FreeCommander XE 2019 Build 790

Der in der 32-Bit-Ver­si­on kos­ten­lo­se Free­Com­man­der ist eine leicht bedien­ba­re Alter­na­ti­ve zum Stan­dard-Datei­ma­na­ger von Win­dows. Das Pro­gramm hilft bei der täg­li­chen Arbeit mit Win­dows und bie­tet unter ande­rem Zwei­fenster­tech­nik (optio­nal auch ein Fens­ter) mit wahl­wei­se ver­ti­ka­ler oder hori­zon­ta­ler Tei­lung, Regis­ter­kar­ten (Tabs) für einen schnel­len Ord­ner­wech­sel, eine Favo­ri­ten­lis­te für Pro­gram­me und Ord­ner und optio­na­le Bau­man­sicht in jedem Fenster.



— Bug fix: “Check for updates” drop list items are dupli­ca­ted after chan­ging of the lan­guage
— Bug fix: Pos­si­ble excep­ti­on if edi­t­ing view­er set­tings from gene­ral set­tings dialog
— Bug fix: Search dia­log — “Attribute/Timestamp…” dia­log can not be opened
— Bug fix: Full path is show­ed for “Net­work short­cut”
— Bug fix: Defi­ne tool­bar items dia­log — dia­log is ope­ned for the fal­se item if the list of tool­bar items was scrol­led.
— Bug fix: Dri­ve but­tons in tool­bar have no icons on pro­gram start
— Bug fix: If the Explo­rer opti­on “Hide exten­si­ons for known types” is acti­ve, then files can not be dele­ted from the desk­top (FC Method).
— Bug fix: Com­mand line does not work if cur­rent tab is ::Com­pu­ter
— Bug fix: Unpacking mul­ti­ple archi­ve files at once — if the desti­na­ti­on path is empty, the fol­der of the first file will always be used as desti­na­ti­on.
— Bug fix: View­er — sear­ching in hex mode does not work for properly
— Bug fix: “Make folder/file list..” dia­log — selec­ted pre­de­fi­ned fil­ter is ignored
— Bug fix: Auto save set­tings broken
— Bug fix: Rena­me on smart­phons bro­ken for cur­rent Win­dows 10
— Bug fix: Some tab icons are not dis­play­ed cor­rect­ly
— Bug fix: Refresh of ‘Net­work’ goes to ‘Desk­top’
— Bug fix: Zip naming issue
— Bug fix: Search func­tion — size fil­ter is igno­red some­ti­mes
— Bug fix: View of the PDF files does not work for some instal­led PDF programs
— Bug fix: Quick fil­ter — exclu­de mul­ti­ple exten­si­ons does not work
— Bug fix: Buil­ding of the zip file name bro­ken
— Bug fix: Inter­nal view­er — the opti­on “Enab­le adjust ori­en­ta­ti­on” does not work cor­rect­ly if “Show Exif” is swit­ched on/off
— Bug fix: Main menu disap­pe­ar if defi­ned as “Show menu as tool­bar”
— Bug fix: Queue but­ton is always default for pack operation
— Bug fix: Com­pa­re fol­ders — takes a long time if the­re are several thousand files in folders.
— Bug fix: Tree view is not updated when dele­ting a fol­der in the file list via con­text menu.
— Bug fix: Quick star­ter — In order to search with quick fil­ter first focus must be set in the field. That was not necessa­ry in the old version.
— Bug fix: Auto­ma­tic views — few minor bugs fixed
— Bug fix: Dif­fe­rent beha­vi­or of selec­ted items when dele­ting with the Win­dows method
— Bug fix: Excep­ti­on on pro­gram start if thumb­nail view is acti­ve in one pane
— Bug fix: Excep­ti­on on dri­ves rel­oad if dri­ve but­ton was added to toolbar
— Bug fix: Rena­me with slow dou­ble click does not work if the opti­on “Hot track only” is active
— Bug fix: Sor­ting on shell colum­ns does not work properly
— Bug fix: Sear­ching for the hex string does not work pro­per­ly (view­er and search dialog)
— Bug fix: Opti­on “Keep expan­ded nodes per Tab” broken
— Bug fix: RAR files crea­ted on Android can not be extracted
— Bug fix: Column pro­files — added Win­dows column can get wrong title
— Bug fix: Mes­sa­ge “The sys­tem can­not find the path spe­ci­fied” can be show­ed twice
— Bug fix: Dri­ve icons may be not cor­rect­ly dis­play­ed in tool­bars
— Bug fix: Copy&paste in the tree does not refresh the tree
— Bug fix: An inter­nal error in the thumb­nail dis­play may slow down the dis­play, espe­cial­ly from the network.
— Bug fix: Mul­ti rena­me opti­on “Acti­va­te pro­files com­bo box first” is bro­ken
— Bug fix: Plain View does not remem­ber selec­tion after swit­ching to ano­t­her tab
— Bug fix: Quick fil­ter does not see some coun­try-spe­ci­fic upper­ca­se let­ters
— Bug fix: Drag&drop ope­ra­ti­on fails if it was star­ted from plain view and some coun­try-spe­ci­fic let­ters exist in the file name
— Bug fix: Color sche­mes saving is bro­ken
— Bug fix: Fol­der syn­chro­ni­ze (with com­pa­re by con­tent) may stops after com­pa­ring the very last file
— Bug fix: File/folder selec­tion is lost when can­cel dele­te ope­ra­ti­on (NC-Selec­tion and “Use Free­com­man­der” for delete)
— Bug fix: Screen­shot in sys­tems with mul­ti­ple moni­tors and dif­fe­rent reso­lu­ti­ons is faulty.
— Bug fix: The file name exten­si­on is always show­ed in lower case let­ters, if it is in the sepa­ra­ted column.
— Bug fix: Desk­top fol­der is not refres­hing after dele­te ope­ra­ti­on (if defi­ned as “Use Win­dows”)
— Bug fix: Unpack archi­ve zip file into “Pro­gram files” fol­der is broken
— Chan­ged: “Color sche­ma” chan­ged to “Color scheme”
— Chan­ged: Hot­keys (Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down) for chan­ging search result split­ter chan­ged to Alt+Down, Alt+Up
— Chan­ged: Hand­ling of the favo­ri­tes LNK files chan­ged. Now tar­get path will be handled.
— Chan­ged: The drop-down menu for the Desk­top but­ton in the tool­bar has been chan­ged. Now no sub­me­nus are loa­ded. This avoids delays in star­ting of the program.
— Chan­ged: Quick star­ter repo­si­to­ry files now saved in UTF8 format
— Chan­ged: Tab cap­ti­on — UNC-paths are dis­play­ed with “1:” ins­tead of the ser­ver name
— Chan­ged: Freecommander.ini opti­on “Thumbs­No­Clip­Cap­ti­on” can be defi­ned now in the set­tings dia­log: “Draw cap­ti­on without clipping”
— Chan­ged: Delete/Copy/Move with the opti­on “Use Win­dows”: the mes­sa­ge “The ope­ra­ti­on was can­ce­led by user” is no more showed
— Imple­men­ted: New opti­on in copy dia­log “Use last over­wri­te options”
— Imple­men­ted: New drag&drop opti­on “Start drag­ging on label or icon only”
— Imple­men­ted: Opti­on for search dia­log to defi­ne in the sec­tion [fcSe­arch­Form] of the file FreeCommander.find.ini: OpenLocationChangeShortcut=1 if the short­cut should be chan­ged from Ctrl+Space to Alt+Space
— Imple­men­ted: New action added “Col­lap­se all nodes, except selec­ted node, in the tree view”
— Imple­men­ted: NOT ope­ra­tor for quick filter: \~
— Imple­men­ted: Mul­ti­rena­me — pat­tern for parent fol­der (level 1 to 9) added
— Imple­men­ted: “Cus­to­mi­ze action tool­bars” dia­log — quick fil­ter added
— Imple­men­ted: Column pro­fi­le defi­ni­ti­on — new opti­on added: ‘All sub­fol­der levels for colum­ns: Files, Items, Folders’
— Imple­men­ted: Inter­nal view­er — basic func­tions for image edi­t­ing added
— Imple­men­ted: Favo­ri­te tools — if fol­der is defi­ned as favo­ri­te tool, than para­me­ters %Right­Dir%, %Left­Dir%, %Inac­tiv­Dir% can be used if you want to open the fol­der not in the acti­ve pane
— Imple­men­ted: Quick fil­ter popup menu — new item added: Clear edit field
— Imple­men­ted: Quick fil­ter — click on quick fil­ter but­ton with pres­sed CTRL key: edit field will be cleared
— Imple­men­ted: Quick star­ter — con­text menu for the line added
— Imple­men­ted: Ver­si­on che­cker form — fre­quen­cy of che­cking can be set here too
— Imple­men­ted: Quick fil­ter field — select all with Ctrl+A is now pos­si­ble
— Imple­men­ted: New action added “Copy name without exten­si­on as text”
— Imple­men­ted: Dele­te ope­ra­ti­on (Win­dows) non blo­cking now
— Imple­men­ted: View­er set­tings — igno­re list added
— Imple­men­ted: Action for rever­se quick fil­ter added
— Imple­men­ted: Lay­out opti­on “Igno­re main win­dow size and posi­ti­on” now is defi­ned per lay­out and not glo­bal
— Imple­men­ted: “Set­tings — Shell menu” new opti­on added “App­ly to: Cur­rent user, All users”
— Imple­men­ted: Quick star­ter — quick fil­ter field use the set­tings color now
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — Clo­se dupli­ca­te Tabs
— Imple­men­ted: “Defi­ne favo­ri­te tool­bars” dia­log — “Dupli­ca­te” func­tion added; Drag&drop for moving to ano­t­her toolbar
— Imple­men­ted: Quick star­ter set­tings — item colors by file type
— Imple­men­ted: Quick star­ter — in “Repo­si­to­ry -> Reor­ga­ni­ze” func­tion you will be asked, if non exis­ting ele­ments should be removed.
— Imple­men­ted: Switch view mode auto­ma­ti­cal­ly on fol­der chan­ge — “Set­tings -> Column profiles/Automatic views”
— Imple­men­ted: If the favo­ri­te tree opti­on “Full row select” is acti­ve, the dou­ble click (or click) will also work if the mou­se is not over the name
— Imple­men­ted: Cur­r­ent­ly we can switch to the desi­red dri­ve with Shift+drive-letter. If no root fol­der is acti­ve after swit­ching, then using again Shift+drive-letter will switch to the root folder.
— Imple­men­ted: Quick star­ter set­tings — selec­tion color added
— Imple­men­ted: Main menu items added “Edit -> Save selec­tion” and “Edit -> Res­to­re selection”
— Imple­men­ted: When navi­ga­ting in the fol­der histo­ry (Alt + Left, Alt + Right), non-exis­tent fol­ders are ignored.
— Imple­men­ted: Sear­ching duplicates
— Imple­men­ted: Mul­ti­rena­me — new opti­ons for case pro­ces­sing “Upper first let­ter fol­lowing any of defi­ned cha­rac­ters:”, “Keep cur­rent case”
— Imple­men­ted: Pos­si­bi­li­ty to defi­ne text label in the favo­ri­te toolbar
— Imple­men­ted: Search dia­log — new opti­on added “Open first pro­fi­le on start”
— Imple­men­ted: View­er — new opti­on for images added “Show frames” (in the con­text menu of the picture)
— Imple­men­ted: Quick fil­ter opti­on now avail­ab­le in the set­tings dia­log “Also use for fol­der names”



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