2. Generation von AMD Ryzen Threadripper ab heute vorbestellbar

Ab heu­te kön­nen die mit Span­nung erwar­te­ten AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per Pro­zes­so­ren der zwei­ten Genera­ti­on welt­weit bei über 80 glo­ba­len Händ­lern und Sys­tem­in­te­gra­to­ren vor­be­stellt wer­den. Die neu­en Sam­ples kön­nen unter ande­rem bei Alter­na­te und Mind­fac­to­ry vor­be­stellt wer­den. Eine voll­stän­di­ge Lis­te der teil­neh­men­den Händ­ler und wei­te­re Infor­ma­tio­nen zur Markt­ein­füh­rung fin­den Sie unter www.AMD.com.

Die neu­en Pro­zes­so­ren wur­den spe­zi­ell für pro­fes­sio­nel­le Ent­wick­ler, Con­tent-Erstel­ler und PC-Enthu­si­as­ten ent­wi­ckelt. Aus­ge­stat­tet mit 32 Ker­nen haben die neu­en AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2990WX Pro­zes­so­ren bereits den neu­en Welt­re­kord im Cine­bench R15 Mul­ti-Thread-CPU-Test unter den Sin­gle-Socket-Desk­top-Pro­zes­so­ren gebro­chen.

Die zwei­te Gen-Pro­dukt­rei­he umfasst vier Gesamt­pro­zes­sor­mo­del­le, die 2018 auf den Markt kom­men und alle auf der 12nm “Zen+”-Kernarchitektur basie­ren.

  • Der AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per Pro­zes­sor 2990WX kann ab sofort vor­be­stellt wer­den.
  • Die 16-Kern/32-Thread AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2950X CPU wird vor­aus­sicht­lich ab 31. August 2018 erhält­lich sein.
  • Die AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2970WX und 2920X Pro­zes­so­ren wer­den vor­aus­sicht­lich ab Okto­ber 2018 ver­füg­bar sein.


World-Record Brea­king 2nd Genera­ti­on AMD Ryzen™ Thre­ad­rip­per™ Pro­ces­sor – Pre-Sales
Begin Today with Initi­al Avai­la­bi­li­ty Aug. 13

— Over 80 Glo­bal Retailers and Sys­tem Inte­gra­tors offer Imme­dia­te Pre-Order Oppor­tu­nities of
flagship 32-core, 64-thread 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2990WX World­wi­de —

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Aug. 6, 2018 — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announ­ced imme­dia­te world­wi­de
pre-order avai­la­bi­li­ty from over 80 glo­bal etailers and sys­tem inte­gra­tors­for the high­ly anti­ci­pa­ted flagship
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per desk­top pro­ces­sor. Brea­king the world-record Cine­bench R15 mul­ti­thre­aded
CPU test with the hig­hest bench­mark scores in the sin­gle-socket desk­top pro­ces­sor cate­go­ry,
the 32-core, 64-thread 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2990WX is desi­gned for pro­fes­sio­nal con­tent
crea­tors, deve­lo­pers, and PC enthu­si­asts. The 2nd Gen line-up fea­tures four total pro­ces­sor models com­ing
to mar­ket in 2018, all of which are built on the 12nm “Zen+” core archi­tec­tu­re, inclu­de the uni­que 2nd Gen
AMD Ryzen pro­ces­sor fea­ture set, and are com­pa­ti­ble with exis­ting and new X399 mother­boards. With
the 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2990WX and 2970WX pro­ces­sors, AMD adds the new Ryzen
Thre­ad­rip­per WX Series above the exis­ting Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per X Series pro­ces­sors, mee­ting crea­tors’
demands for the ulti­ma­te desk­top com­pu­ting power for the most inten­se workloads.

We crea­ted a new stan­dard for the HEDT mar­ket when we laun­ched our first Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per
pro­ces­sors a year ago, deli­vering a ground-brea­king level of com­pu­ting power for the world’s most
deman­ding PC users,” said Jim Ander­son, seni­or vice pre­si­dent and gene­ral mana­ger, Com­pu­ting and
Gra­phics Busi­ness Group, AMD. “Our goal with 2nd Gen Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per pro­ces­sors was to push the
per­for­mance bounda­ries even fur­ther and con­ti­nue inno­vat­ing at the blee­ding edge. Begin­ning on August
13, crea­tors, enthu­si­asts, and gamers ever­y­whe­re will get to expe­ri­ence the bene­fits of the­se new

During an event in front of glo­bal press, indus­try ana­lysts, and part­ners last month, 2nd Gen Ryzen
Thre­ad­rip­per 2990WX pro­ces­sors were put through their paces and have alrea­dy bro­ken world records1
in the Cine­bench R15 mul­ti-thre­aded CPU test. The AMD Ryzen Over­clo­cking Team mana­ged to push the
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2990WX CPU to over 5.1GHz on liquid nitro­gen, achie­ving record
brea­king per­for­mance with a score of 7,618, bea­ting the cur­rent sin­gle socket record set by the
competition’s Core i9-7980­XE CPU at 5,828 points. The free­ly avail­ab­le Ryzen Mas­ter Soft­ware uti­li­ty gives
broad con­trol of CPU2set­tings allo­wing users to squee­ze every drop of per­for­mance from their CPU.

2nd Genera­ti­on AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per Desk­top Pro­ces­sors Line-up
Fol­lo­wing an aggres­si­ve 2018 roll out of glo­bal award-win­ning Ryzen main­stream desk­top pro­ces­sors,
the 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per pro­ces­sor line-up is tailo­red to the needs of crea­tors and gamers.


Eco­sys­tem Readi­ness

All 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per pro­ces­sors sup­port the SocketTR4 plat­form, spor­ting six­ty-four
PCIe® Gen 3.0 lanes, and quad chan­nel DDR4 memo­ry with ECC sup­port 3. All 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen
Thre­ad­rip­per CPUs are sup­por­ted by a full eco­sys­tem of new and exis­ting X399 plat­forms at launch, with
designs alrea­dy avail­ab­le from top mother­board manu­fac­tu­rers inclu­ding ASRock, ASUS, Giga­byte, and
MSI. Along with the broad selec­tion of mother­boards, the SocketTR4 plat­form sup­ports a wide ran­ge of
new and exis­ting coo­ling solu­ti­ons, inclu­ding the new Wraith Rip­per air-coo­ler show­ca­sed at Com­pu­tex
2018. This coo­ler is now avail­ab­le from Coo­ler­Mas­ter and fea­tures com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty with the SocketTR4
plat­form and all 1st Gen and 2nd Gen Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per pro­ces­sors.


For custo­mers eager­ly wai­ting for 2nd Gen Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per desk­top pro­ces­sors, etailers around the
world are pri­med to begin taking pre-orders begin­ning today, Mon­day, Aug. 6, 2018, for the 32-core, 64-
thread AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2990WX. A com­ple­te list of par­ti­ci­pa­ting retailers and launch infor­ma­ti­on
can be found on www.AMD.com. The 16-core, 32-thread AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2950X CPU is expec­ted
to launch on Aug.31, 2018 and the AMD Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per 2970WX and 2920X models are sla­ted for
launch in Octo­ber 2018.

At Sig­graph 2018 in Van­cou­ver, Bri­tish Colum­bia, the glo­bal­ly acc­lai­med annu­al con­fe­rence for
crea­tors kicking off on Aug. 12, AMD will host com­pel­ling demons­tra­ti­ons high­ligh­t­ing the pos­si­bi­li­ties
enab­led by the 2nd Gen Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per pro­ces­sors for com­pu­ter pro­fes­sio­nals – Booth 1101.
Custo­mer & Part­ner Sup­port

At Fox VFX Lab we use AMD tech­no­lo­gy exten­si­ve­ly. Our work­sta­tions are custom built, based on
water coo­led Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per pro­ces­sors. Unre­al engi­ne artists easi­ly peg every core at 100% during
light­mass cal­cu­la­ti­ons,” said Ron Fischer, Direc­tor of Infor­ma­ti­on Tech­no­lo­gy, Fox VFX Lab. “We work in
real-time at the front of the pro­duc­tion pipe­line, and things move very quick­ly here, at the speed of
ima­gi­na­ti­on. AMD helps keep the pace as we defi­ne the future of vir­tu­al filmma­king.”

From film, TV, ani­ma­ti­on and moti­on gra­phics to art design & visu­al deve­lop­ment, Jel­ly­fish Pic­tures’
focus is deli­vering uncom­pro­mi­sed crea­ti­ve art­work to the world” said Jere­my Smith, CTO at Jel­ly­fish
Pic­tures. “Our goal is to empower crea­ti­ve pro­fes­sio­nals to free­ly ima­gi­ne, design, build and crea­te
wit­hout limi­ta­ti­ons, and with AMD’s Ryzen Thre­ad­rip­per we know we are offe­ring unri­va­led high­per­for­mance
com­pu­ting tech­no­lo­gy.”

Sup­por­ting Resour­ces
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• Learn more about AMD Wraith coo­ling solu­ti­ons
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About AMD
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(AMD) inclu­ding the fea­tures, func­tio­n­a­li­ty, avai­la­bi­li­ty, timing and expec­ted bene­fits of AMD’s cur­rent
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ter­mi­no­lo­gy. Inves­tors are cau­tio­ned that the for­ward-loo­king state­ments in this docu­ment are based on
cur­rent beliefs, assump­ti­ons and expec­ta­ti­ons, speak only as of the date of this docu­ment and invol­ve
risks and uncer­tain­ties that could cau­se actu­al results to dif­fer mate­ri­al­ly from cur­rent expec­ta­ti­ons. Such
state­ments are sub­ject to cer­tain known and unknown risks and uncer­tain­ties, many of which are dif­fi­cult
to pre­dict and gene­ral­ly bey­ond AMD’s con­trol, that could cau­se actu­al results and other future events to
dif­fer mate­ri­al­ly from tho­se expres­sed in, or implied or pro­jec­ted by, the for­ward-loo­king infor­ma­ti­on and
state­ments. Mate­ri­al fac­tors that could cau­se actu­al results to dif­fer mate­ri­al­ly from cur­rent expec­ta­ti­ons
inclu­de, wit­hout limi­ta­ti­on, the fol­lo­wing: Intel Corporation’s domi­nan­ce of the micropro­ces­sor mar­ket
and its aggres­si­ve busi­ness prac­tices may limit AMD’s abi­li­ty to com­pe­te effec­tively; AMD has a wafer
sup­ply agree­ment with GF with obli­ga­ti­ons to purcha­se all of its micropro­ces­sor and APU pro­duct
requi­re­ments, and a cer­tain por­ti­on of its GPU pro­duct requi­re­ments, from GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. (GF)
with limi­ted excep­ti­ons. If GF is not able to satis­fy AMD’s manu­fac­tu­ring requi­re­ments, its busi­ness could
be adver­se­ly impac­ted; AMD reli­es on third par­ties to manu­fac­tu­re its pro­duc­ts, and if they are unab­le to
do so on a time­ly basis in suf­fi­ci­ent quan­ti­ties and using com­pe­ti­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gies, AMD’s busi­ness could
be mate­ri­al­ly adver­se­ly affec­ted; fail­u­re to achie­ve expec­ted manu­fac­tu­ring yields for AMD’s pro­duc­ts
could nega­tively impact its finan­ci­al results; the suc­cess of AMD’s busi­ness is depen­dent upon its abi­li­ty
to intro­du­ce pro­duc­ts on a time­ly basis with fea­tures and per­for­mance levels that pro­vi­de value to its
custo­mers while sup­por­ting and coin­ci­ding with signi­fi­cant indus­try tran­si­ti­ons; if AMD can­not gene­ra­te
suf­fi­ci­ent reve­nue and ope­ra­ting cash flow or obtain exter­nal finan­cing, it may face a cash short­fall and
be unab­le to make all of its plan­ned invest­ments in rese­arch and deve­lop­ment or other stra­te­gic
invest­ments; the loss of a signi­fi­cant custo­mer may have a mate­ri­al adver­se effect on AMD; AMD’s rece­ipt
of reve­nue from its semi-custom SoC pro­duc­ts is depen­dent upon its tech­no­lo­gy being desi­gned into third­par­ty
pro­duc­ts and the suc­cess of tho­se pro­duc­ts; AMD pro­duc­ts may be sub­ject to secu­ri­ty vul­nera­bi­li­ties
that could have a mate­ri­al adver­se effect on AMD; data breaches and cyber-attacks could com­pro­mi­se
AMD’s intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty or other sen­si­ti­ve infor­ma­ti­on, be cost­ly to reme­dia­te and cau­se signi­fi­cant
dama­ge to its busi­ness and repu­ta­ti­on; AMD’s ope­ra­ting results are sub­ject to quar­ter­ly and sea­so­nal sales
pat­terns; glo­bal eco­no­mic uncer­tain­ty may adver­se­ly impact AMD’s busi­ness and ope­ra­ting results; AMD
may not be able to gene­ra­te suf­fi­ci­ent cash to ser­vice its debt obli­ga­ti­ons or meet its working capi­tal
requi­re­ments; AMD has a lar­ge amount of indeb­ted­ness which could adver­se­ly affect its finan­ci­al posi­ti­on
and pre­vent it from imple­men­ting its stra­te­gy or ful­fil­ling its con­trac­tu­al obli­ga­ti­ons; the agree­ments
gover­ning AMD’s notes and the Secu­red Revol­ving Line of Credit impo­se restric­tions on AMD that may
adver­se­ly affect its abi­li­ty to ope­ra­te its busi­ness; the mar­kets in which AMD’s pro­duc­ts are sold are high­ly
com­pe­ti­ti­ve; AMD’s issu­an­ce to West Coast Hitech L.P. (WCH) of war­rants to purcha­se 75 mil­li­on sha­res
of its com­mon stock, if and when exer­cis­ed, will dilu­te the ownership inte­rests of its exis­ting stock­hol­ders,
and the con­ver­si­on of the 2.125% Con­ver­ti­ble Seni­or Notes due 2026 may dilu­te the ownership inte­rest
of its exis­ting stock­hol­ders, or may other­wi­se depress the pri­ce of its com­mon stock; uncer­tain­ties
invol­ving the orde­ring and ship­ment of AMD’s pro­duc­ts could mate­ri­al­ly adver­se­ly affect it; the demand
for AMD’s pro­duc­ts depends in part on the mar­ket con­di­ti­ons in the indus­tries into which they are sold.
Fluc­tua­ti­ons in demand for AMD’s pro­duc­ts or a mar­ket decli­ne in any of the­se indus­tries could have a
mate­ri­al adver­se effect on its results of ope­ra­ti­ons; AMD’s abi­li­ty to design and intro­du­ce new pro­duc­ts
in a time­ly man­ner is depen­dent upon third-par­ty intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty; AMD depends on third-par­ty
com­pa­nies for the design, manu­fac­tu­re and sup­ply of mother­boards, soft­ware and other com­pu­ter
plat­form com­pon­ents to sup­port its busi­ness; if AMD loses Micro­soft Corporation’s sup­port for its
pro­duc­ts or other soft­ware ven­dors do not design and deve­lop soft­ware to run on AMD’s pro­duc­ts, its
abi­li­ty to sell its pro­duc­ts could be mate­ri­al­ly adver­se­ly affec­ted; and AMD’s reli­an­ce on third-par­ty
dis­tri­bu­tors and AIB part­ners sub­jec­ts it to cer­tain risks. Inves­tors are urged to review in detail the risks
and uncer­tain­ties in AMD’s Secu­ri­ties and Exchan­ge Com­mis­si­on filings, inclu­ding but not limi­ted to AMD’s
Quar­ter­ly Report on Form 10-Q for the quar­ter ended June 30, 2018.

1 AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX CPU and the AMD Ryzen OC team achieved the highest benchmark score in the single socket desktop CPU
category in the following benchmarks:
• Cinebench R15 with Ryzen CPU at 5100MHz, score 7618 (previous single socket record at the time of the event was 5828 as per hwbot.org
18-core Cinebench R15 ranking (http://hwbot.org/submission/3738239_splave_cinebench___r15_core_i9_7980xe_5828_cb)
System configuration:
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX 32/64T CPU
• 4x8GB Gskill DDR4-3200 memory (running at DDR4-3400 CL16-16–16-36)
AMD Radeon RX 460 Graphics Card
• Liquid Nitrogen CPU cooling, -196C
512GB M2 NVME drive
1600W Power Supply
2 Overclocking AMD processors, including without limitation, altering clock frequencies / multipliers or memory timing / voltage, to operate
beyond their stock specifications will void any applicable AMD product warranty, even when such overclocking is enabled via AMD hardware
and/or software. This may also void warranties offered by the system manufacturer or retailer. Users assume all risks and liabilities that may
arise out of overclocking AMD processors, including, without limitation, failure of or damage to hardware, reduced system performance and/or
data loss, corruption or vulnerability. GD-106
3 ECC memory available only when enabled by the motherboard manufacturer. Check with your system provider for details and availability. GD-132