FreeCommander XE 2020 Build 810

Der in der 32-Bit-Ver­si­on kos­ten­lo­se Free­Com­man­der ist eine leicht bedien­ba­re Alter­na­ti­ve zum Stan­dard-Datei­ma­na­ger von Win­dows. Das Pro­gramm hilft bei der täg­li­chen Arbeit mit Win­dows und bie­tet unter ande­rem Zwei­fenster­tech­nik (optio­nal auch ein Fens­ter) mit wahl­wei­se ver­ti­ka­ler oder hori­zon­ta­ler Tei­lung, Regis­ter­kar­ten (Tabs) für einen schnel­len Ord­ner­wech­sel, eine Favo­ri­ten­lis­te für Pro­gram­me und Ord­ner und optio­na­le Bau­man­sicht in jedem Fens­ter.



Important chan­ges and bug fixes in the release 810 com­pa­red to 790a

- Bug fix: No auto refresh after dele­ting file from smart­pho­ne
— Bug fix: Excep­ti­on in inter­nal view­er
— Bug fix: If the opti­ons “One tree per panel” and “Keep expan­ded nodes per tab” are acti­ve: by swit­ching bet­ween left and right pane — the expan­ded fol­ders in the inac­ti­ve tree are clo­sed
— Bug fix: Lay­out swit­ching may cau­se the excep­ti­on
— Bug fix: Pro­gram start fail on Win­dows 2003
— Bug fix: Path chan­ge through DOS prompt wri­tes the path to the address bar with trai­ling deli­mi­ter.
— Bug fix: After ope­ning the zip file with the inter­nal plugin fc_internal_zip, dif­fe­rent unspe­ci­fic excep­ti­ons can occur later.
— Bug fix: Excep­ti­on on pro­gram start if small icons used in the split­ter tool­bar
— Bug fix: Ope­ning mul­ti­ple files cau­ses a crash
— Bug fix: If the opti­on “Quick fil­ter bar always visi­ble” is not acti­ve then excep­ti­on appears on click in main menu
— Bug fix: Tree is not updated cor­rect­ly after restart;
— Bug fix: Mul­ti­rena­me on smart­pho­ne works again
— Bug fix: Syn­chro­ni­ze fol­ders — the Quick View­er does not fol­low the chan­ges made to the selec­tion in the file list.
— Bug fix: When using “Copy name without exten­si­on as text” to copy name of the fol­der with dot (e.g. aaa.bbbcccddd), only the first part is copied (e.g. aaa)
— Bug fix: File­na­mes that start with peri­ods (e.g.: .con­fig) are not dis­play­ed cor­rect­ly if the “Right align exten­si­on …” opti­on is acti­ve.
— Bug fix: Tool­bar but­tons for List, Details, Thumb­nails stay in down sta­te if “Small icons” or “Lar­ge icons” is in menu selec­ted
— Bug fix: Rena­me of the volu­me dri­ve does not work if rena­me ope­ra­ti­on with dia­log is defi­ned
— Bug fix: Search files — Find dupli­ca­te files may pro­vi­de fal­se result
— Bug fix: Search for files/folders does not work with “;” in path. Use ” to enc­lo­se path with “;”
— Bug fix: Quick view­er clo­se but­ton does not work in mul­ti rena­me dia­log
— Bug fix: New added column pro­fi­le is not visi­ble on “Auto selec­ta­ble views” tab
— Bug fix: Mul­ti rena­me dia­log — “Acti­va­te pro­files com­bo box first” bro­ken with quick view
— Bug fix: When using a tool­bar but­ton “Show main menu as popup menu” some sub­me­nus may not work (e.g. Color sche­mes, Favo­ri­te tools)
— Bug fix: Search files dia­log — selec­ting files in the result list does not count selec­ted (if Shift key is used)
— Bug fix: Favo­ri­te fol­der tree — drop on node with fol­der is bro­ken
— Bug fix: Favo­ri­te fol­der dia­log — acti­ve item color is unread­a­ble
— Bug fix: Cho­sen cus­tom column pro­fi­le “A” chan­ges to cus­tom pro­fi­le “B” when a file is moved
— Bug fix: Scrol­ling in the details view is slower as in the pre­vious ver­si­on
— Bug fix: Sor­ting by any column in the search dia­log chan­ges the width of the colum­ns
— Bug fix: View­er — zoom with mou­se wheel is bro­ken
— Bug fix: Main menu minor issue
— Bug fix: Minor issue when using mul­ti rena­me button/hotkey
— Bug fix: Crea­te new fol­der tab from file con­tai­ner tab
— Bug fix: Selec­ting files via com­man­dli­ne may not work for net­work paths
— Bug fix: Dele­ting a file in the rena­me dia­log from the con­text menu does­n’t remo­ve it from the list
— Bug fix: Dele­ting a file in the search dia­log from the con­text menu does­n’t remo­ve it from the list
— Bug fix: Search dia­log list — mul­ti­ple items dele­te issue
— Bug fix: Sor­ting bro­ken on dele­te
— Bug fix: Lay­out defi­ni­ti­on — the opti­on ‘Igno­re main win­dow size and posi­ti­on’ will be unche­cked if “Auto save cur­rent lay­out” is used.
— Bug fix: Mul­ti­rena­me dia­log — dele­ting a file in quick view­er does­n’t remo­ve it from the list
— Bug fix: Search dia­log — dele­ting a file in quick view­er does­n’t remo­ve it from the list
— Bug fix: Thumb­nails view does­n’t work with “Auto selec­ta­ble views” + Plain view
— Bug fix: Plain view mode — delet­eing a file from con­text menu does­n’t remo­ve it from the list
— Bug fix: A slow dou­ble click on a fol­der in the tree view allows the ren­aming of the fol­der even though the opti­on “Allow rena­me on slow dou­ble click” is not set
— Bug fix: “Keep expan­ded nodes per Tab”: does not work when clo­sing a tab
— Bug fix: Mul­ti rena­me dia­log, “Search for” field — the help after klick on “?” pic­tu­re is wrong
— Bug fix: Adding a pro­fi­le to a search fil­ter does­n’t immedia­te­ly show paths
— Bug fix: Sor­ting by “Bit rate” may be wrong
— Bug fix: Lock view issue
— Bug fix: Auto selec­ta­ble views — minor sor­ting issue
— Bug fix: Plain view is lost if used with quick fil­ter on tab switch
— Bug fix: Recy­cle Bin panel switch issue
— Bug fix: Recy­cle Bin refresh issue
— Bug fix: Quick view­er focus issue
— Bug fix: Rena­me in the tree: DEL key want dele­te the ren­a­med fol­der
— Bug fix: Opti­on “Show dri­ves as but­ton bar — Use lar­ge icons” does not work if the opti­on “Show dri­ve bar per panel” is not acti­ve

- Imple­men­ted: New action “Set Quick Fil­ter from clip­board”
— Imple­men­ted: New menu item “Edit -> Fil­ter files with same ext.” (Set quick fil­ter to the exten­si­on of the focu­sed item in the cur­rent panel )
— Imple­men­ted: Con­firm over­wri­te dia­log — file ver­si­on info is show­ed now
— Imple­men­ted: Exif info in view­er — Con­text menu “Copy to clip­board” (selec­ted lines)
— Imple­men­ted: Fol­der view in view­er — Con­text menu “Copy to clip­board” (selec­ted text)
— Imple­men­ted: New opti­on “Always open in new tab” for shell menu set­tings added
— Imple­men­ted: “Redi­rect Win+E to Free­Com­man­der” func­tion opens the pro­gram in the fore­ground
— Imple­men­ted: Crea­te checks­um — space cha­rac­ters are igno­red in the field “Com­pa­re with the pat­tern sum”
— Imple­men­ted: “Make folder/file list…” now pos­si­ble for archi­ve files and SFTP fol­ders
— Imple­men­ted: Thumb­nails for epub files
— Imple­men­ted: New action for main split­ter added “Split 0/100 %” and “Split 100/0%” (Com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty with old ver­si­on)
— Imple­men­ted: JPG as screen­shot for­mat added
— Imple­men­ted: Posi­ti­on of the set­tings dia­log is saved
— Imple­men­ted: Unpacking the archi­ve file from the desk­top to ano­t­her desk­top fol­der is now pos­si­ble.
— Imple­men­ted: New quick fil­ter opti­on added: Clear edit field when quick fil­ter is deac­ti­va­ted
— Imple­men­ted: Color sche­me menu icons can now be used
— Imple­men­ted: Now color sche­me is used in View­er and quick view­er
— Imple­men­ted: Two opti­ons in “Attributes/Timestamp” dia­log added: ‘Copy date “modi­fied” to “crea­ted” for each file’, ‘Copy date “crea­ted” to “modi­fied” for each file’
— Imple­men­ted: Opti­on to defi­ne in the freecommander.ini for deac­ti­vat­ing of the color sche­me in view­er — “ViewerUseColorScheme=0”
— Imple­men­ted: Search dia­log — file edi­t­ing from archi­ve file is pos­si­ble now
— Imple­men­ted: Back­ground color of the file list in the search dia­log chan­ges if sear­ching is acti­ve; line “Busy­Co­lor=” in freecommander.find.ini
— Imple­men­ted: Mul­ti­rena­me dia­log — using sub­string (enc­lo­sed with \) for the opti­on “Upper first let­ter fol­lowing any of defi­ned cha­rac­ters” is now pos­si­ble
— Imple­men­ted: New com­mand in mul­ti­rena­me dia­log added — “Copy old name”
— Imple­men­ted: New opti­on for “File/folder list” added “Igno­re size of link fol­der (repar­se point)”; default value is fal­se;
— Imple­men­ted: Quick view­er — clo­se but­ton in the tit­le bar added
— Imple­men­ted: Addi­tio­nal opti­ons for “Clo­se all fol­der tabs”: Clo­se locked tabs too, App­ly for both panels
— Imple­men­ted: Tab pro­per­ty dia­log — icon defi­ni­ti­on is pos­si­ble now
— Imple­men­ted: Set­tings — new tab opti­on “Use lar­ge images”
— Imple­men­ted: Set­ting for menu font size (Settings->View)
— Imple­men­ted: Search dia­log — new opti­ons for sear­ched text: As ent­e­red, Any term, All terms
— Imple­men­ted: Search in file con­tai­ner
— Imple­men­ted: Quick fil­ter field — with Ctrl+Enter app­ly quick fil­ter for both panels
— Imple­men­ted: Pro­tec­tion against “right to left over­ri­de” cha­rac­ters in the file name.
— Imple­men­ted: Drop ope­ra­ti­on (while hol­ding down the SHIFT key) on a Fol­der but­ton in the Favo­ri­te tool­bar works as “Move”.
— Imple­men­ted: New con­di­ti­on for “Auto­ma­tic views”: <newtab>; if defi­ned is always acti­ve
— Imple­men­ted: Settings->Programs — defi­ne %Accep­tOn­ly­Files% as Para­me­ter if you want to igno­re the pro­gram start for fol­ders
— Imple­men­ted: “Alt+Left Click” on fol­der or archi­ve file opens new tab in other pane
— Imple­men­ted: Opti­on “Igno­re diacri­ti­cal marks” added (quick fil­ter, quick search, fil­ter, mul­ti­rena­me)
— Imple­men­ted: New com­mand line para­me­ters: ‑LQF (left quick fil­ter, e.g. ‑LQF=*.png ), ‑RQF (right quick fil­ter)
— Imple­men­ted: Mul­ti­rena­me dia­log — new com­mand “Copy old name without exten­si­on” added
— Imple­men­ted: Mul­ti­rena­me dia­log — new opti­on “Use big icons” added
— Imple­men­ted: View­er, VLC Play­er — “Play loop” opti­on added
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — “Select all fol­ders”
— Imple­men­ted: New action added — “Lock view ; Locks view and dis­able auto­ma­tic views”
— Imple­men­ted: Search dia­log — new opti­on added: “Use big icons”
— Imple­men­ted: Mul­ti­rena­me dia­log — “Options->Select colum­ns” added
— Imple­men­ted: “Tools->Settings->Programs->Default action” — %Inter­nal­View­er% can be used as pro­gram for default aci­on (dou­ble click; Enter key)

- Chan­ged: Mul­ti­rena­me dia­log — auto-com­ple­ti­on dis­ab­led for date field
— Chan­ged: Dos-Prompt field — auto-com­ple­ti­on dis­ab­led
— Chan­ged: “Attributes/Timestamp…” dia­log — “Copy Crea­ted -> Modi­fied” chan­ged as sug­gested
— Chan­ged: Com­pu­ting of fol­der Size — the size of the sym­bo­lic link fol­der is now always 0;
— Chan­ged: But­tons align­met for left and right tool­bar if but­tons cap­ti­on visi­ble
— Chan­ged: Acti­ve opti­on “Open fol­der with one click” opens the link to fol­der too
— Chan­ged: Tab pro­per­ties dia­log — now the field ‘Tab name’ is always empty unless you defi­ne your own tab name.
— Chan­ged: Address bar alow input of the file URI as sug­gested
— Chan­ged: Loading of the favo­ri­te tools fas­ter when many favo­ri­te tools (more than 100) are defi­ned.
— Chan­ged: Item colors are no lon­ger set in the back­ground but direct­ly while loading of the file list.
— Chan­ged: Drag&drop key modi­fier for move (favor­ti­te fol­ders tree) chan­ged from CTRL to SHIFT
— Chan­ged: Defi­ne colum­ns dia­log — default but­ton chan­ged from Can­cel to OK



Down­load: Free­Com­man­der XE 2020
Ver­si­on: Build 810 
Datei­grö­ße 9,13 MiB  / 11,73 MiB (Por­ta­ble Ver­si­on)
Ver­öf­fent­licht am: 02.01.2020
Betriebs­sys­tem: Win­dows
Lizenz: Free­ware (64-Bit-Ver­si­on Donor­wa­re)
Web­sei­te Free­Com­man­der