Mit dem AMD RAID Instal­ler stellt AMD ein Tool zur Ver­fü­gung, mit dem ein boot­fä­hi­ger RAID-Ver­bund aus NVMe-SSDs, SATA-SSDs oder SATA-HDDs erstellt wer­den kann. In die­sem sind die aktu­ells­ten Trei­ber, sowie das AMD RAIDXpert2 Uti­li­ty enthalten.



Release Notes:

Release High­lights

  • Sepa­ra­ted Win­dow® 7 & Win­dow® 10 installer
  • New Ver­si­on of RAID Dri­ver and RAIDxper2 Utility

Fixed Issu­es

  • Instal­la­ti­on fails when win­dows user­na­me con­tains non-Latin character
  • Instal­ler QT UI may beco­me non-respon­si­ve when Instal­ler mini­mi­zed and maxi­mi­zed mul­ti­ple times during installation
  • Can­cel­ling the Instal­ler by cli­cking “X” and then select “No” on the dia­log box will take the user back to the Install screen on some Test configurations.

Known Issu­es

  • Dou­ble cli­cking the Instal­ler EXE mul­ti­ple times shows Error pop-up
  • Instal­ler UI may appe­ar in back­ground when launched.
  • Instal­ler may take long time (~ 10 min) to com­ple­te RAID Com­pon­ents instal­la­ti­on on upgrade scenarios.
  • Dou­ble cli­cking the Instal­ler EXE mul­ti­ple times shows Error pop-up window.
  • Instal­ler UI screen disap­pears during instal­la­ti­on on a remo­te sys­tem when user manu­al­ly dis­con­nects RDP ses­si­on and re-con­nect back.
  • Instal­ler goes to mini­mi­zed and hang sta­te on remo­te sys­tem when user mini­mi­zes the RDP ses­si­on to task bar during Instal­ler NSIS extrac­tion phase.

Chip­set Support

Both NVMe/SATA RAID on Win­dows® 10
        3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Thre­ad­rip­per™ Processors
        3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processor
        2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Thre­ad­rip­per™ Processor
        2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processor
        AMD Ryzen™ Thre­ad­rip­per™ Processor
        AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Processor
        AMD Ryzen™ Desk­top Pro­ces­sor with Rade­on™ Graphics
        AMD X470 Chipset
        AMD X399 Chipset
        AMD B450 Chipset
        AMD B550 Chipset
        AMD X370 Chipset
        AMD B350 Chipset
        AMD A320 Chipset
        AMD A520 Chipset
        AMD X570 Chipset
        AMD TRX40 Chipset

Sup­por­ted RAID Levels RAID 0,1,10 for both NVMe and SATA RAID on the abo­ve lis­ted AMD products.

This dri­ver packa­ge sup­ports the ope­ra­ting system/boot device inclu­ded in the RAID array and stan­da­lo­ne NVMe boot device with a sepa­ra­te SATA RAID sto­rage array.

Packa­ge Contents

This Soft­ware packa­ge con­tains various inde­pen­dent dri­vers (Column 1) desi­gned to sup­port the fol­lowing Micro­soft® Win­dows® plat­forms (Column 2). Ope­ra­ting Sys­tem sup­port may vary depen­ding on your spe­ci­fic AMD product.

Dri­ver Name OS Sup­por­ted   Sup­por­ted Version
AMD RAID Driver Win­dows 10
AMD RAIDXpert2 Utility Win­dows 10
AMD-RAI­DX­per­t2 User Guide Win­dows 10, Win­dows 7 3.11


Neben dem Instal­ler wur­de im Juni 2019 eine neue Revi­si­on 3.10 des AMD-RAI­DX­per­t2 User Gui­de Revi­si­on 3.10 (PDF) für das RAI­DX­per­t2-Tool — einer gra­fi­schen Benut­zer­ober­flä­che für die Raid­kon­fi­gu­ra­ti­on — veröffentlicht.


Down­load: AMD RAID Instal­ler mit RAIDXpert2
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