

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