AMD and ECARX to Collaborate on Immersive Digital Cockpit In-Vehicle Computing Platform for Next-Generation Electric Vehicles

Advanced digital cockpit will be powered by AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V2000 Processor and AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series GPUs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announ­ced a stra­te­gic col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with ECARX, a glo­bal mobi­li­ty tech com­pa­ny. The com­pa­nies will work tog­e­ther on an in-vehi­cle com­pu­ting plat­form for next-genera­ti­on electric vehi­cles (EVs), expec­ted to be in mass pro­duc­tion for glo­bal roll­out in late 2023. The ECARX digi­tal cock­pit will be the first in-vehi­cle plat­form to be offe­red with AMD Ryzen Embed­ded V2000 pro­ces­sors and AMD Rade­on RX 6000 Seri­es GPUs along with ECARX hard­ware and software.

Com­bi­ning the exten­si­ve expe­ri­ence in auto­mo­ti­ve digi­tal cock­pit design of ECARX with AMD advan­ced com­pu­ting power and stun­ning visu­al gra­phic ren­de­ring capa­bi­li­ties, the com­pa­nies aim to deli­ver an inno­va­ti­ve in-car expe­ri­ence. The digi­tal cock­pit will launch with advan­ced fea­tures inclu­ding dri­ver infor­ma­ti­on mode, heads-up dis­play, rear seat enter­tain­ment, mul­ti­ple-dis­plays, mul­ti-zone voice reco­gni­ti­on, high-end gaming and a full 3D user experience.

As car com­pa­nies seek to deli­ver immer­si­ve expe­ri­en­ces and intel­li­gent fea­tures for their next-genera­ti­on electric vehi­cles, the AMD-powe­red ECARX digi­tal cock­pit will address the­se needs for the glo­bal auto­mo­ti­ve mar­ket,” said Rajnee­sh Gaur, cor­po­ra­te vice pre­si­dent and gene­ral mana­ger, Embed­ded Busi­ness, AMD. “We are exci­ted to work with ECARX as our first stra­te­gic eco­sys­tem part­ner in Chi­na for the digi­tal cock­pit using our Ryzen Embed­ded V2000 pro­ces­sors and Rade­on RX 6000 Seri­es GPUs.”

The glo­bal auto­mo­ti­ve indus­try is trans­forming towards an intel­li­gent future at an unpre­ce­den­ted pace with demand for com­pu­ting power and gra­phics capa­bi­li­ties rapidly incre­a­sing,” said Ziyu Shen, Chair­man and CEO of ECARX. “With this col­la­bo­ra­ti­on, we will fur­ther enab­le OEMs and tier 1 sup­pliers to enhan­ce their digi­tal cock­pit expe­ri­en­ces as they seek to crea­te grea­ter con­su­mer value through intel­li­gent con­nec­ted cars.”

The auto­mo­ti­ve EV mar­ket, as well as the tech­no­lo­gy requi­red to sup­port it, repres­ents an unpre­ce­den­ted growth oppor­tu­ni­ty in the years ahead accord­ing to ana­lyst firm, Stra­te­gy Ana­ly­tics. “EV adop­ti­on is now a key under­ly­ing fac­tor for growth in the auto­mo­ti­ve semi­con­duc­tor mar­ket and the asso­cia­ted semi­con­duc­tor demand is fore­cast to grow at a CAAGR of 31% over 2021 — 2026,” said Asif Anwar, exe­cu­ti­ve direc­tor – PBCS and EVS, Stra­te­gy Ana­ly­tics. “The EV revo­lu­ti­on is here, with next-genera­ti­on EV plat­forms at the lea­ding edge of domain- and zonal-based archi­tec­tu­re dri­ving adop­ti­on of the digi­tal cock­pit, ADAS and the con­nec­ted vehicle.”

About AMD Ryzen Embed­ded V2000 Processors

The Ryzen Embed­ded V2000 Seri­es pro­ces­sors are the second genera­ti­on desi­gned for auto­mo­ti­ve in-vehi­cle info­tain­ment and instru­men­ta­ti­on app­li­ca­ti­ons, plus addi­tio­nal app­li­ca­ti­ons such as indus­tri­al edge, thin cli­ent, and miniPC sys­tems. For cus­to­mers and app­li­ca­ti­ons that need high-per­for­mance dis­play capa­bi­li­ties, the Ryzen Embed­ded V2000 Seri­es pro­ces­sors can power up to four inde­pen­dent dis­plays simul­ta­ne­ous­ly in 4K reso­lu­ti­on as it is equip­ped with up to eight CPU cores and seven GPU com­pu­te units. A sin­gle AMD Ryzen Embed­ded V2000 Seri­es pro­ces­sor pro­vi­des up to 2x1 the mul­ti-threa­ded per­for­mance-per-watt, up to 30 per­cent2 bet­ter sin­gle-thread CPU per­for­mance and up to 40 per­cent3 bet­ter gra­phics per­for­mance over the pre­vious generation.

About AMD Rade­on RX 6000 Seri­es GPUs

AMD Rade­on RX 6000 Seri­es GPUs are built upon the bre­akthrough AMD RDNA™ 2 gra­phics archi­tec­tu­re, the only gra­phics archi­tec­tu­re that spans from next-genera­ti­on desk­top PCs, lap­tops and con­so­les to mobi­le devices and auto­mo­ti­ve info­tain­ment sys­tems. Engi­nee­red from the ground up for supe­ri­or per­for­mance and power effi­ci­en­cy, AMD RDNA 2 archi­tec­tu­re offers up to 2x hig­her per­for­mance4 and up to 50 per­cent more per­for­mance-per-watt5 in select tit­les com­pa­red to the pre­vious-genera­ti­on AMD RDNA architecture.

Sup­por­ting Resour­ces 

About ECARX 
ECARX is trans­forming vehi­cles into seam­less­ly inte­gra­ted infor­ma­ti­on, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons and trans­por­ta­ti­on devices. It is shaping the inter­ac­tion bet­ween peop­le and cars by rapidly advan­cing the tech­no­lo­gy at the heart of smart mobi­li­ty. ECARX’s cur­rent core pro­ducts inclu­de info­tain­ment head units (IHU), digi­tal cock­pits, vehi­cle chip-set solu­ti­ons, a core ope­ra­ting sys­tem and inte­gra­ted soft­ware stack. Bey­ond this, ECARX is deve­lo­ping a full-stack auto­mo­ti­ve com­pu­ting platform.

Over the last three years, ECARX’s tech­no­lo­gy has been inte­gra­ted into more than 3.2 mil­li­on cars world­wi­de. ECARX was foun­ded in 2017 and has sin­ce grown to over 2,000 team mem­bers, with faci­li­ties in Chi­na and Euro­pe. The co-foun­ders are two auto­mo­ti­ve entre­pre­neurs, Chair­man and CEO Ziyu Shen and Eric Li (Li Shu­fu), who is also the foun­der and chair­man of Zhe­jiang Geely Hol­ding Group (Geely), one of the lar­gest auto­mo­ti­ve groups in the world that holds owners­hip inte­rest and invest­ment in inter­na­tio­nal brands such as Lotus, Lynk & Co, Pole­star, smart and Vol­vo Cars. 

About AMD 
For more than 50 years AMD has dri­ven inno­va­ti­on in high-per­for­mance com­pu­ting, gra­phics and visua­liz­a­ti­on tech­no­lo­gies. Bil­li­ons of peop­le, lea­ding For­tu­ne 500 busi­nes­ses and cut­ting-edge sci­en­ti­fic rese­arch insti­tu­ti­ons around the world rely on AMD tech­no­lo­gy dai­ly to impro­ve how they live, work and play. AMD employees are focu­sed on buil­ding lea­ders­hip high-per­for­mance and adap­ti­ve pro­ducts that push the bounda­ries of what is pos­si­ble. For more infor­ma­ti­on about how AMD is enab­ling today and inspi­ring tomor­row, visit the AMD (NASDAQ: AMDweb­siteblogLin­kedIn and Twit­ter pages.

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1 Tes­ting con­duc­ted by AMD Per­for­mance Labs as of July 2020 on the Ryzen™ Embed­ded V2718 and June 2018 on the Ryzen Embed­ded V1605B pro­ces­sor both at 15 watts (STAPM mode enab­led) using Cine­bench R15 nt. Results may vary. EMB-169 
2 Tes­ting con­duc­ted by AMD Per­for­mance Labs as of July 2020 on the Ryzen™ Embed­ded V2718 and June 2018 on the Ryzen Embed­ded V1605B pro­ces­sor both at 15 watts (STAPM mode enab­led) using Cine­bench R15 1T. Results may vary. EMB-171
3 Tes­ting con­duc­ted by AMD Per­for­mance Labs as of July 2020 on the Ryzen™ Embed­ded V2718 and June 2018 on the Ryzen Embed­ded V1605B pro­ces­sor both at 15 watts (STAPM mode enab­led) using 3DMark11. Results may vary. EMB-172
4 Tes­ting done by AMD per­for­mance labs Octo­ber 20 2020 on RX 6900 XT and RX 5700 XT (20.45–201013n dri­ver), AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (3.70GHz) CPU, 16GB DDR4-3200MHz, Engi­nee­ring AM4 mother­board, Win10 Pro 64. The fol­lowing games were tes­ted at 4k at max set­tings: Battle­field V DX11, Doom Eter­nal Vul­kan, For­za DX12, Resi­dent Evil 3 DX11, Shadow of the Tomb Rai­der DX12. Lap­top manu­fac­tu­rers may vary con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons, yiel­ding dif­fe­rent results.Performance may vary.
5 Tes­ting done by AMD per­for­mance labs 10/16/20, using Assas­sins Creed Odys­sey (DX11, Ultra), Battle­field V (DX12, Ultra), Bor­der­lands 3 (DX12, Ultra), Con­trol (DX12, High), Death Stran­ding (DX12 Ultra), Divi­si­on 2 (DX12, Ultra), F1 2020 (DX12, Ultra), Far Cry 5 (DX11, Ultra), Gears of War 5 (DX12, Ultra), Hit­man 2 (DX12, Ultra), Hori­zon Zero Dawn (DX12, Ultra), Metro Exo­dus (DX12, Ultra), Resi­dent Evil 3 (DX12, Ultra), Shadow of the Tomb Rai­der (DX12, Hig­hest), Stran­ge Bri­ga­de (DX12, Ultra), Total War Three King­doms (DX11, Ultra), Wit­cher 3 (DX11, Ultra no Hair­Works) at 4K. Sys­tem com­pri­sed of a Rade­on RX 6800 XT GPU with AMD Rade­on Gra­phics dri­ver 27.20.12031.1000 and an Rade­on RX 5700 XT GPU with AMD Rade­on Gra­phics dri­ver 26.20.13001.9005, Intel Core i9-9900K (3600 MHz 8C/16T), 32 GB at 2133 MHz, ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) mother­board. Lap­top manu­fac­tu­rers may vary con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons, yiel­ding dif­fe­rent results. Per­for­mance may vary. RX-549