ConsenSys, Halo Holdings and AMD partner to scale the emerging blockchain ecosystem with optimized hardware and software solutions

NEW YORK, Jan 4. 2019 – Today Con­sen­Sys announ­ced a col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Abu
Dha­bi-based Halo Hol­dings and AMD to deve­lop opti­mi­zed dat­a­cen­ter solu­ti­ons for emer­ging
block­chain workloads through the crea­ti­on of W3BCLOUD. Lever­aging Con­sen­Sys’ exten­si­ve
block­chain soft­ware exper­ti­se, W3BCLOUD plans to deve­lop opti­mi­zed solu­ti­ons powe­red by
AMD hard­ware that are capa­ble of sup­por­ting a varie­ty of workloads and app­li­ca­ti­ons for
governments and com­mer­ci­al enter­pri­ses, as well as acce­le­ra­te the adop­ti­on of decen­tra­li­zed

W3BCLOUD is focu­sed on pro­vi­ding the first inde­pen­dent cloud com­pu­ting block­chain
infra­st­ruc­tu­re, com­bi­ning increa­sed tran­sac­tion through­put with sta­te-of-the-art secu­ri­ty.
Con­sen­Sys, as a glo­bal lea­der in block­chain deve­lop­ment, brings insight into effi­ci­ent com­pu­te
usa­ge for block­chain tran­sac­tions, secu­ri­ty requi­re­ments, and emer­ging use cases for the

Bols­te­ring the com­pu­te power of block­chain net­works with AMD’s lea­ding-edge tech­no­lo­gy will
be of gre­at bene­fit to the scala­b­le adop­ti­on of emer­ging decen­tra­li­zed sys­tems around the
glo­be,” said Joe Lub­in, foun­der of Con­sen­Sys and co-crea­tor of Ethe­re­um. “The com­bi­na­ti­on of
hard­ware and soft­ware will power a new infra­st­ruc­tu­re lay­er and enab­le an acce­le­ra­ted
pro­li­fe­ra­ti­on of block­chain tech­no­lo­gies.”

We are exci­ted to work with Con­sen­sys and pro­vi­de them with access to high-per­for­mance
hard­ware tech­no­lo­gies capa­ble of bet­ter sca­ling and pro­li­fe­ra­ting decen­tra­li­zed net­works and
ser­vices to meet the gro­wing inte­rest from lar­ge cor­po­ra­ti­ons and governments loo­king to tack­le
chal­len­ges ran­ging from smart iden­ti­ty, enter­pri­se data cen­ters and health ID tracking, to
licen­sing and sup­ply chain manage­ment,” said Joerg Roskowetz, direc­tor of pro­duct
manage­ment, Block­chain Tech­no­lo­gy, at AMD.

About Con­sen­Sys:
Con­sen­Sys is a glo­bal for­ma­ti­on of tech­no­lo­gists and entre­pre­neurs buil­ding the infra­st­ruc­tu­re,
app­li­ca­ti­ons, and prac­tices that enab­le a decen­tra­li­zed world. At its core, Con­sen­Sys is a
ven­ture pro­duc­tion stu­dio and block­chain soft­ware deve­lop­ment con­sul­tan­cy crea­ting
decen­tra­li­zed app­li­ca­ti­ons (DApps), enter­pri­se solu­ti­ons and deve­lo­per tools for block­chain
eco­sys­tems, focu­sed pri­ma­ri­ly on Ethe­re­um. Powe­red by smart con­trac­ts and secu­red through
encryp­ti­on, our solu­ti­ons pro­vi­de the bene­fits of trans­pa­ren­cy, audita­bi­li­ty, and immu­ta­bi­li­ty that
are uni­que to block­chain-based solu­ti­ons. For more infor­ma­ti­on plea­se visit

About AMD:
For more than 45 years AMD has dri­ven inno­va­ti­on in high-per­for­mance com­pu­ting, gra­phics
and visua­li­za­ti­on tech­no­lo­gies ― the buil­ding blocks for gaming, immer­si­ve plat­forms and the
dat­a­cen­ter. Hund­reds of mil­li­ons of con­su­mers, lea­ding For­tu­ne 500 busi­nes­ses and
cut­ting-edge sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch faci­li­ties around the world rely on AMD tech­no­lo­gy dai­ly to
impro­ve how they live, work and play. AMD employees around the world are focu­sed on
buil­ding gre­at pro­duc­ts that push the bounda­ries of what is pos­si­ble. For more infor­ma­ti­on about
how AMD is enab­ling today and inspi­ring tomor­row, visit the AMD web­site, blog, Face­book and
Twit­ter pages.

About Halo Hol­dings:
Halo Hol­dings is an invest­ment manage­ment firm head­quar­te­red in Abu Dha­bi, United Arab
Emi­ra­tes. Halo has tran­sac­tions in lar­ge-sca­le tech­no­lo­gy and pri­va­te equi­ty invest­ments
span­ning Asia, Euro­pe, North Ame­ri­ca and the Midd­le East. The Halo team has exten­si­ve
lea­dership expe­ri­ence in glo­bal tech­no­lo­gy and invest­ment firms.